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  1. How Effective are Convoy Squads?

    1 man required. not a squad
  2. Out of memory

    Windows 10 x64 12gb ram 4gb video ram on a 970 i5 2500k SSD is fine for space No page file I get a windows popup after about 2 hours of playing squad saying im out of memory (doesn't specify video or main ram) and that I need to close programs, it offers to close programs automatically and the one time i clicked that it closed squad. If I ignore the error and leave the window open I can carry on playing, if i click cancel it pops up again a few mins later. Watching the GPU ram it sits full most of the time while in squad. Regular ram is not even close to maxed. Anyone got similar/ideas to fix?
  3. Game uses up all ram?

    i had a problem like this. An error popup saying out of memory. I had removed my page file, adding a small page file fixed the problem.
  4. cod4 has collision when prone. it gets really frustrating when you cant move freely. Basically trapping yourself without control, it is clunky but prevents the sticking through walls effect we see in squad, one of the recent battlefield series also forced a move away from the wall to lay down, this was a little better but still felt uncontrolled. In reality if you wanted to stay laying down and turn in a tight place you would feel the obstacles and alter your limb positions to enable the movement. In all poistions you would press against surfaces altering your body shape to suit. In UE4 they have shown some nice gun collision animations like the one Psyrus posted above, i hope this can be extended to the limbs in a way that we don't notice when moving around. Clipping all the walls is probably unnecessary, they would only need to alter the animations reactions to existing clips.
  5. Supplemental Rules

    23. any rule which reduces the chance of LOL is void. 24. games should be fun
  6. Gas attacks?

    human shield/hostage would be fun for one of the people involved ;P
  7. Way to train?

    If you go into the Firing Range mode and do 60 Prone Crouch Stand Prone actions every day for about a month then you will become very powerful. Be sure to balance this with some running and a good diet.
  8. WTF with the cheating over?

    Bullets can go through some walls. Unfortunately so can your body if you are too close. You can't tell what killed you all the time, it might have been a bigger bullet than you think. Just because you had ducked behind a wall on your screen does not mean that the server agrees with you. You may have been fully in the path of the bullet according to the server and perhaps the person who fired it. Latency is not something that can be avoided, some games hide it, some players deal with it. Learn what "Ping" means to gamers and find a server closer to you. Duck sooner. Smoke is not bullet proof. I often shoot a couple of clips into smoke. I have not noticed any evidence of hackers on servers I play on regularly. Find a better server.
  9. join the same few servers with the best pings at the same time of day and you will always see familiar faces I often need to change servers because of the number of players following me around tough being a celebrity steam friends open the steam menu and add anyone from your current server
  10. Gamemode - CAH

    The AAS gamemodes have the nice big maps but concentrate the action in small areas. I think this might spread the players too thin.
  11. Are you a good shot?

    best to practise in the server you want to play on. latency effects results and realistic movement makes the time valuable. me: Snap reaction shots - yes I am awesome. Moving target with time to line up - this is the easiest. Stationary target at 150m+ and shooting back at me - seems impossible to hit them sometimes. Perhaps it is invisible cover they are behind...I have yet to decide if it is best to dodge and return fire or stop and hope they dont hit me first. guy i just winged who is bandaging in front of me - war crime time.
  12. I can see some nice tactics coming from this. EG SL requests the drop using the spawn map, range from SL location is limited to prevent advance drops, ~15-25 min cooldown. 3-5 min wait from time of request! (This makes it less exploitable and assumes there is a bigger picture.) Parachute appears in the sky using magic. (till we get some aircraft at least) Ammo falls in approximate location it was called for. Ammo has a ticket cost based on what is left. So if the enemy find it first and destroy it they benefit. If some is used up it costs less, if friendlies "dig it up" it just disappears. No kit changes are available, only reloads compatible with current squad loadout. Except SL kit but this would be required to call the drop so another SL would have to provide the drop. A tactical play would be: Position the drop so it draws enemy out of a flag or stonghold. Ambush as they approach.
  13. Logi quality of life quick change

    Or just make it so you can turn your head another 5° so you can look in the back. Right now I just hit F4 as I drive past the main to check it is filled then F1 to carry on driving.
  14. "Rank" For Squad Lead

    need less d!ckheads demanding things and more helpful suggestions to encourage squad leaders and varied gameplay. Watching the excessively long "ready up timer" count down for 3 mins and noone wanting to be SL is pretty much doom for the game. There is nothing worse than creating a fob under pressure having discussed it with the other squad leaders only to have people spawning and saying "why the *^&k did you make a fob here?" Or people rushing off to do some uber flank then complaining when a defence flag falls despite the information that it was inevitable. Listening should be the number 1 requirement. It seems this is lacking in 3/5 squad leaders and 1/5 players.
  15. Free resupply for Medic

    ammo crates on an unsupplied radio is a bit messy. I expect it will change dramatically. I liked your suggestion (i think it was you) of a flare to get ammo away from a radio, like a airdrop. It would give your position away but that would open up some new gameplay tactics. It will be nice if ammo was an inventory rather than points which I believe they are working on. So the medic goes and gets bandages. The AT gets rockets, the 'nade spammer gets 'nades and there is a certain number of each type rather than a complete topup of everything. I would prefer if medics used the bandage of the downed player and only used their own supply if there was no bandage. OR They could use the bandage of the downed player if they had none left.
  16. What Were Your Best Logi Runs?

    had a moment driving a logi where i came around a corner past a BTR within about 5 metres, I had driven right through its view and could see its gun rotating to try and keep up. I drove in a loop around it and away again back the way I had come. It didn't even get to fire at me.
  17. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Very nice, must be such a treat for 3D artists to get to work in a typically a big budget environment. Will the Sgt Ross in tights skin be available to the public?
  18. When are we going to have our signature?

    good, thanks
  19. Map bug

    it is important to pray before driving a vehicle.
  20. Invasion final defence flag, i think it is gamma. 1. Had a bug where no-one could lean, confirmed in voice chat. Did not confirm range of effect, we were in cap range, toward the north side. 2. At the same time it seemed the capture time was really fast, perhaps 3 seconds from neutral back to full defended health then a little later it when back the other way from full health to neutral in 3 seconds then 3 more seconds to completely captured and game end. progress bar moved fast, it seemed to jump in blocks around 20%. No server issues were notable.
  21. FOB ammo abuse

    i'd like vehicles to have some ammo, particularly the heavy ones but also the soft ones for insurgents and militia
  22. Hot mic, sticky key

    wash daily off topic I have a full submersible keyboard - Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard
  23. Lag and no refund

    i have i5-2500k and I am happy.
  24. Laptops that work with squad

    generally the colourful ones are not so good. eg pink or aqua. A black laptop is more likely to run squad better but not in every case. Go intel, NOT AMD for squad. Any recent gfx card is problably fine if it can run recent games.
  25. Narva is too small

    thats what she said rub it a bit it will grow