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    I noticed that the main base names have a mouseover function which pops out their name. Could be repeated on the flag names
  2. Mortars

    I would generate a random (hidden) multiplier at the start of every match and apply this to either the velocity or the controls. eg ANGLE x 1.02 or VELOCITY x 0.997 The effect would be a crude simulation of a constant and directionless wind. This would make all the calculators approximate and force visual confirmation of accuracy. Because the multiplier is constant, once the range is known the alteration would be the same for all follow up shots and people would learn to adjust slightly. Teamwork wins, mortars become more challenging and effectiveness can be increased. "Mortars are accurate!" I'd like mortars to be an asset which you need to collect from main to allow map designers to choose how many can be placed.
  3. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    sounds perfect embec. Oh look a parachute, lets go steal some stuff
  4. @everyone please also constantly remind people about left click right click with the shovel....losing 500 build points to a right clicker is traumatic for everyone.
  5. I agree. I will make Noob Filter squads but expect other squads to play ball and help by playing the slow game rather than rushing off to the middle flag then complaining when the noob squad fails to cap the back flags....bad shit is going to happen, if we are prepared we will have a much better chance of success.
  6. Update to Squad Voice Chat

    hold tab, click speaker icon.
  7. all good points and a well presented case but I think it will lead to the predictable and repetitive games he describes and wants to avoid. I think the same can be achieved by requiring a minimum distance from a FOB to place a rally and a minimum distance from a FOB to place a new FOB. keeping a chain to the base or some other strategic point defined by the map designer. The chain could require any or all of: a full connection to the main base no main base connection but a minimum number of FOBs in the chain to allow placement of new FOBs (to allow for chains being broken a long way from the action). a level of supplies within the chain before a new fob can be added. a level of supplies to allow rally points to be placed with the extended FOB range.
  8. How do you use the Russian 30mm Optics?

    throw some screenshots in. If we cant work it out someone will chime in with the correct way.
  9. Map streaming could Squad use it.

    for a multiplayer game using this system does the server need to load the entire play area and maintain positioning for all the elements?
  10. Current Map Problems

    Gorodock in some of the old layers... Drive or quit. Walking is not an option.
  11. . an example. my system is i5 2500k overclocked to something easy with a 970gtx graphics card, decent ram and a SSD I can maintain 50 fps in most cases with default medium settings. I kill off blur and glow type stuff because it gives me nothing, i turn off anti-aliasing because I like squares and know it is costly to the system. I know I am playing a game.
  12. it's the people with high end systems set to low to gain advantage that is the issue here. I think 2 things should change. Read system specs and force minimums of some settings if the system is capable, eg if processor and gfx can handle shadows on medium, grey out anything lower. If playes find a way to trick the system you can also cap their frames and view distance based onthe information reported by their system. This is alpha, if people have problems with minimums they can report it in an appropriate format and adjustments can be made. Either bring up minimum requirements, removing the low settings which increase visibility. OR reduce view distance to compensate for poor systems. Sell in game advertising space to hardware providers.
  13. The score was kept a few versions back. I wonder if it wasnt being cleaned up and has more recently been cleaned up as they concentrate on performance?? It is disappointing to be having a good round and lose the record to a crash.
  14. What Happened to the Particle Effects When Digging?

    damp weather recently
  15. Technical Suggestions