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  1. There could be a short period of 30-60 seconds where squads can be created, but nobody can join squads or spawn. I think it's an unfortunate reality that lots of potential squad leaders are people who load in quickly and join the first one or two squads and then don't look back, not considering whether they're needed as SLs. Similarly, having everyone join once all the squads are opened with goals in their names (Vehicle, offense, defense, etc - squad descriptions when?) would cluster people in a better way rather than people who might be willing to do the job of a newly created squad already sitting in an earlier created squad, clinging to their favorite kit. This might be extended by more streamlining of the pre-game phase, like not making the best hardware the deciding factor in claiming assets etc. Since most of the preparation is done by SLs anyway, the time for this new phase can probably be subtracted from the existing staging phase.
  2. Currently, infantry ticket costs are paid when an incapacitated player gives up or when instant death or occurs. Suggestion: Remove a ticket on incapacitation or instant death, but refund it when a player is revived. I think the "don't give up, guys!" meta at the very end of a close round is cheesy. On pub servers after close matches, you'll always suspect that maybe you only lost/won, because some people gave up unnecessarily early and in both pub and competitive matches it creates a very anticlimactic ending of about 2-4 minutes where nothing much happens, incapacitating enemies does not matter (because they won't bleed out before the end of the match) and everyone mostly waits to see whose team bleeds out earlier. Associating costs with getting incapped aligns the game mode rules much better with the natural incentives the game provides (staying alive), removes some minor but unnecessary complexity from the mode and keeps up the normal pace of combat until the very end. I get that there's the possibility that you revive a whole lot of people towards the end of the round and make a comeback which would be lost here. The only implication though, would be to stay on top of reviving people and keep up a *team* fight rather than converging towards last man standing, which is an acceptable change IMO.
  3. The RPK being overall very similar to an AK (in the game) is my reasoning for giving them similar advantages to the rifleman. Kind of like a 4th rifleman option, in line with the overall versatility of RUS equipment. I didn't look up real-life weights and just guessed that an RPK would be lighter/easier to carry than an M249. edit: 4.7kg vs 7.5kg apparently
  4. I just mentioned LAT in particular as it's the most important FS role. It's more about making riflemen/medics the main fighting force in a squad and the fact that there's no weight to your kit choice as you'll never really miss anything. It's pretty normal to bring AR, 2LAT, GL, MG, 2Medic and never be rewarded for bringing the things necessary rather than just loading up on everything.
  5. Suggestion: 1) Reduce "fire support " role limit to 2 per squad. 2) Give "direct combat" RPK-74/RPK roles an ammo bag. 1) With the separation of fire support and specialist role limits, squads have access to more non-medic/rifleman roles, which often results in there being only one rifleman. Convincing people in pub games that you need riflemen for their versatility/ammo is a chore, but it also makes other roles less special, limiting how powerful they can be, and the choice of what to bring less interesting. It also reduces the value of the limited direct combat roles (non-scope AR, L86LSW) since you can just take the FS version instead (or an actual second rifleman). While ammo bags are currently not as important as they probably should be (different topic), they're one of the few mechanics that require squad members to work together on their own. Making 1LAT the default and 2LAT a bigger commitment would also allow slight buffs, that could result in vehicles having an easier time by default, while giving infantry a stronger fallback when vehicles on their team have failed (and making an individual LAT feel more impactful). 2) The RPK(-74) has always been weaker than the M249 and that's kind of okay, but with the NATO HATs and the US AT4 the infantry balance between the two groups has become a bit disappointing. Giving the average RUS squad an additional ammo bag would be a nice asymmetrical compensation for their weaker AT and make that role more rewarding to play.