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  1. V16 on linux EAC problems

    Same here. I haven't actually tired connecting to a server, but I get the same message when booting up Squad.
  2. New to Squad

    Do you have an ETA on those Airsoft BBs?
  3. One thing that I really want in a game like this is a system where players can be revived, but only by medics. Other players can drag the wounded, but that's it. That and maybe some sort of mechanic where you can't give up when allies are within 100 meters. Just my 0.02s.
  4. I really want the Bundeswehr personally. As an OPFOR faction any Asian faction will do. (The Asian faction doesn't have to be OPFOR, I just want one and if they add the Germans the BLUFOR/OPFOR ratio will get messed up.)
  5. Alpha 15 Released

    It still works near flawlessly on Linux, and there's at least one guy (me) playing it via Steam Play. If anyone on the dev team sees this thank you for putting the time into this to make it work!