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  1. Ticket Spoilers

    suds: cost to enemy team - cost to own team = score Cost can include damage to anything. Could work it to include time in capture, holding a flag costing the enemy points. Time enemy is suppressed. If you look at everyones scores you could make a guess at the overall score remaining for a team. Starting score could vary per map and per faction and perhaps be displayed at the start of a round.
  2. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    I like the current blur/audio muffling system but would add to it an effect when the player aims down sights (ADS) when hits are close which also alters accuracy. Like a flinch but only effecting ADS accuracy. Include appropriate vehicle and stationary gun ADS. Make the effect more on first close hit than subsequent hits. Helps optic vs iron sight. Boosts suppression value and survival of LMG (and the new MG class).
  3. Squad Roles: Discussion

    Freedom is better in this. There are strong suggestions in the recent recap of more special weapons classes. These classes are per team rather than per squad. A good team made of communicative squad members and some simple squad naming will be able to organise almost exactly what you suggest without any forced restrictions. "My squad is going to defend X, please can we have both the MG slots?" "My squad is scouting vehicles, please can we have the HAT and the small LOGI?" "My squad is transport, we do not need any kits."
  4. no problems here. move on.
  5. Teamwork incentive

    i like it when I find a micromanaged squad which is nicely grouped together. Typically I can take out 2-3 with a nade and then take my time putting down the rest of them. The most effective squad is one that does not require a sheepdog. I dont like that I could be penalised because the rest of my squad has died, respawned and is somewhere else. This is very common for me. Having said that I like the thinking of giving benefits which have a gameplay effect and are not points related. These application of these benefits should not penalise intelligent play. ie having people wide on the flank who can detect enemies or rescue a squad from ambush. Range would need to be at least 200m and should not be linked to SL, it should be related to squad mates nearby.
  6. Rush Meta flag cap?

    I believe there is only one speed for capping. You are capping or you are not. To cap an enemy flag you need 3 or more players in cap range AND the team with more players will begin to cap. You will cap at the same speed no matter how many more. To cap a flag which has not previously been capped you only need 1 player to start it. Currently you also need to outnumber the enemy. Recap notes say that a flag which has not previously been capped will still only require 1 player to capture it. Numbers play no part. Linked flags must be capped to start cap. I assume that an uncapped flag which is available to both teams will require higher numbers to cap. If it is not this way it will be a nasty bug. There will be situations where a single player starts to cap that middle flag while nearly the whole enemy team is there while they wait for their back flags to be capped. Ensuring flags are capped promptly will be vital. Now when you drop that guy off at a flag at the start of a round the instruction will be - "Hide" Rushing squads will be instructed to "Seek". Finding that guy before the flag is capped will often result in a win. 3 mins prematch period... sandwich, drink, piss... check internet for stuff. wait...ram logi into other vehicles...climb tallest object...fall to death...wait for medic....attempt to get logi upright again...wait...explain to SL why he needs the SL kit.....negotiate traffic jam at base exit ROUND START ....recover flipped vehicles from everyone trying to leave at once...
  7. Double hit, simultaneous timed RPGs

    hmm cant confirm this. ppl keep missing my Stryker. I had 6 rockets miss my stationary vehicle within about 20 seconds. it is possible that there is a Frag round involved due to new ppl
  8. K club

    1854 for me, nearly there.
  9. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    This is the English forum Smee, I think maybe you meant to post in the Autocorrect forum. I love the techies etc, I will often go out of my way to find one just so i can find a sneaky position to take on enemy armour using these underrated vehicles. Using up every clip just to distract or delay an enemy team is also very effective. I think Smee was on about despawning the vehicles but I think a team should be punished for not managing assets. To combat the disability of having certain wasteful Squad leaders the claim should never time out, if they leave a vehicle abandoned and they have reached their quota they should not be allowed a new claim. They should be begging for lifts.
  10. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    just ideas, contribute if you want. a few more below forums aren't for everyone read posts you are abusing carefully read what you wrote delete it if it does not add to the conversation
  11. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Could be a different way of implementing it yes. Was a while back when I suggested respawns on FOBs being a limited number which could be resupplied.
  12. i think it is good that it stays in the direction you left it. It can be confusing but that is life. Perhaps I misunderstand your issue
  13. This must be specific to a map/layer or just you. I saw SPG on the map on Yerkovihabbbyyllaia last night. (I might have spelled that incorrectly)
  14. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    I think I have something which solves this and adds some cool stuff. Something to work with. Dragging has been confirmed. This will be required for the following. There is also a good suggestion floating about that allows the use of the downed players bandage rather than using up your own supply. This makes it all much easier. When you are incapacitated you are relivable. This imitates the idea that you are hurt so cant move but can be fixed. When you give up before bleeding out ,your body is still in theory fixable but it has no player attached to it any more. When you die your body is not able to be fixed. There is no way to recover this. The idea: Allow these fixable bodies to be recovered by the team. Recovering tickets in the process. Downed people still bleed out so there is a time limit. Drag those bodies away and bandage them, anyone can do this which stabilises them for recovery. A subsequent hit requires a new bandage and may make the body unrecoverable (only after bandage). This provides a lot of possibilities and options: Players can go around in their ambulance collecting broken people and returning them to the field hospital or base where they are added back to the ticket count. Active player controlled soldier numbers are retained with minimal waiting. Teamwork wins. Players are not left waiting. Explosion power and range can be increased eg for mortar shells. A few dead guys can be dragged to safety and bandaged before being returned to Medical for a slow return to the ticket count. There will be more damage but less loss from it when a team is cooperating. Ambulance vehicle/medical structure could be an automatic heal, just get the players inside it. Give it a healsperminute number so a lot healing takes a longer time. ie lots of people makes it slow. Could heal the SL first. This allows the crew to be moving around dragging the bodies back to the vehicle rather than sitting inside it pressing a button. Some factions could punish damage to medical vehicles or incapacitated persons. Not sure how this would be implemented but would add some variety. This could just be a server rule, pretty flexible. When you take over a FOB location and destroy a field hospital which has a heal queue you also prevent those tickets being recovered. Server setting could enable this. Plenty more can be added to this but my lunch break is over.
  15. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    It is important that the other side of this "medical realism" issue is considered as well. Problem: It is very boring to have no-one to shoot at. Even the hardcore milsim can't argue against this. 1 solution: By enabling short delays on respawns and faster, in the field revives and healing you are creating more action for everyone. The result, - no matter whether you are winning or losing is that more players nearby means more action - less boredom. There may be other solutions but short of having far more players on a server there is unlikely to be a better way of keeping more players in action. Realism is outside, it can be reflected in games but it should stay outside.
  16. Faction teamup..

