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  1. Back from longer break - Thoughts

    This is the internet. Hold tab and click the mute button on anyone you want. I like to inform them before I mute them because I'm nice like that I often swap teams to work with other squad leaders I know. A team work game with a random selection of internet users is always going to be tough.
  2. Ping or No Ping

  3. Fob disable mechanic is too OP

    I agree that it could be tweaked for improvement. Reduced range sounds good. Make the players more at risk of discovery to make clearing the spawn easier.
  4. Marksman Changes.

    one of the brit marksman classes has a bipod. I prefer the one without because I don't mess about trying to deploy it. I can shoot from more concealed and sneaky areas. Marksman should be shooting and moving. Concealment is his tool. You can take on a squad by playing clever, not deploying. Keep harassing and play the long game. Use your teammates and guide them to ensure a squad wipe. Explore without firing, be the scout. A bipod is far from essential for this class. MG is all about area control. Hiding and moving is not the way to play it. Once people start shooting back accurately you have to win or move. You take on a squad by choosing the right moment to open up. You have to take them out fast, before shoot back. If they are far away you are playing for time to help your teammates.
  5. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    lol at teh rage toward a playtest of unreleased content in a prerelease game.
  6. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Sounds like a great change list, certainly worth testing. Rally change sounds pretty scary. Meta will define this one for sure. Speed increase along with stamina sounds great for infantry. It may bring more arcade feel to the game and attract more players. How it balances with other aspects will only be apparent through testing. I hope it makes it to the full release (i dont often take part in tests as my dld speed is measured in lunar cycles....)
  7. This one is really frustrating. You run around a bit, plan to go over a wall but find that you cannot even when other people can and you know it normally works. You wait for stamina and it still wont work. You prone and crawl forward like you used to do to fix other bugs, nothing. A bit later it works again... I think I have a cause and a solution but need people to try it to confirm. My connection is unstable so may have some effect on this. Before vaulting we had to get over or onto low walls etc by jumping and quickly crouching in mid air. I think that this is what breaks the vaulting. When you get this problem, make sure you have stamina then try a jump+crouch move. You have to time it right so try a few times. Now try climbing again. It works for me but is not perfect, i think the timing of the crouch is important. I think that jump+crouch might also be creating this bug. Please try this and report here.
  8. Vehicle reset feature

    shovel/hammer/ratchet should fix it...simple and balanced by time to fix. the key is that it must be reliable.
  9. agree with this, not a problem for me but often mentioned.
  10. Climb the radio towers

    designers should ensure that if it looks climbable then it is. Lots of ladders around on Narva near the Quarry which are frustratingly useless. Perhaps these are waiting on something else?
  11. optimal graphics settings?

    turn it all to the max. climb a hill on kohat and look around. turn everything down again btw if you open console and enter stat fps you will see your fps in the corner. Do not be alarmed, they say its what you do with it, not the size.
  12. i only play against real people. Beating AI gives me no satisfaction. I recall a feeling of shame which followed me as-an-adult feeling proud of building a lego model by following the incredibly clear and detailed instructions. Predictable humans are fodder, predictable AI are time wasters. May as well watch people play games on youtube...how is that a thing!!!?
  13. Naming FOBS Stupid Idea Nr. 568

    spawn at northernmost fob spawn at fob east of defence spawn at fob nearest to papanov no names needed imo
  14. Drag & drop for map markers

    technically it could be Left click and hold=delete Left click = place last deleted there was a thread or post about this before.
  15. Before the new markers a bad coms example was "enemy on my body" or "...at my location". I hope you all helped people to understand the poor quality of this information. An ongoing problem is a squad channel callout of "enemy at 230". Needs work... suggestion here is to only provide the angle if there is someone near you to give the information too or you are manning an asset such as mortars. Angle reference is worthless at all other times. Since the fireteam and "ping" marks were implemented the quality of voice coms target callouts has deteriorated to the point where they are almost not used. Now people say "on the ping" or "enemies at delta marker" The response to this is to either open your map to try and see what they mean, often with several pings on the map. Opening the map should not be required if coms callout is good quality. or point out to the delta fireteam leader than only his fireteam and the SL can see those marks so could he please use his words. Acceptable coms callout examples: "Infantry north west of the flag, 100m" "Tank about 300m south of Squad leader, moving north" "enemy sniper is in the trees just south of that tower to the east" "logi truck moving north on that road up the east side of the map." "f***in' cat just vomited on my keyboard" (this indicates to the team that you might not be available for a little while ) Not sure how this can be fixed except by community teaching of appropriate use of coms. Any coms are better than none but if we can constructively improve the way they are used everyone wins. If opening the map is required then they are doing it wrong. Tell them how to do it properly and explain why, people learn from kind advice.
  16. Jump over wall bug after using ammo pouch..

    confirmed that this is the ammo bag. it seems it is a known bug

    great first post @Thorwächter
  18. Game needs non owned servers

    Well said Zylfrax. I play in EU region servers. About 8 busy servers i play on regularly have good admin groups and rules. Also typically a good majority of players who will do what it takes to win rather than boost their personal score. I disagree with some rules and admin decisions but could not name a single EU region server which has issues beyond a minor case of gamer rage.
  19. New Layers

    you are entitled to your own opinion. don't imagine for a second that your opinion of my opinion will effect my opinion games are for fun. I can watch people drive with no expectation of anything interesting happen in real life. Driving across a battlefield with zero risk is a waste of time. gaming time is valuable to me.
  20. New Layers

    All the big maps remade without a dull 5-7 min drive at the start. I'd also like more layers with infantry focus. Eg Talil with out the tanks is way more fun for inf, the layer with MRAP vs BDRM. More servers to play the skirmish layers beyond seeding might be enough for now.
  21. Suggestions for Owi

    I once made a map which had 1518kb of geometry and 53.3kb of textures. It was great fun because the performance was spectacular. https://www.lahtela.com/aq2suomi/maps/gap.zip Total download is 1.57mb https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/11/27/action-quake-2-community/
  22. Suggestions for Owi

    if i get time later today i will travel to the future and see if this happens. nope.
  23. Asymmetrical Grudge Match

    I'm toying with an idea for a number imbalance as well. eg 18 players vs 62 players A few ideas to keep it fun for everyone. Of course everyone wants to be on the 18 player side, I'm thinking a team switch reward for the top players and a penalty for the bottom...lots to figure out. Happy to take suggestions...

    Tough one to resolve. Penalties for TK's etc arent the right way as explained by Dubs. respawn only allowing a main spawn is a reasonable idea. Could alter it to be "only main or nearest HAB". Some ideas: Limiting number of FOB radios per map or in use at the same time can slow down advances and might mean more people get transported forward than spawn forward. Could require that a squads leader must use a hab before the members can... or be in the area of the hab. Minor effect but could be significant. Add below. Give SL higher penalty for using respawn command. Could penalise the SL for 3 or more squad members using respawn within a short time.