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  1. Ranging for rocket techi

    i like the way it is now. if I have a spotter for long range stuff it feels nice to have their feedback on the resulting barrage. Without this you never know if you hit anything anyway. when single manning rocket techie i park about 150m away and click forwards 4-5 clicks to set a base range (A10.2 seems to have some delay in the change of angle so click slowly). fire one then adjust. shoot the rest with a few clicks forward/back to vary then go fill it up. Combine with scout kit to add value as you can place mines and rtb for reloads often and you have the binoculars to help find targets.
  2. Taking damage upon crash .

    If you cant barrel roll a techie you need to sit in the back
  3. Bipod seamlessness

    if you stop it is usually because your body/legs are obstructed. goes a bit weird on top of walls.
  4. Two "cute" Ideas

    I open the map at least once every 10 seconds.
  5. Two "cute" Ideas

    @CptDirty A call of "my position" should be replied to with "where are you". This way people will learn to describe their position. If they are dead they have plenty of time to do this and can provide far more detail and even specific directions to nearby teammates. At no point should a live person need to open the map to know where a callout is made.
  6. Bipod seamlessness

    apart from inconsistent and frustrating deployment of the bipod on many surfaces I dont mind its operation. the fact that you get blocked trying to turn in some locations is fine once you get used to it, it makes sense. I'd rather the gun still rotated if it was able to but you maybe couldnt see along the sights if your body was blocked but that is a bit of a stretch really. I you can get it up (giggidy) it is very powerful thanks to the accuracy.
  7. Has rifle penetration been nerfed?

    ive died and killed through metal and wooden fences a lot recently A10.2. 5-10m ranges. If I have a MG and spare ammo I tend to spam the tin/brick buildings a lot. I'd like to think that anyone inside and in the path is getting light damage at least on the metal buildings. Not sure what the damage changes are per material or the conditions for blocking rounds.
  8. The little broken things

    As an Australian I apologise for the comments made by another Australian prior to this. I disagree with the above.
  9. Developer Roundtable

    at work so havent listened. @PeerunProblem with added tickets is that they can make the game go longer. No one wants the clock to end a round and excessively long rounds are not good for a large number of players. I'd prefer some other benefit to capturing a flag. Like a boosted timer for asset respawn or a new vehicle. One good thing in battlefield was the spawn of vehicles on flags you held. Going to an outlying flag knowing that if you owned it you got an attack heli or a tank made the flag valuable and was an extra boost to teamwork and gameplay. I'd like to see some flags spawning assets, they could appear at main base or in the flag area depending on mapper preference. Using this you could make a lot of action based rules, for example: Capture the middle flag from the enemy and hold it for 10 mins and a new logi truck spawns at main. Take the airfield on the west flank and build a fob with sufficient supplies and a heli spawns there. Defend your final flag for 4 mins and you get 2 tanks (strategic retreat for benefits or boost for losing team). Kill 100 enemy in the capture area within 10 mins and they get an artillery barrage available in main base. Many more... These could be one time or repeat events and could be faction dependent or balanced. I'd also like there to be a win condition where you capture the enemy base to finish the round. Dome of protection is flawed and dissapointing. Give the last few flags a boost using assets (simulating reinforcements), if they fail and lose them then the round ends faster through ticket loss, if they push back then the game is more fun for everyone.
  10. same ^, keys are far too far away. btw you can bind your keys how you want them. I use TFGH instead of WASD to give me more space.
  11. an automated system would need to check for a full server before starting a timer. This would help afk seeding.
  12. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    grab frame with bipod key would be nice. Could also use the climb animation in some way. Both of these ideas would require a change to all the windows to work. I'd prefer if the grenade direction was indicated in the game somehow, like @Randall172 suggested. Putting your left arm out as a balance and targeting assist seems like the perfect guide. I'm not part of the development team but I can confidently tell you that no HUD graphics will be added, dont even bother talking about it...
  13. New Maps

    Revised and switchable layers will add a huge amount of variation without a lot of load on the mapping team. I'd really like to see some of the old layers thrown into rotations occasionally if they are salvageable. eg Gorodok when the train bridge was the centre.
  14. A10.1 server performance

    I hope A10.2 has resolved this. I think many players are mistakenly reporting increased latency from servers as "fps drop". My low end system gets around 40fps no matter what I change in the graphics settings EPIC / LOW i5 2500k @3400 nvidia 780 gtx 3gb 12gb ram Does OWI provide a service where they send someone to your house to turn your computer on so updates can be ready to play when you get home?
  15. Really struggling to enjoy the game recently due to the server performance. This is not about my personal connection. Watch all the pings for about 2 mins, everyone in the server will get a massive spike to the ping around double the ping. This is common but does not seem to be regular. It happens even at the start of a game when no construction is happening. Climb a wall, then climb it again because you rubber banded back down. Watch the stamina drain then come back. I played a server that was probably recently started as it is not regularly full (ZXD) and the play was smoother for a time. Still lots of lag spikes for all players but smoother. Perhaps there is incremental increases in the load? Making me sad please fix it asap
  16. A10.1 server performance