    Might hurt performance, having to load extra skins and models.... it doesnt have to be a mess tho eg US + BRIT vs Militia share FOB and logi but unable to share other mobile assets. Every 2nd squad is US, . Not a 3 way battle where the most cowardly team wins, just a joint operation.
  17. Admin scramble command

    Some facts: A close game is better for the majority in all ways. You can apply this to sport or computer games, competitive or casual, spectator or competitor. If provided with a format which allows teams to balance, not just allowing switching, but mixing of players to provide an improved experience. Players will use it to the benefit of all. 2 or more cooperative and experienced squad leaders on the same team will make a large difference to the overall performance of the team in most cases. Even when individual player skill is not balanced between teams. I propose a system which has not been fully formed in my mind yet. I expect it can be improved through discussion. Based on a server variable. Activated automatically if a ticket difference is greater than x% on y gamemode or by another system controlled by admin or players. Example of use, lots to read but very simple and usable. Team 1 wins, the difference is 400 tickets. The next map loads (or maybe before load?). Player A is a squad leader in Team 1, the "balance teams" trigger is activated during the round start countdown. Player A wants a closer match and clicks the "balance queue button", he has the option to invite his whole squad to join him, he clicks this and all of his current or previous squad is placed in the balance queue. They are allowed to exit the queue and return the their team. The queue is visible to all players. Other players can see this generous act of balancing by players they know. Player B is another SL, he also takes his squad into the balance queue. Player C is on Team 2 and wants to swap to Team 1, he can see the space opened up by the balance queue. He invites his squad and they also enter the balance queue. Other individuals join the balance queue where they can be assigned to squads or remain unassigned. The balance queue timer expires. Players are kept in squads but their team can change. Squads are swapped in order of joining the queue. If a squad cannot be swapped due to size it remains in it's team. If a smaller squad can fit then it is used in the order of the queue. Individuals provide final balance. Options. Admin can invoke balance at any point in the game. This could pause the game or not, would need testing. When swapping squads there could be an allowed imbalance in team numbers. eg allowing team to have 35 vs 38 players may enable easier swapping of squads. Admin could be allowed to force players into the queue.
  18. Does everyone have the same bugs as mine ?

    server join bug is repeatable for me for the past few versions. join server A - shows the current queue information, the smaller text below the heading is visible. cancel join server A again - no queue information is presented except the heading. I have tried waiting but am not sure of the position so I tend to find a different server. attempting to join another server queue doe not reset the result for Server A
  19. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    fun is king
  20. Lies! I blame my ISP. BT in the UK is built from straw and run by a team which is 90% middle management and 10% low paid call centre staff.
  21. i still havent been in the tunnels
  22. How to Not Suck With Big Vehicles

    he cant take it if you are in the seat. dont get out...
  23. ---other team is late... Perhaps as a FOB asset it could replace the radio when constructed. Make it an armoured radio room or bunker, requiring some explosives/heavy weapons to break the door down, intel crew can be trapped inside with some limited defences. The HAB (spawn point) can remain separate so would be disabled by this stage normally. Destruction of an intel asset could disrupt other radios for a short time. No idea how this would effect gameplay...just bashing out ideas Seats in the intel assets could include: Coms station with maps and access to SL and vehicle channels. UAV pilot stations Mounted high power cameras maybe with some IR or special vision capabilites - no gun, just marking ability Ability to view video from other UAV game loaded....