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  1. Rallies not working

    Usually if you wait 1 - 5 seconds after it ticks over 60 seconds, you will spawn into the rally.
  2. Can you Pickup a Grenade on the Ground?

    I think it's even more useful when some guy whiffs and throws it at a wall and it lands back at you...at least you have a chance to throw it back.
  3. What's next?

    This is needed....too many vechs now for 40 vs 40
  4. You nailed it. This guy just doesn't want to deal with the logistics of a large map.
  5. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Vehicles ticket loss reduction was unfortunate. I remember when tanks were worth 60 tickets.
  6. I find myself in situations where a grenade lands next to me and I have the insight to hear it land or see it land before it explodes. Is there a way I can pickup that grenade and throw it back? I did a quick search of the forum and I couldn't find anything in history. Given Squad's attention to detail around infantry game-play, I find it puzzling that picking up an enemy or friendly grenade and tossing it back before the cook off is outside the scope of the infantry game-play.
  7. Proximity mortar rounds

    Air burst
  8. Completely agreed. It's very frustrating when you hear a post like this; don't commanders have the ability to spawn a truck now anyways for tickets?
  9. What's next?

    A cooperative campaign would be cool.
  10. Armored Warfare

    They probably need a separate game mode for that to work.
  11. Free look / TrackIR Support

    That's what I thought, we already have free look. It just limits the free look to the physical limitations of the human neck.
  12. Types of Squads?

    Noobs without SL is less common if you choose a good server.
  13. Mobil HQ for Commander

    The entire point of having the commander near the HAB is to encourage teams to create HABS that are strategic. It suppose to add more importance to the HAB in a game where the buddy ralley and infinite rally spawn system has devalued the HAB already. What you are suggesting is lazy and sends the game further down the arcade style game play. Let's not create care packages; I like the HAB requirement for commanders.
  14. 100 Player Servers

    Thanks for the information.