    I really hope there is a fix for this soon.
  17. Medic progression in Squad

    Some good analysis (giggidy) everyone. It is true that Revive value is relatively low ticket wise. Some value from a revive is gained in: Strategic timing/location - Being revived saves you running/driving from a spawn location but if that location is close the value of revive is far lower. Gameplay - Protecting medics, clearing areas, maintaining stock of medic supplies, baiting enemy medics...there are a lot of fun gameplay elements gained from the revive ability. Squad grouping - The aim of the medic revive ability seems to be to encourage squads to stay together, the success of this is low right at A10.1. Respawn also has value and needs to be considered before any radical change is made: Populated battles, more targets is better. No level 10 milsim fanatic can argue against that. Level of fun is linked to action, waiting around for a timer or long walks can be the difference between a strong regular player base and an empty server browser. No need to discuss this, the aim of OWI as a target for development is clear. My suggestions (lunch break timelimited): Localised damage with penalties would help increase medic value. Eg: Leg damage - I can shoot but I cant move around easily - Need a medic. Arm damage - I can move fine but my accuracy is degraded by recoil. - Need a medic. Body damage - Stamina is not recovering quickly - Need a medic Head damage - Vision obscured/irregular blackout/Random ragdoll - Need a medic Zero ticket cost from incapacitated 1 ticket loss from bleed out, 2 ticket loss from giving up All per player ticket costs visible on score screen, death and vehicle loss separated. To move ticket cost toward player lives rather than flag capture make it possible to take down a flag and retreat without loss of tickets. Require 2 squad leaders with 3+ players per squad to take a flag down. Ticket bleed remains. Loss of flag through enemy action still costs tickets. Break flag capture into zones, described here but I have fleshed this out more and think it would be a huge gameplay boost over just outnumbering the enemy. Having to control the flag area instead, clear the majority of the complex/village. This relates to medic revive because a medic could help a small squad maintain a flag against a far larger enemy force. Ticket value to a revive remains low per revive but strategic position of the players is boosted by a huge margin. A little story about me playing A10.1: Being shot is like a little break so I am examining the map in this time, shouting in local to help where I can, then looking at the wider area to alert squad members of the threat and giving them specific direction by name. During this time I am looking at medic locations relative to my body to decide if they can safely make it to me in a reasonable time. I am getting very good at judging the respawn timer for rally/hab and typically give up within seconds of the timer reaching zero. Watching medic movements and communicating where suitable. More often than not I will give up with the expectation that I can gain more for my team while active than the cost of my failure.
  18. What is a milsim server?

    An empty server which everyone claims will be great but in reality is a light drain on the playerbase for more fun gameplay oriented servers.
  19. That is the server performance. Watch the pings of all players jump around erratically. Happens on all servers but some are better than others. Anger, frustration and disappointment were not in the release notes :P.
  20. Medic progression in Squad

    A nice simple improvement would be for a player to use the downed players bandage rather than their own. This will massively boost the number of players willing to help medics and pull the squad together more. Medics bandages could be reduced or kept as is. An example. Your squad has AR laying down fire and kicking ass. He gets hit so you move to him and the bandage icon appears at close range like it would with a medic, with this on your screen you scroll you own inventory and see it there beside your own bandages, you choose to use his bandage and then bandage him as normal. So he can continue to suppress the enemy. His bandage inventory icon flashes up on his HUD so he can see one bandage is gone. Sharing bandages and ammo between players using some inventory system can come later.
  21. The little broken things

    At start of round if you press ESC while in the Spawn Menu you spawn at main. Very disruptive to early movements. On a laggy server (all servers in A10.1) if you press prone you dont get an instant response, so you press it again, this command is queued so you end up standing up again. Death occurs. It needs to be possible to cancel vault. Falling off buildings needs to be voluntary Climb/Vault should not happen with a single press of space, double tap at a minimum. Single press of Space should remain as jump at all times. Involuntary climbing is absurd. Death occurs.

    removing some assets on radio destruction might be a performance cleanup. A lot of structures remain in place after the radio is removed, i'm sure this can be tuned. I see radios used without HABs a lot. You should try making an ammo fob, for scouts on Al Bas, it is very effective. If you put a HAB there it will be ruined by idiots spawing on it at giving away the location. Put a big gun on a supply route and leave a couple of guys and a rally to man it while you do something different with the other 6/7 members of your squad. Eventually it will be attacked but is likely to cause more damage than the cost to your team.
  23. at the very least it should not allow abuse by players who missed out on the kit. If it stays (following some modifications) it has to warn the player before they spawn with a different kit. SL kit changing to regular rifleman must be priority fix. Not sure the best way to deal with things like HAT kit. Perhaps the squad should keep it if they are over 5 players but lose it to the biggest squad if they drop below this.
  24. seems obvious that crew and a few passengers (ie SLs) would have headsets if a vehicle is noisy yet modern. just suppress vehicle noise a bit in these virtual headsets when local chat is used. other passengers can have the noise and still use local chat. Insurgents could miss this feature in some cases as another balance.