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  1. The Firing Squad | Short Film

  2. Flashbang

    Flashbangs aren't really necessary in Squad honestly. There's no civilians at stake, which means fragmentation all the way. Here's a good example of when it is applicable (skip to the last part of my CQB group trailer): This entire video was captured from live PvP matches, including the last part with the 3 hostages. So yeah, frags are the only thing needed (until we get civilians added to the game).
  3. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    I wouldn't mind a mod like ACE (Arma) for Squad. Though, I think the better approach would be for the developers themselves to shift toward a more "realistic" approach. As of right now, we have a wide variety of weaponry, in-game radio, incredible maps, and exceptional graphics/sounds. So, the key question is, what is missing? To me, I often look at Squad as almost a modern day version of Battlefield 2 but with more to offer (in-game radio, ballistics, cook-off, etc). However, Squad seems to be moving a little more on the arcade side with its built-in systems that are more or less aimed to dummy proof the game for newcomers while reducing the consequences of poor tactics. However, there are two ways we could get that PR type gameplay: 1. The game's complexity needs to go up (not too much though). There's a reason games like Minecraft and Call of Duty are so popular. They are simple and require little thought. Now, compare that to a sim like DCS or Arma w/ ACE. Complexity indeed has a significant impact on the community. 2. A tightnit community server could be a game changer. A key reason why PR seems to have offered quality matches is that the people who play it are "veterans" or weekly regulars. They understand every aspect of the game and how to play it right. I can say from my own experience with Ground Branch back in the "glory days" (i.e. before Steam launch) how there was a very small but dedicated community that knew how to play the game incredibly well (if one saw how we played, you would think we were hardcore milsim when we were simply playing public matches). You would almost need a community server just for this type of gameplay (lone wolfing, friendly fire, sabotage, and not playing the objective will result in a kick). Anyways, that's just my thoughts on the subject matter. I still think the devs have done a fantastic job with development so far regardless. Maybe we just need to shift our attention to modding as our solution.