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  1. Hello everyone, First of all if someone suggested it before i am sorry. But with my deficient English i just made couple of search about this topic. Also i am suggesting this because i think it will affect the planning of squad leaders therefore the teamplay. My suggestion is simple: Map option with contour lines Squad is a game which grows with work of it's developers and community. Most of the works are about maps. So in future i think we will see different varieties of maps. As a squad leader who does not memorize every single bit of the maps. It's good to visualise the altitude of terrain before planning or executing a rapid planning. Good to know where to approach, where to overwatch or make a good, offroad etc. in contryside maps. Also we will see helicopters in future (even we have a great mod about it!) So it will good to plan lz points too. So this is my suggestion. I hope you like it. Thank you.
  2. June 2018 Recap

    Fireteams are really useful thing. Also it will reduce the work of squad leader. But also squad leaders should have some kind of spawn point restriction. Which squad leaders can set a fixed spawn points or make it free to spawn without any penalty. Also restriction may split to players or fireteams by rightclicking to the name of player, fireteam or squad.
  3. G3, why is it so hard to use? Any tips?

    Actually the weapon itself in real life has huge amount of recoil. Also it has 4 sights especially the V back sight can be used for cqb. But sadly we cannot change mechanical sights or zero the optics. İf you are going to choose that weapon just shoot auto and pray on cqb or take some time after each shoot
  4. Squad should have its own identity.

    Pr and squad is all about how to team up. How to leave selfishness behind and be a member of the pack. Pr just changed my vision about team and leadership. So it is not true to tell your friends like it's a half simulation. Tell them like it's a ultra hardcore "teamplay" game. Because both pr and squad is!
  5. Questions on objects interacting with map surface

    Same question for crouch position too. Will crouch fit for window walls etc? Especially when we are using a weapon with bipod.
  6. Immersiveness

    Lowering weapon is necessity for squad. I hope engine is permitting this.
  7. Probably I would not play rest of the game because of laughing Btw do not forget that there is something called "medic" on this game. Even if a grenade knocks out few guys, medics can ressurect them back. And with grenade diving they will only need to ressurect one. (If same medic mechanic as pr goes with squad). Also if particle damage mechanics works properly. They don't need to add something like that. It will already come with the game.
  8. You want to see multiple people jumping on one grenade? That's how you see multiple people jumping into a grenade
  9. I find AAS gamemodes very frustrating. You cannot keep balance between importance of the flag. In the end of the day you really cannot realise what's worth to do in AAS. But in the end there are no good gamemode invented better than AAS because of the gamestyles. It's always like big counter strike to me. I am just imagining a mmofps online game mix of many games like savage 2, pr, arma, heroes and generals etc. - Very big world enough to handle wow size servers. - Two gamestyle: Strategist or fighter(names does not matter) - Strategists have strategical unit command bound to their strategy power: Placing important assets(radar, aa missile battery, etc like real time At-war game) - Also strategists have ability to create dynamic missions for those who wants to fight bound to their strategical power. - Low rank strategists can add their units to high rank strategists missions: For example you obtain 1 squad power. You add your squad power into a big game with over-map control of it. - High rank strategists have more upper strategies like raiding enemy bases, Huge air raid missions or defense missions etc. Then low rank strategists add their forces to these missions if they want. - Then these missions seem on your mission queue which you can choose a division to join bound to your character type(tank crew, pilot, recon,transport or infantry.) - Everyone can only spawn on base and get their weapons and reloadings. - Everyone has to carry battlefield with transport guys. - When the mission is successful you have experience points which you can improve your character realistically(better beathecontrol for aiming, better G durability, Ability to use Attack choppers after transportation etc. Or From inf to crewman) - If you are strategist you get experience for upper ranks. More ranks more units and strategical options etc. - Special places: I.e Oilfields, Ports, Airfields etc. gives bonus to whole team for spawning more units. - All of these happening on a real big *ss map enough to handle all these people and not bigger to bore everyone at the same time. - Weather differences, Day night circle, at least gravitational ballistics. - One more note: As a low rank strategist or a squad leader(which only contains one squad. First rank of strategist) you can choose team equipment and camouflage etc.(if it snow you can choose white camo as squad leader for every squad member to prevent people jerking the game off) That's my incomplete dream. Don't be hard on it.
  10. Enemy Weapons/kits

