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  1. Interesting idea. I would be happy with a less clunky drawing system. The Draw line thing is constantly in my way.
  2. This sounds like a good compromise and considered solution but I am not sure that it will improve the gameplay. Currently you can tell a HAT has been fired in the local area and be reasonably confident that the enemy ammo is spent. Good coms will announce this. I think the current balance is correct with the 80 cost. There are several ways to get ammo and hopefully dropped ammo boxes from vics will appear some time. I don't know if there is plans for actual inventory instead of ammo points but that would be a nice change.
  3. Why chat texts too small ?

    tap your console key (tilde is under the escape key) to see previous chat, or open the spawn menu and look bottom centre.
  4. knowing your enemy is a great part of this game. less is more. spend all resources on map content.
  5. Admin Camera

    No, they just creep up on you and say "Hi suds" then lol at you when you swivel around and check your map to try and figure out who the F just spoke to you
  6. Stat tracking

    yeah i don't care about permanent stats either.
  7. Logistics Buff

    In Kohat they put a permanent resupply point at the bottom of the hill for both sides. Techies are a pain to drive now. Best to stay on the grass even if it is a steep slope.
  8. Stat tracking

    agree oTec i still think the best personal stat would be: Ticket loss Ticket gain due to the low scoreboard reward for damaging vics without kill there also needs to be a better way of showing this. Vic damage total?
  9. In the matter of fall damage

    PLS ZERO imagination
  10. how to remove scope from guns ?

    would be nice if swapping between similar kits did not require full ammo change. This could allow swap from ranged scope to other and back at ammo locations. Even better if remaining "ammo points" from existing kit went into ammo pool. Even better again if swapping to engineer kit at a vehicle put your existing kit into the available kits in that ammo menu...getting people to give up a role to fix a vehicle is pretty uncomfortable system.
  11. In the matter of fall damage

    there is already some threshold between slight damage (no idea how much damage or what height is) and needing the bandage. bandage usage is a bit annoying but not that big a problem. For me the biggest problem is the penalised (suicide) death from a small drop. I need to get down a drop and know I have low health. In this case in reality i would find a way to gently lower myself or expect some recovery time but not death. Deliberate death by falling needs to be controlled in some way. A solution - height/damage are just suggestions - assume 100 health is full: 2m drop = no damage 2-3m drop = 10 damage no bandage (i think this should also be used for being run over) 3-4m = 40 damage + need bandage + 5 second ragdoll >4m = 50 damage + need bandage + 10 for every extra metre + 5 second ragdoll for every metre eg from full health 9m drop = need revive 8m drop = alive, need to bandage but ragdoll for 20 seconds so potential extra damage. add a condition to prevent suicide. if health <0 from fall damage add usual ragdoll plus 1 second ragdoll for every point below 0. eg from partial health So worst case is a guy with 1% health falls 10m and gets 100 damage, he is now ragdoll for 99 seconds but not a suicide. Typically for a small fall there is just a short ragdoll simulating passing out from pain. Bleed out in this time is possible.
  12. ha derailed I snuck into an enemy fob which had 2 mortars running constantly. Instead of shooting people I got onto an empty mortar which was about 4 metres from the HAB and set the range as close as I could. I spent a good 5 mins mortaring them from the place they were spawning.
  13. Excited for v15

    lol, [fuzzhead drops a grenade in the crowd and runs ] burningbeard i wish your posts were shorter, I find I scroll past most of your content even though it appears you have a lot to say...
  14. In the matter of fall damage

    it is amazing how often forum discussions turn into 2 people arguing against each other but for the same thing. the idea is good, easy and worthy of testing, with small effect on overall gameplay but good improvements to the immediate issue... in a pre release game.
  15. In the matter of fall damage

    Good idea @pinko
  16. Suppression

    i quite like suppression in current form A14. Minor fear linked to a small amount of lost of ability. A big gun suppressing a hab is a very effective way of getting infantry forward to overrun it. Proven working. If I suppress a building which I know has enemies in it I am confident that my teammates are able to approach it in relative safety. Suitably effective without being overpowered.
  17. V12-V13-V14 feedback

    talil has a regular freeze for me. not sure if it is timed or related to the direction i face but feels like at least 1 big pause every ~5 mins kohat long range view hurts my frames in a predictable way
  18. @paragonid that is 2 good suggestions from you I have read today. considering problems and suggesting solutions, if only there were more people able to do this And in a clearly written 5 line post.
  19. When is the Arab-style music van coming back?

    i'd like this to appear randomly and be accessible to all teams. make it spawn with the engine running as if it has just been abandoned by a panicked local.
  20. In the matter of rally point

    nicely thought out, combines other suggestions nicely. I think this should be tested in a coming alpha. We could add a feature that allowed a fireteam leader to pick up the rally so they could move it when sl was not able too.
  21. i did this last night i said: "spawn at main" then dragged the map planning to view the main but instantly spawned in the wrong place. i realised i had clicked a hab while dragging
  22. In the matter of rally point

    i often use the magical enemy tester to see if we have cleared an area i also feel safe when near a rally....no enemy within 30m!
  23. Commander / Map Design

    You: I outrank you, do what I say The internet: LOL