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  1. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    How is exactly is Squad Battlefield style? I thought it was more tactical than most mainstream games. I never played PR. What did it have that squad is missing?
  2. helicopter and health

    This is not just a problem with Helios...with any truck or vech...player should be able to aim and fire their weapon or heal and patch themseleves while they are in the vehicle. It's quite annoying being in the back of a truck and having 8 guys completely wiped by one guy with an AR because they cannot fire out of the back or out of the front window.
  3. Tower Deployable

    They are useful in invasion mode for defenders.
  4. In the matter of area control game mode

    Not sure why they don't cover the entire map in this mode. Seems like they are not taking advantage of it by only covering a portion of the map in hexes.
  5. Voice Lines?

    Yeah they tried to and it was s disaster. People were spamming it constantly.
  6. Ask the developers About Ragdoll physics

    It adds to some of comic relieve time to time.
  7. Tower Deployable

    Hescos are fine but something taller than what you posted.
  8. Tower Deployable

    Any interests in adding a tower as a buildable item to the FOB?
  9. Noob Wants to Find the Right Server

    Play the "ops" invasion servers. They have good squad leaders most of the time. Easy invasion severs are good alternatives.
  10. I had a question in general about the different optics for the different factions. Do we know the strength of the lens on each class or gun? I feel like there is not much change in strength between a rifleman optic vs a marksman optic. Not sure if this was done by design to limit the effectiveness of the marksman class.
  11. ROADMAP - but why?

    Where is the 100 player server's on the road map?

    It's not the speed. I think the torque needs to be increased and add a full manual drive train in the vechs.