    Most of the people who does not want to see taking enemy kit feature is complaining about new players. So because of the new players, are you going to deny most of the features in game? Like "remove teamkill because noobs gonna teamkill".. It's restricted for owning enemy weapons unnecessarily. But I think soldiers who sent into the danger zones generally taking a basic training about enemy weaponry. At least how to use it and keep it operatable when it jammed. That's because if you fall in a situation where you need to take enemy weapon. If you live that situation are you going to say "It's real life but not Call of duty! So I cannot take this weapon and shoot omg why!!!111oneone : :(:(" What's the matter about taking enemy kit. Not big deal but only one thing: Sound. I remember so many times that i was the last guy behind the enemy swarming points in Pr. You know that swarming points?(edit:) LOTS AND LOTS of People is searching to slay the opposite faction for a couple of frags. And you want to survive(with same reason you are listening a boy screaming as a squad leader. Roleplaying b*atch). Are you going to use your own weapon and lure the sharks with the blood? Or will you use enemy kit until you get out of enemies?

    I wish to see same demand of realism in other sectors like hitpoint and medic system. Btw it is not important to have in game. I mean there are more important things to add like shock state. When any explosive shockwave hit you and put you in a trauma state where you cannot use your weapon at least 3 or 4 seconds even you are still alive.
  12. Actually i was fell in passion about game world sizes once.. Not technically but more mentally. I feel same passion here about these worlds. I know you want to see that you call cas from far far away for that tank or helicopters carrying people. Very big and specialised map which even more bigger guns and different battle aspects going to be really important. Like naval battles or artillery. But problem about bigger maps are how to fill it. I do not mean buildings etc. (Even it would be easy to fill. Just let people do buildings and other stuff and ta da! You will never regret what you gonna get like minecraft) but real problem about filling big map is "How to fill it mentally. What will be the gamemode? What will be the cost for losing life or losing an asset? But most important thing will be like this: What will be the goal to achieve?" I didn't play arma but as i see on web and heard from friends it has special "scenarios" and some gamemodes for co-op and multiplayer. But even with all fun that was not enough for fulfilling big maps with "actual" timing. You know... Without downloading or updating... If a thing happens it happens(like mmorpg style) If you interested there is a game with very bad graphics but good physics and map: "Battleground Europe" with 52.000km² unfragmented map (like planetside II) but most of the towns are similar to each other. (I couldn't find any chance to observe the game) My second suggestion is about a world engine. And It's big.. I mean very big maps... Just google "Outerra Anteworld" and you will find a real "Globe shape" map where actual time and season occurs. Also it's 1:1 World geologically corrected by google maps. Also it has physics for ballistics, underwater, naval, air(heli, plane). It has corruptible land shape(not much like minecraft but you can see craters on it) Actually Outerra engine is what i am observing right now. Because i see my dreams on that engine in every sight. Just google "Outerra - Titan im"
  13. Damage Impacting Agility

    Also it's really annoying that person can be healed and take upto infinite numbers of bullets. So devs should add an elimination system after taking enough bullets even you didn't get into wounded situation like pr. Also just add black screen and don't type there "DEAD" it would be more easy to explain what is being eliminated or being dead
  14. Body armour and kevlar helmets

    Get hit 3 - 4 times and then get healed. Then get hit 3 - 4 times more and get healed again. Then get wounded and get revived and healed again... I really hope they add a 50 cal sniper rifle to the game otherwise you have to go rambo style.

    It's not impossible but really hard to do. Maybe you can do it with some assault rifles like AK series. But what about an M249? Or a RPK? So here is my idea: When you spring you fully push yourself to front and gain speed for example %100 When you normally reload it takes for example 3 second reload time Edit: Also it must be only avaiable for assault rifles, SMG and pistols But when you reload while sprinting: You get into stance where you are not sprinting but swifting with fast foot movements and reloading at the same time. Your speed increases only %50 but still more faster than walking. Your reload time increases to 5 second. It must be possible but not suit for every situation with long reload time and lowering speed. So for example when you get caught with no ammunition in the open field where you cannot wait to reload and find a close cover you have to reload your weapon while swifting