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  1. If it comes to a quick fix I'd like exit to always be at the rear of a APC and facing the APC. Entry could be the same but I can imagine a lot of shouting "go to the back!" "just leave him..."
  2. more options also leads to lower server populations as people decide to only play "hardcore" or only play servers which allow rally points etc. ARMA could have been good, one key reason for its low popularity which is often mentioned is the above. Battlefield and COD split its players between hardcore and softcore, BF changed back again. Competitive gaming suffered in both because of reduced player numbers. Mods in most games exclude players or are not even visible to the masses so eventually disappear into history. I like options, but i'd much rather have 30+ players to shoot at than some minor adjustment with a small effect. Better to allow devs to test various changes and force us all into well populated servers. Stock or nothing for now, once the community is big then Mods will allow more but you will see fragmentation and loss from many squad community pages and servers as soon as this happens.
  3. ive still never been killed by this weapon For a while i was going onto roof tops to try and get hit, never actually got hit, now i just ignore it. I did need to bandage once recently. it is fun to use tho and well done for making the tool.
  4. @DanielNL start a new company called "gaming internet service". in German i believe this is written as "gaminginternetservice". market your new company as an internet service provider which is not stupid. gaminginternetservice offers features such as: not being stupid high cost for nothing extra except reduced stupidity gaminginternetservice: run by gamers, for gamers paid for by people who dont like stupid things. if the disconnection is an enforced government regulation you could offer a preimum service which is a "reconnect button" "Wiederverbindungstaste" so users can manually choose the reset time. please dont be offended by any of the above, it is not intended as such, just jokes. Sounds stupid.
  5. This belongs in a forum which supports your motherboard really. check overclock settings are off in bios. reseat and replug everything you have fitted. question your ability to construct a cpu/heatsink, did you do it right? remove each part of your hardware one at a time, reboot in between. one or more might be dodgy or not connected properly. try different sata cables/ports, ive had a couple of bad sata cables and one bad port before. test everything in as simple a way as possible, remove possible problem items. eg remove all the ram sticks except one. unplug anything not required.
  6. I don't mind more detail put into damage/medical things, localised damage etc, limping and accuracy penalties perhaps but only if it is easy to get sorted out and back into the action. Perhaps even self healing up to a point with some action which requires you to put the gun away. We know the blood and gore won't be made realistic to maintain an audience so i dont think the medical system needs particular detail. Fast heal for a limb wound, perhaps a health cap until patient RTB. eg 90% max. Speed reduction for leg wound? Recoil penalty for an arm/shoulder wound? These would need to be small to prevent giving up. Slow heal for anything head neck or torso. 80% max health in field and a minor stamina penalty. Again if the penalty is too much then giving up is still the best option. The whole argument will come back to waiting or slow gameplay. I don't come home from work to stare at a screen and wait. I am normal, i am the masses. Competitive action is the only reason I play games. I can wait in real life and even then i will only do it if someone is paying me for it.
  7. balance is pretty nice right now, i'd like a longer scope at times to allow a nice headshot but not fussed about power of hits. If i miss the head I dont deserve a one hit kill
  8. i cant wait for an apc door to open to receive my frag
  9. Just a simple UI change to help see spawn location when spawning on HAB. The yellow dot which indicates a spawn location needs to be moved from the FOB radio to the HAB. This will be a particular help to new players. It will also help me when I explain to people that the yellow dot which is a FOB further away is a closer spawn than the Rally which is between the 2, very complicated I expect this is already on the to do list as it is quite obvious.
  10. you seem upset... i didn't mention the destruction, only the additional graphics load and models required to make visual objects which have no impact on gameplay except "oooh look at that". Destruction of assets to reduce effective enemy is obvious. we don't need to talk about that. It shouldnt cost them tickets tho, just less stuff to use. A fixed limit would change all maps, it could even randomly be really low to or really high to force variation in gameplay. There are plenty of victims, don't be one. The internet. It's not for everyone. Gameplay. (!)
  11. negative threads with no constructive feedback or suggestions for ways to resolve or reduce problems. click bait threads.
