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  1. Free look / TrackIR Support

    That's what I thought, we already have free look. It just limits the free look to the physical limitations of the human neck.
  2. Types of Squads?

    Noobs without SL is less common if you choose a good server.
  3. Mobil HQ for Commander

    The entire point of having the commander near the HAB is to encourage teams to create HABS that are strategic. It suppose to add more importance to the HAB in a game where the buddy ralley and infinite rally spawn system has devalued the HAB already. What you are suggesting is lazy and sends the game further down the arcade style game play. Let's not create care packages; I like the HAB requirement for commanders.
  4. 100 Player Servers

    Thanks for the information.
  5. 100 Player Servers

    Was this dropped from development? I was under the impression this was coming in the commander release? Anyone heard anything from OWI?
  6. Will there ever be object damage?

    Most likely not considering this sort of thing is usually considered when building the engine itself. The frostbite engine did this extremely well with battlefield 3, squad was not built for this...if it was ever considered, assured it would cost extra $$ from the community.
  7. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    The buddy rally has been scheduled for termination for all factions except insurgents.
  8. I could see that being exploited pretty easily but I like the foundation of the idea.
  9. Shot Effects

    Anything to bring the game towards the sim experience. I think I've put more hours into this game than any other I own. I think most of the community would feel content with providing OWI with extra funds, if an expansion was released down the road, if development doesn't start to stray down the COD rabbit hole.
  10. Shot Effects

    I don't think "arcade" should be used when trying to describe squad. Sure, we don't want the arma experience but the intention was always to stay closer to sim than your typical action FPS experience. IF anything, they have been moving further and further away from the sim experience and I think that needs to stop now. Squad is not even close to Arma or PR...the main reason why is because of how the spawn system works and the importance of logistics and transportation in those games. OWI has distilled that part down using FOBS, rallies and buddy rallies; which is fine, I think it works and maintains the pace of the game for hardcore and casual players. But keep the gun play hardcore, at this point I remember world at war having more punishing shot effects in hardcore mode. Keeping the gun play hard core will encourage tactics, leadership and a slower gameplay pace.
  11. Shot Effects

    If it's going to take 2 - 3 shots to kill someone I think there needs to be additional effects based on where you land a shot to reward players who were in a better position and spotted the enemy first. It's very frustrating to be in a better position with a semi-rifle at 30 - 60 meters, manage to land two shots on a player only to have him turn with his auto and gun you down. Just a few ideas not a comprehensive list.... 1. Shot in the leg or foot, - I think this should result in immediate collapse of the player to prone instead of the player continuing bursting at full sprint. After the player is forced to go prone, I think they should be allow to stand up but with no ability to sprint and reduced walking speed. 2. Lower spine, hip - immediate collapse and inability to get up from prone. 3. Anywhere on the torso except spine, heart and, lungs - immediate bleeding, no ability to sprint, reduced walking speed, heavy gun sway, reduced accuracy. 4. Arms, hands, shoulders - heavy gun sway, reduced accuracy.
  12. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    How is exactly is Squad Battlefield style? I thought it was more tactical than most mainstream games. I never played PR. What did it have that squad is missing?
  13. helicopter and health

    This is not just a problem with Helios...with any truck or vech...player should be able to aim and fire their weapon or heal and patch themseleves while they are in the vehicle. It's quite annoying being in the back of a truck and having 8 guys completely wiped by one guy with an AR because they cannot fire out of the back or out of the front window.