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  1. Don't be shy with the mic...this is not a game for you if you don't talk to the other players. Let the SL(squad lead) know you're new and learning. If he's an ass he'll probably boot you. Most of the time that won't happen as most SLs are pretty reasonable. My three tips: 1. Learn how to call out contacts using the compass in local 2. Learn how to use the ALT key to keep situational awareness. 3. Having fun in this game is very dependent on finding a good server with good players....play multiple servers to wet your feet. I would join the NEWBIE ones first. If you find that at the beginning of the match no one is volunteering for SL or SL's are silent, move to another server. and I forgot, stay away from using Vechs (except for logis) and stay away from using HAT or Sniper kits until you have at least 40 hours in the game playing a standard infantry man and medic. Most players in this game have well upwards of 800 hours playing time so 40 hours is nothing.
  2. Yeah full auto is useless at long to medium ranges unless you have a bi-pod or are just looking to suppress. I always use my assault rifles on semi unless I am in close quarters inside or around a building.
  3. I didn't say a ranking system. A reputation system is based off your peer's assessment of your game-play. Should be done by voting at the end of the round.
  4. Suggestions for Invasion gamemode

    Arty has made superfobs not protected by buildings useless. Additionally, typically the limiting factor in building large super fobs has been man power in terms of the SL placing down assets or players building those assets. You can dedicate one or two people to run logi and you will never run out of supplies faster than you can build...with a few exceptions big maps, like Tali and that one in Norway.
  5. We need a reputation system.
  6. So what are we saying here? That squad will have the ability to have some objects destructible?
  7. Is the engine squad is built on?
  8. Encourage better FOB management, encourage squads to stay together since you won't be able to have people across the map and still communicate to each other, add another strategic aspect to the game.
  9. This is more of theoretical discussion around game play as i don't realistically think this could ever make it into the game at this point. But I still wanted to post the idea in the forums and maybe if the games ever goes through an expansion it may be something that could be discussed further. I'm not aiming for realism since most of the maps are not large enough to run into this problem IRL. Rather I'm looking to add another dimension to FOB/logistical management and add more to the "strategic" level of the game that makes it so unique when compared to other military shooters. Instead of having squad radio channels and command radio channels have infinite range, limit the range a player can communicate via their position. Think of this like a positional radio where everyone in squad X is on their own frequency and can only broadcast squad radio within a X meter radius (without any need for 3D positional audio). Your squad mates within X meters will here the message. Squadmates outside the radius will here it as static. FOB radios could serve as repeaters. The idea being if you are within X meters of a FOB, that FOB will repeat the squad comm message off it's own Y radius and so on and so forth to any FOBs radios within the Y radius until it reaches a valid squad member on that channel. Maybe add an antenna fob deploy-able to expand the range. Goals Encourage better FOB management, encourage squads to stay together since you won't be able to have people across the map and still communicate to each other, add another strategic aspect to the game as you will need to maintain communication as well as supply lines.
  10. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    Re-spawn time needs to be a function of # of times died as well as time delta between the player's previous death. Not sure exactly how they should vary but there needs to be some sort of direct relationship between: # of total deaths and re-spawn time. The time between deaths needs to control how severely punishing the former direct relationship is when you die.
  11. Seconded. You can no longer do this...the game changed with commander. Besides, before commander wasn't invasion "heavily" defender biased? Especially when fighting regulars vs regulars? If anything, this re-balances the invasion game to give attackers a better chance to win. I would love to see some statistical data showing the percent of invasion games won by defenders.
  12. Mortars "have to go"

    I would be on board with an increase the ammo amount, especially given the introduction of helicopters and the large supplies trucks have now. That would encourage a better logistical game. I disagree with your assessment in the context of invasion layers (90% of my squad playtime has been on invasion layers). The majority of the time the offensive team will be using the mortars first since they know for a fact that 80%-90% of the team is going to be within a 300-400m radius of the cap point with a high probability or they are trying to attack static defenses with indirect fire (sadly commander has greatly diminished this role). That being said, the defenders are going to be countering the mortar FOB most of the time. For defenders on a full 40v40 invasion map, devoting a 6-5 man squad or one BTR or SPG is not a resource drain on the team because the defenders have 800 tickets to start with, a head start on each objective and the advantage of always defending. Conversely, the offensive team has very little tickets, no head start and the disadvantage of attacking; which means they are not going to be able to afford devoting a 6 man squad just to defend a motar FOB...which means it should be lightly defended. I've seen all three tactics used many times with both success and failure. Furthermore, I find mortars to be rarely used in AAS games....of course that could just be speaking to my lack of play time in AAS. But my intuition tells me mortars are much more difficult to utilize effectively in AAS than invasion. Finally, if it is a resource drain in AAS...shouldn't that be a reward to the opposing team that managed to place a well concealed mortar FOB and are coordinating there indirect fire with their team? Mortars are another communication/team work aspect to the game and I would hate to see it get nerfed or worse removed, as you have suggested.
  13. Mortars "have to go"

    Agree. The sentence does communicate the problem he is having clearly. You have to use context clues to figure out what he's asking. I think he wants to limit the amount of mortar rounds a team can fire because he doesn't like the idea of a team constantly mortaring him. This is another attempt to casualize the game. There are three ways you can stop mortars: 1. You devote a 5-6 man squad specially to hunt down mortar FOBS. They are rarely defended by more than 3-4 people. 2. You devote a 2 man vech squad to disrupt supply lines 3. You can devote a 3 man squad to build a counter mortar FOB after you've located it. Those solutions stays true the core teamwork and communication aspect of the game and doesn't causalize it with a stupid mechanic like "limiting the amount of mortar rounds a team can fire in a match." Strongly Disagree with proposal. Frankly, after writing this reply and re-reading his post, I think he is attempting to troll the player base who are advocating for a more realistic experience.
  14. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    With optics....and if the target is standing still or moving away or towards you, not if they are moving side to side. Try doing that with with the AK-47 without a scope while the target is moving. I disagree it's way to easy.
  15. Leveling progression

    Rating system is better IMO.