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  1. @moppela small page file seems to have resolved the problem. This only appeared since v9. Thanks tho.
  2. Windows 10 x64 12gb ram 4gb video ram on a 970 i5 2500k SSD is fine for space No page file I get a windows popup after about 2 hours of playing squad saying im out of memory (doesn't specify video or main ram) and that I need to close programs, it offers to close programs automatically and the one time i clicked that it closed squad. If I ignore the error and leave the window open I can carry on playing, if i click cancel it pops up again a few mins later. Watching the GPU ram it sits full most of the time while in squad. Regular ram is not even close to maxed. Anyone got similar/ideas to fix?
  3. jump=more full servers
  4. gameplay wise i'd like the rock paper scissors approach to enemy detection via sound. Stationary player should have advantage of making no sound at all. Moving player should have control over ALL sounds generated up to a point see equipment noise below. Moving player should have the ability to move 100% silently if they follow certain rules ie approaching crouched with gun ADS and not changing anything except creeping gradually closer. Equipment noise. To add detail such as equipment noise this should be attached to movements such as changing stance, leaning, changing speed and also fast input eg whipping gun from one direction to anther. This audio should not always play, it should be random with more chance of occurring when more movements are made or the player has low stamina. eg crouching with ADS GOOD GUY creeps into a building where they know an enemy is in a corner somewhere, the main area is clear so they keep moving to check corners (no sound is made), they lean left to check one corner (no sound is made), they lean right to check the other corner (a small jingle is made which all players in the room hear and can locate). BAD GUY whips his gun around but is hidden behind cover (makes a small noise which all in room can hear). GOOD GUY quickly stands and drops ADS to move faster so they can check behind furniture in the room (he makes another small noise as he stands AND starts to make footstep sounds), at the same time BAD GUY stands up (silently as he has been stationary for a long time) and everybody dies because GOOD GUY sprays with his eyes closed. Levels should exactly match 1st and 3rd party sounds within a fixed small 3D radius so the person who makes the sound knows what the enemy might hear. Below are some suggested audio levels created by any movement, simplified for discussion to assume the same audio is used for all noises where it would not. Audio ramps out to nothing in a realistic way. To avoid EQ advantage from clever people the various sounds caused by movement could be primarily within frequencies which match other sounds. A gun shooting might mask the sound of footsteps on a concrete floor but not on gravel. 1st person and 3rd person within 2m ramp alters level 3rd person 20m chance of occurring low chance of occurring high running 100.00% >> > > > > > > > 20.00% jogging = regular movement 60.00% >> > > > > > > > 5.00% walking 20.00% >> > > > > > > > 0.00% walking with ADS active 0.00% >> > > > > > > > 0.00% crouched 0.00% >> > > > > > > > 0.00% prone 10.00% >> > > > > > > > 0.00% lean/unlean 5.00% >> > > > > > > > 0.00% 30.00% 60.00% stand/crouch 5.00% >> > > > > > > > 0.00% 30.00% 60.00% prone/unprone 8.00% >> > > > > > > > 0.00% 30.00% 60.00%
  5. it is quite common to see a hero standing on top of cover hitting projectiles back at enemies with a shovel. this should be a feature
  6. disconnected = common live soldiers around a destroyed vehicle = common spawning as a specific role to achieve a goal which becomes obsolete = common finding an abandoned vehicle = common I reduced the words for you to help I am all for teamplay, give benefits to the guy with the right kit and the right combination of teammates, just make the kit available on the vehicle for the above situations and many more. Punish those who don't follow the patterns but dont limit things just because PR did. This game has far more potential to draw players and convert run and gun players to team tactical games, keep it fun, allow us to adapt without limiting the enjoyment with silly details which do not add to gameplay.