  12. Is there a command I can put into a config which will unbind everything so i can start fresh? I have moved my keys across to the middle in all games. So I use T as forward and FGH as left, back, right. This gives more space for binding keys for my left little finger. Currently the D key is not able to be changed, it has no effect if rebound (unless maybe I need to delete my old config and do it again which I will try tonight.) Just to freak you out further, I use inverted mouse.
  13. Having visible content would be pretty but no effect on gameplay, numbers have less impact on framerate The availability of a mobile ammo/kit supply would be nice. "Squad 4 requesting ammo north of Hilltop." "IFV Just completing barrel roll, on the way, 2 mins." I'd like to see a minimal supply drop capability to a fob as well, a small top-up dumped before RTB, not enough for anything without further buildup but a small boost, or perhaps just ammo points. With this perhaps a FOB could have "0" points when placed.
  14. yeah no-one is going to spawn main if they have to walk for 5-10 mins. Heli insertion (not the sexy kind) will make it less of an issue as will more reliance on regular supply runs and the increase in ambush tactics which that brings - escort requirements (not the sexy kind).
  15. A nice thing to attempt but I think this is a bad idea for the following reasons. I went through this for our company forum for an electronic product which has complex support requirements globally. Forum becomes segregated with many users never seeing large amounts of content. Ideas with great merit are lost in low traffic areas of the forum. Important content needs to be duplicated between languages and can become incorrect or obsolete quickly. Languages with little content actually detract from the apparent popularity of the game causing users who may be valued members of the community to never even join in, perhaps never getting the game. I'm sure this list was far longer, ill have to find my notes from work. Instead I would recommend integration of google translate even if it is just a button to translate the site. Allow posting in any language in main sections. Ask users and moderators to post google translations if needed. The negative is that some users do not realise they can post in other languages so sticky a post with a long title in lots of languages to show them the way you want it done. Language, Sprache, Idioma, Taal, Langue, Γλώσσα, Lingua, 언어, Språk, Język, язык, Iaith
  16. I hate waiting more than most but a delay to repairs after taking damage is an obvious and simple improvement to gameplay. Advantage goes to the better position.
  17. main base protection shouldn't exits at all. just make enemy in radius of main visible on map as if there is satellite monitoring and provide lots of emplacements in the main. perfect place for mortars with a short range. Add automatic markers for mines etc when they are added. Let people attack but make it really hard for them to survive, you could even go as far as giving no penalty for a death in your own main.
  18. i'd like this, perhaps with a bit more realism thrown quantities etc. Would be fun as the enemy of the IFV as well. Ooh look a crowd
  19. just add a delay eg 60 seconds before a repair can start after taking damage. even tiny damage should effect the timer, no repairs for you if i keep pinging you with my pistol till the heavies arrive. if you tell pub players they have to drive all the way back to base you will just see more abandoned assets on certain maps. There should be a benefit of building, supplying and defending a base, this is core and unique to squad. If you can keep a vehicle pinned in this base it is less effective anyway.
  20. just imagine it with: heli fastropes drop on the roof. Zip lines and grappling hooks to and from the building. Destruction gradually reducing the cover available and damaging deployables. Accurate laser guided explosive and penetrating rounds. In the short term I think spawns should be limited per fob until supplies top them up. Eg 100 spawns per large logi drop.
  21. i think it is acceptable to say, there is "armour north of the flag" or "tracked vehicle to the south", "truck coming from west of squad leader". "APC" is usually correct for armour, if you can see or hear the gun then you can be more specific, knowing where the 30mm is is very valuable I often say "something with a big gun 100m east of our APC" which should get the appropriate reaction.
  22. would be interesting if respawns on a fob used supplies which needed to be replenished with a logi run
  23. If a stats system is constant and permanent then it does not reflect the currently active players just the players with nothing else to do and who have owned the game the longest. i think that any system should only be for a period, eg the previous month. This way it has no ongoing value so people are less likely to abuse it and it also means a new player has the ability to feature in a top list. Ive said before that a stats system does not need to be built into the game, just a reporting system following each round which populates a database file. Then servers can allow stats collection sites to gather data and display it in readable ways.
  24. hahhaha, hotel awnings have proven to be safe landing sites for heros and attractive leading ladies.