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  1. 1440p upgrade

    is 6700k and 98oti serious horsepower anymore at 144hz 1440p rog swift?
  2. a map without a ton a foliage would be nice. just an open desert map with a few bunkers or compounds to fight from
  3. killing driver/passenger

    can you kill through windshield or doors of the vehicles yet? having a blast thank you for your hard work
  4. Classic AK-47 and Type 56.

  5. My Eotech 552 Model

    needs to be ingame
  6. losing my buzz

    whats the ideal squad hardware config
  7. yea im sure you dont dip below 75 fps
  8. enjoying closed alpha

    game feels great runs smoothly on my pc. future is bright.. i5 4670k @ 4.4 16 g ram windforce 770 2 gb thanks for your work
  9. hi

    looking forward to the game looks great keep up the good work sincerely marvin
  10. The Weapons Thread!

    a well done array of weapons is better than a huge variety. incorporating the EO tech sight for squad leaders in Project Reality was a touch that I really like. the weapon choices in both pr and from what ive seen of squad add authenticity the AK PKM RPG all have there place in modern combat and felt great to use in Pr. your work is appreciated!