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    Covering fire is effective when approaching corners as well, have one guy pumping bullets into the wall or ground whilst your team approaches
  2. Camping Main

    "Main camping" should never be an offence, period, if you or your team can't secure the perimeter of your deployment you should be punished accordingly. This is a non-problem, or the actual "problem" is servers that have rules against main camping.
  3. Not much needs to be said about this, I believe trip mines, claymores and other anti-personel Mines would add an element of caution to urban combat. Whilst currently running and gunning into close quarters areas will rack you up easy kills, this will stop this or at least slow it down. I'm surprised it hasn't been added since we have anti vehicle mines already.
  4. In the matter of fall damage

    But we can in game hall us and all of our equipment up and over a ledge. There should a similar mechanic for us to do the reverse without damage, it's only logical and realistic. In fact you could just reverse the exact same animation
  5. Multi Faction Layers

    I didn't really intend for something as customizable but that's pretty epic
  6. Multi Faction Layers

    Actually with the Canada being implemented you could add them to the list of options for NATO, which would increase balance of weapons, considering the number of available weapons for a regular rifleman for the Russian/Militia forces verse the number of weapons available to an American/Canadian/British force
  7. I was thinking, why don't we have Multi Faction Layers now that we have them in the game. For example British and American Verse Irregular and Russian Forces on Layers that would usually be Russian and American normally. From a balance/gameplay perspective, it adds a larger variety of weapons available to both sides which can be a very positive thing, When talking emplacements and vehicles It should really be limited to one type per side, ie American British forces only use American Emplacements, defences, Habs, vehicles and same for Russia Irregular using only Russian equipment. People with note that newer players will have trouble with uniforms and Target identification, but I argue that having 2 different opposing forces to identify it will make it easier in the long run, instead of playing one game and getting used to one enemy then switching enemies the next game and getting used to them, as a new player, it would be easier to get used to both of them being the enemy at the same time, in the end I would argue the uniform identification question would be a NET neutral in terms of good verse bad. From a realistic perspective it would add on it immensely, for example, American forces weren't the only ones in the middle east, it was a coalition of different military forces, British, Canadian etc. It was a NATO thing not an American thing, although it was largely American for a while there. Russia also backed Militia forces and Militia Forces worked with Terrorist Forces in the middle east pretty frequently, sometimes even training one another. Almost everything in the game is ready to support something like this being implemented, Factions, Maps, Equipment. Everything is ready for this to happen. It could be as easy as when someone creates a squad, they tick an American flag or British Flag and the same for the other team I'd love to see something like this implemented officially even if it was in some limited fashion. IE Insurgent verse NATO layers.
  8. So the rocket Technical is a powerful, mobile fast firing artillery piece, and only the militia gets access to it, (and maybe Insurgents idk) It feels like it tips the scale of any battle when used in a completely unfair manner and I reckon other factions should have access to something like this. Or the current one should be nerfed.
  9. I once watched a Russian logie drive down the hill at maximum speed and hit a massive rock at full speed, reverse out and continue on his way as nothing even happened. I don't know the technicalities of implementing speed impact damage to vehicles but eventually something should be done to fix this. It would be even more interesting to see drivers fly out and ragdoll, much like we already have if you get hit by a vehicle
  10. Under water Radio

    Not really the point but thanks anyway
  11. I'm split on this, on one hand, I think it's a stupid glitch and I find it funny this hasn't been addressed (to my knowledge). On the other, the way water works (or doesn't) at the moment it really isn't a huge problem unless it's unreachable. And are military radios water proof when submerged for a long while? Edit: Found another post about it, still a problem though
  12. Feedback on current development.

    I dont think only players like me exist, I'm expressing an opinion on the current development and BR system like the OP
  13. As it stands now Mainstream game modes include Invasion, TC, AAS and RAAS, with more niche modes in the vein of Insurgency also making some appearences in regular matches, I understand that modding and custom servers exist. But in Australia/New Zealand there are limited larger custom servers to play, Although they are around. Thoughts? Or just tell me I'm stupid.
  14. Feedback on current development.

    In the humble opinion of a newer player, (I say newer in comparison to OP, with 130 hours) I really like the game as it is now, I played it a little many versions ago and easily got board of it, leaving it and playing something more fast paced. I understand the appeal of a slower more milsim feel for lack of a better word. But with the current fast paced climate of gaming, I'm talking the massive current popularity of BR games. The best bet squad has to attract newer players is to keep the pace of the game at a reasonably quick level. As it stands now, the BR system achieves this quick pace and in the future, helicopters will too. I feel Squad finds the G spot between Battlefield and Arma if I'm comparing current gaming franchises. As much as a minority or even a majority of the current player base want slower gameplay. The fact remains if squad wants to continue to grow, it still needs a fast paced element keep drawing new players in.
  15. In the matter of rally point

    The efficacy of HABs can not be over looked, the rate of deploy is important to keeping pressure on the opposing force. No "we killed 9 enemies so we have a minute to find that rally" mentality