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  1. that is an interesting suggestion. A truck with varied supplies is not going to drop everything at a place it is not required. Perhaps to keep it noob friendly the vehicles should just have a menu the same as a soldier. Scroll or press 1234567 Select then activate Helps prevent "you dropped the construction points at the mortars and the ammo at the fob!"
  2. You missed one which I would have picked. ENEMY FOB
  3. You might be able to fix this by getting into a vehicle then out again.
  4. place the ammo crate in a place where it allows players to stand on it and see over a wall, great for AT and sneaky optics shots. Sandbags should also be used like this more often. if you have used up your ammo, don't rearm, instead choose the same class again and find everything is already reloaded for you. Increased spammage, great for AT/Grenadier in insurgency, place 2 ammo crates near each other, lined up nice and neatly. Build one all the way up, build the other half way. LOL at the enemy throwing their precious incendiaries at it thinking it is a cache.
  5. setting defaulted to epic on 9.4. my medium settings are ok for brightness
  6. nice work all.
  7. cant be bothered to read above. Problem: Want more squad leaders. Solution: Stop being a *** to new squad leaders. Don't demand. Request. Tell people your plan but don't expect anyone to agree with you. Have fun. Notes: We have plenty of a$$holes already, no need to be one yourself or extend the pattern to new players.
  8. welcome to the search function
  9. Good idea. To prevent trolling and abuse the mine marker could show a name of the person who placed it and remain for a short time after exploding. This way if mines appear in stupid/abusive places the culprit can be found and punished. Already trolls are driving over mines on purpose. They get no penalty. They should get worse than the person who placed the mine.
  10. i think you should be able to throw them like grenades. Pink!, Pink! I would place a mine behind a unwitting APC then back off and throw rocks at the APC. It might think it was being shot at so move over my mine. Also fun for baiting people to come toward my IED
  11. I had to bandage once from mortars. True story.
  12. The problem is the slow squad leaders, not the timer. bah this is a duplicate thread, cba replying again.
  13. well presented and produced, nice work. Thanks IED is great fun
  14. WTF Lee! Did you have something to do with the bible?
  15. I'd love to be able to shock, stun, deafen or blind a group before rushing them. Currently I have to wait till they are busy or distracted for a high level of success.
  16. Looks like some good data analysis (giggidy) Right now development seems to be more about structures and testing than filling in detail which is not critical to gameplay and enjoyment. I am sure the ballistics stuff will get more fleshed out as the game matures.
  17. walking on large gorodok is a toss up between leaving the server and leaving autowalk on while finding something else to do. If your SL wont make efforts to provide vehicles on the giant maps it is time for a new squad. An alternative is 2 suicides (or murders) "Spawn at main to get a vehicle please" "OK, when I die" BANG! BANG!
  18. i was blamed last light for the loss of our teams logi and 4 teamkills. This is despite the marker on the map + I said in team chat "MINES ON MAP" immediately after placing them. + I saw the logi driving that way about 1 min after they were placed, it stopped to collect some people near me so I went over and said in local (about 4 metres from the vehicle) "Don't drive on the road there are mines, check your map" there was no reason why they needed to drive over the crossroads I placed the mine on, plenty opf space. Admins had to ask us to calm down after some heated text chat. Apparently there was no mine marker (there was on my map....) I'm not sure what more I could do except for perhaps not laughing at them after the fact, I was the one who got the long respawn for teamkills so really it should be me who was angry.
  19. Nothing can take that long, 2 mins is a waste of valuable gaming time. I drew this in under 1 min! Please note that there is no Cider. I ran out.
  20. Last night i swerved violently away from a neat circle of stones on the road. Afterward I thought, hmm neat circle then mine on the other side!
  21. BORING!
  22. updated logistics might change it. I think special deployable weapons should require transport. "you want mortars you need to load them on a truck and drive them" they spawn at main as a crate. Get carried to the truck, loaded (req 2 ppl to move the crate for health and safety), driven, unloaded, set up. You want to move the mortars? Dissasemble (becomes a crate), load with your buddy, drive...etc same pattern fits with a lot of assets. System to load crates could just be a 2 person vehicle which requires 2 to move, first in is "driver" perhaps remove FOB requirement.
  23. winning is everything losing occasionally is ok as long as it is fun You could carve your wins into the wall near your computer if you need a record.
  24. teamwork requirement for mortars will reduce pretty fast. once you get a feel for it you can make a good guess, once you start placing them in the same location each time you will learn the numbers and just spam them. Supplies can change that, perhaps some variable wind to cause a less predictable result, wouldnt need to be realistic, it could just effect the high altitude? or even better, some random velocity variation applied to each tube when it is placed so 2 mortars need slight tuning variation to hit the same range.
  25. could also add the keypad command channel ability, not full command channel just one SL at a time, saves you bothering your SL to pass coms