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  1. About Radio and noise pollution

    simply add a button which attenuates the radio (makes it quieter without turning it off). As if you pull the earpiece out to be able to hear better.
  2. local in heavy vehicle should automatically assume SL and crew have headphones on and reduce volume of other sounds. For passengers it doesnt matter so much. People around the vehicle can stay as is. Not being able to hear when the gun is firing is fine, adds atmosphere.
  3. Supplemental Rules

    had a 1 man apc issue last night. Found an abandoned APC near the enemy defence flag. As it was at risk near a lot of enemy I jumped into it, it had full health + ammo and was far from main base and any friendlies I could get into the other seat. Drove it to a high point nearby and the ghostly admin showed up above my head chatting to me in local (always a bit disturbing), we talked about the rules which I knew did not allow 1 man heavy assets. I explained the situation and he had witnessed it. He let me carry on with 1 man as there was no simple solution. I started spamming toward enemy FOB location and eventually ran low on ammo and took a hit so went for repairs and got the 2nd seat filled. I hope V10 seat switch delay removes the need for the 1 man limit or makes it less attractive than it is now. Making a rule like this in a pub server is bad for everyone.
  4. More coms buttons/channels would be a bad thing. FIX: Have a longer range for local chat for squad members. Not increased volume, just range. "spacing" of a squad limited by local coms is a nice treat for a loan wolf
  5. or make it so it had to be supplied. eg Use the A10. it needs to rearm, to do this a player needs to drive a logi from main to the "airfield" which could be far far away.
  6. Not Enough Video Memory Crash

    if you dont have a page file, make one. Same error for me and this fixed it.
  7. I'm pretty sure he means that the grass near him should not block his view. In reality you may lay in grass to hide but you would be able to move the grass or foliage immediately in front of you so you could see. A blade of grass blocking your scope should not have such an annoying effect on gameplay. At distance there needs to be a balance between performance and gameplay without being ugly. Luckily there are lots of options and time for the devs to figure it out.
  8. Please no shovel melee

    totally true, if you arent running out of ammo you really need to up your game I often set autowalk to send my guy back to the nearest ammo crate while I empty my bladder and fill my cup (in separate operations) I just cant wait to hear the sound made by a back of the head shovel blow....BoooOOOOnnnnnnnG
  9. i like the way this is written, well done. Personally I think the most effective leaders and players are those that predict and prepare. Predicting enemy movements (and often friendly movements or failures) and adapting or adjusting, eg moving to an area which will slow or prevent the next enemy advance or falling back before help is asked for. Preparing for failure, eg fill the logi and keep it ready for a new fob placement, remove a radio before it is under threat. Telling others of your intentions helps them plan and adapt. This includes your squad and other squad leaders. "The enemy is pushing us back on the defence flag" is very important information.
  10. Please no shovel melee

    Shovel melee is not instead of a knife, that might come as well. But who cares if the effect is a melee kill in a game, what is more fun? Shovel melee is fun and required. If you like it is also realistic in that if you have a shovel and fear for your life you WILL hit the enemy with it if it feels appropriate. Given absolute freedom; In a situation where i approach a couple of enemies at close range without them noticing I might get both knife and shovel out, stab one then bash the other into a paste using the other. Lovely images Me vs 3 (assuming no guns)....hmm might just go with the shovel...
  11. Squad Speed Run

    start of every round is a car race. nothing more. add risk to the car race by pre placing squad rallys thoughout map along with temporary forward spawns and a couple of assets. no more empty maps!
  12. Squad Roles: Discussion

    im willing to try anything, Alpha / Beta allows testing of some crazy stuff. I do like the current setup where I can spot a hole and fill it without needing permission or help from other squads. Occasionally the poor use of a vehicle can get in the way but as long as there are 2 logis on a map we can work around that.
  13. Ticket Spoilers

    suds: cost to enemy team - cost to own team = score Cost can include damage to anything. Could work it to include time in capture, holding a flag costing the enemy points. Time enemy is suppressed. If you look at everyones scores you could make a guess at the overall score remaining for a team. Starting score could vary per map and per faction and perhaps be displayed at the start of a round.
  14. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    I like the current blur/audio muffling system but would add to it an effect when the player aims down sights (ADS) when hits are close which also alters accuracy. Like a flinch but only effecting ADS accuracy. Include appropriate vehicle and stationary gun ADS. Make the effect more on first close hit than subsequent hits. Helps optic vs iron sight. Boosts suppression value and survival of LMG (and the new MG class).