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  1. Beyond the Wire Joins the OWI Family

    Will you share the early access with us first? Hand to hand combat sounds interesting, I hope there is some key combo stuff in there. Quake2 had a few key combinations which made you feel a bit more pro than the players around you. Just some more depth, nothing too powerful.
  2. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    I pretty much always kill the engine when I stop. I like the idea of disabling the main gun when engine is off (or maybe significantly slowing or limiting battery power). For gameplay I think the other seats should operate as normal. Make the seat swap between commander and gun faster to allow a crew to hide, spot and attack in a shorter time. Combined these would give an advantage to a tank with 3 crew.
  3. Rebel commanders OP?

    it is very easy to spot things from the air. Far easier than on the ground. mainly due to texture patterns and draw distance i think. hopefully the LOD stuff and draw distance can be improved soon to reduce the visibility of items obscured by foliage for the all-seeing eye in the sky once this is improved I think some simple 3/4 click polygons with camo net textures should be added to several classes and vics with some digging required to make them swap from a pile of camo to an accurately placed netting attached to existing structures/vics/own poles Select item, aim at first point, click. Aim and second point [within a few metres range] click, Aim and click on 3rd point and optional 4th point then dig to complete the netting. This model could be 2 a sided ultra low detail plane with an alpha channel texture.
  4. Deployable Field Hospital: M*A*S*H*

    I think this type of structure should replace the HAB. The HAB is a required spawn point which magically manufactures player characters. It is a slightly reduced stretch of the imagination that the medical tent is able to supply fresh soldiers. It also lends itself well to future gameplay functions like; returning bodies to the hospital to increase tickets. This would make the ambulance vic pretty valuable and add some team oriented gameplay to it as well. the models for HAB can then be replaced with beds and bunks and perhaps some indoor variants. I also feel that it should be expandable with a spawn-per-min cap that can be increased by adding more of the same structure
  5. Coax on right mouse button.

    @paragonid I apologise, I was not replying to you in that part. I only quoted you as a joke. I think you may also have me mixed up with someone else
  6. standing next to exploding vic causes damage already but you have to be very close. Try to be positive, it will make you happier.
  7. insurgency

    play on RIP in eu region. ins mode is (was) in rotation.
  8. Coax on right mouse button.

    But fact is - Red apples have more flavour. (: Removing the delays switching is just a buff for tanks. If reality says no then case closed. If instant fire is reality then put it near the bottom of the list imo. Suggesting dev skill is not adequate is rude. Make your own game.
  9. Trucks starting to cook off ammo but without instant death is all good for gameplay. Being able to escape adds something for attacker and for the victims. Also makes those big booms all the more special. eg when a vic is already damaged. for ammo crate small damage radius is fine, just the ppl getting ammo, could also just be injury, not death. Best would be stray randomness like shrapnel or throwing live ammo in the fire.... How is it in there? Different to out here for sure
  10. big up for doing a test rather than just whinging a radius or random damage from exploding ammo crates would be cool too.
  11. fix Graphicsettings

    It seems obvious then that the shadows setting cannot be blocked at this stage of development. As Melbo said above it is being looked at. I have a high end system from 2014... so most stuff is low or mid. I am happy with 60fps and only really suffer on top of mountains with a long view. I can squeeze a few shadows in and still enjoy the appearance of the game. I'd like a settings rule that started limiting max view distance etc if you reduce settings like shadows. This would prevent high end pc's trimming settings just for advantage. If they turn down one thing it also starts to drop other things below a threshold.
  12. FTL Commander channel coms redirected to SL and FTLs seems like a good idea. Beyond that it might get confusing as the key used most - Squad Channel - swaps around depending on if you are SL or just a member. I'd like to suggest another improvement: Include the numpad keys for direct FTL coms. (for a faster response - fireteam in a vic could all hear the channel as if it is on the vic radio) Or Vics within squad could get a numpad channel automatically, it would be amazing (super immersive) to be inside another squads vic and hear their squad only coms :). hmm....I can't think of a way to make the crossed out above work without a modifier like Shift+Numpad. Perhaps the command channel could go to all squad owned vics as well as the SL and FTLS. Would be a great way for vic coms to be separated from general squad coms.
  13. SL and FTL suggestions

    lots of good stuff in there...perhaps too much for one thread. squad rename is needed but also needs limits, i can imagine a lot of vic claim arguments. eg sq1 swaps name from Inf to Tank but sq3 had Tank from start. I think i'd be ok with just being able to rename when the SL was reassigned, I hate taking over boringly named squads.
  14. insurgency servers

    EU based RIP server has insurgency in rotation...recent change to this rotation may have altered the frequency.... It is fun but needs experienced players on both sides to really work. This is rare as it is not easy to find a game. There is work needed to make this more satisfying for both teams. Attackers have a lot of advantages. This is made worse by unlucky cache locations later in a game where the attackers can just walk in and win. A strong defence one or even two caches is not enough when another cache is in a location which is difficult to defend. Some new system which helps the defenders to set up, spawn at or relocate a cache would be great. A few suggestions: Commander dropped assets or remotely placed spawn points? Perhaps a choice between a spawn point or removal of a cache so it respawns (hopefully in a better location). More vics spawning with a new cache, ie logistics. Need to be hidden or perhaps appear near to existing forces instead of at a cache to prevent giving it away prematurely. A catchup mechanic which gives a team which has been overrun too quickly a bonus tank, fleet of techies, sped up commander assets....or something....CONTROVERSY! A way of loading a cache to a vic and moving it. Complex restrictions...