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  1. FAQs: I'm interested in earning the ❄︎. What should I do? Great! Just join our discord (discord.io/snowflkae), and let us know of your interest. We'll then see to it that you're given the opportunity to show off your squad leading abilities. What's the group dynamic like? We're mature, casual squad players. Why is this group catered towards squad leaders? We believe good SLs are at the heart of memorable Squad experiences. Moreover, good SLs are sought after by both players and other good SLs alike. As such, we wanted to create a community that recognizes and rewards talented SLs. Is there any benefit to receiving the ❄? Yes, snowflkae recipients receive free whitelisting on a number of top ranked U.S. based servers on Squad. We receive whitelisting in exchange for our ability to improve gameplay quality on these servers. How long have the snowflkaes been around? 1 year.
  2. SERVER DETAILS: You can typically find us on server: Avalon | Los Angeles | discord.io/avalondiscord
  3. The Snowflkaes❄︎ are a group of highly competent SLs, based in North America. We're not a clan, but are instead individuals recognized for their qualities and abilities, among which include qualities of leadership, grit, sportsmanship, and ingenuity. The ❄︎ was created as an honorary distinction for those talented SLs of the Squad community, irrespective of clan or non-clan affiliation. While the ❄ award is reserved only for those SLs meeting our minimum competency criteria, we have many players who join us regularly for the benefit of playing with fun, knowledgeable SLs, in a casual setting. If interested, you can find our discord at discord.io/snowflkae. In case you're curious about the minimum competency criteria for the snowflake award: How is a ❄︎ awarded? The ❄ is awarded to any person who completes both the Snowflkae Challenge, and confirmation process. (I.) Snowflkae Challenge criteria: (1) Timed games. In any full public match (minimum 72 players), the candidate must (a) lead a squad of at least 7 players, and (b) capture the enemy’s first flag, within (c) 30 minutes of match start.* (d) Add'l criteria: (i) no snowflkae may SL alongside the candidate; (ii) the candidate may have a max of two snowflkaes in his/her squad; and (iii) the candidate may complete a daily maximum of three timed games before a team switch is required. ~only the time limit may be waived by a snowflkae observer for good cause. (2) The candidate must complete (a)(1) five times. (3) Non-timed game. The candidate must squad lead one non-timed game, in which the candidate may play the game however s/he chooses, so long as the choice(s) contribute(s) to his/her team’s victory conditions. (II.) Confirmation process: (1) Upon satisfying the Snowflkae Challenge, the candidate must then be nominated for Snowflkae distinction by a prior recipient; and (2) After three days of voting, no opposing vote has been cast against the candidate. Join us at discord.io/snowflkae