  7. I think just a selection of melee depending on what item you have selected. Random animations would be ok but advanced mode should allow various kicks, hits and grabs. Give control to the player and add variety with various damage and speed implications. eg Moving FORWARD + Melee key = Front Kick Moving backward + Melee key = Gun Butt (Butt stroke lol @Nimbus) Backward>Crouch>StrafeRight>Melee = Hadoken (fireball) Blocks should also be possible. All of this would become natural, like jump crouch. Giving more depth to basic controls = pro level
  8. if there is a system like an ammo crate attached to vehicles then the crewman kit is ok. If you end up as a crewman wandering the wilderness because your tank is stuck or unable to move for some other reason OR you chose crewman to help man a vehicle and find it is destroyed before you arrive. Or situations where you cant take over the tank left in the middle of the road because of a disconnect/idiot. Either of the above situations will be common, the requirement of the crewman kit will reduce the fun of the game. Unless it is made so you can approach an area of the vehicle, choose from a limited selection and quantity of kits and either take over the vehicle or swap from crewman to a more appropriate kit, perhaps adding your kit to the vehicle. Realism be damned. Gameplay is king. in any case imagine this. "commander, i found one of our tanks behind enemy lines, it is empty. I am inside it, the engine is running. I do not have the correct trousers to drive this" "No-one is available to come to that location, you will need to drive it to a friendly location. ill get someone to talk you through it." <drives over several civilians and ruins 15 buildings before reaching FOB> "good work soldier!" it can't be that hard no stupid limits please
  9. I can't delete old stuff and my quota is used up Chrome WIn10x64
  10. nah just 1920x1080 Ill check that setting next time i go in
  11. IED

    bigger than hip hop
  12. the map was also made mostly by one guy, is a first release which is clearly intended to be altered and improved. Putting in too much detail early is a waste of time in most cases. If nearly every building is going to be rebuilt and optimised then any time spent putting carpets and tables around rooms is wasted. Although it is based on the PR version the gameplay speed and assets available in Squad may make it necessary to alter a huge number of elements even to the point of changing the width or length of streets or moving spawns (as they have mentioned). Gun height, crouch and jump height, passing space for 1, 2 or more players. All these things might require adjustment and require large areas to be reworked. Detail comes last.
  13. that assumes the engine is able to decide the correct height to lift you to. My system would leave the decision to the user so it would work even if you were not near a wall. Eg peaking over a smoothly curving ridgeline or where the wall or structure you want to peek over is not set up to activate the peeking you suggest. Automatic functions suck, eg vaulting in COD4, it often gets you killed when all you wanted to do was jump, suddenly you are standing in a place you did not intend. I am already VERY concerned about the vault function, it must be a clearly user activated action which cannot be accidental.
  14. imagine crouching behind cover. ADS - brings sights up Hold the crouch key and scroll forward, peaking to see enemy Fire Scroll back to bob back down Scroll forward to peak again Fire Hide
  15. I think it could work like the following without much need for player learning or complication for OWI. While in ADS mode (ie ready to fire and reducing movement to slow speed) Hold Crouch or Prone + scroll mousewheel This could raise or lower your POV depending on direction of scroll, all the way from prone, through crouch to standing and back again. Normal operation of each key would not be effected. You press crouch and you immediately animate to crouch, keep holding the key and scroll and you can come back up slightly, release the key and you default back to your setting (ie crouch - toggle or press.) so you would drop to normal crouch on release. To prevent scroll from effecting weapon switching, ADS could disable weapon switch
  16. i struggle to hear movement quite often, it depends on the surface they walk on i think. Im am pretty sure the 3rd person sounds don't match the 1st person sounds. Certainly not the volume even at close range.
  17. this is a great suggestion/idea thanks for sharing im starting a new clan called DIG (d!cks in gumboots) we only use shovels. see you in your favourite server, ill be sure to join your team
  18. also need optional mirrors to mount on guns and perhaps a deployable slide
  19. I genuinely bought Vegemite today Australian players are better than most so it might be too hard
  20. @serjik_1Vehicle enter/exit does not fix it, I tried and there is no change.
  21. i'd like a mousewheel modifier for speed. EG hold FORWARD while scrolling mouse and it maintains that speed until you release FORWARD
  22. would be cool if it broke off if you rammed it against stuff