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  1. would be interesting if changing kits put your ammo back into the pot.
  2. Ping or No Ping

    @Nightingale87 It requires the audience to open their map. This is not acceptable. A good callout should be obvious without needing to open the map or be made using the map. eg "...North of the triangle field..." regular use of this type of callout is great for everyone, the pings had a negative impact on the quality of communication.
  3. Marksman Changes.

    search weapon resting
  4. Turnout from Inside of Vehicle

    open top mrap is like an icecream truck delivering free kills
  5. for all the DEDICATED LOGI-MEN!

    and here was me wishing I could double tap forward to activate cruise control. for reasons
  6. Marksman Changes.

    how to learn? or how to join the british team and choose one of the 2 marksman classes? or other...?
  7. Friendly FOB killing.

    squad leader approval to remove like a with vics? Different map icon if a friendly is removing it maybe? I had a different problem the other day, digging down an enemy radio with a guy and realised he is digging it up. after a few mins explaining the keys to him and trying to continue digging, i realised I was being trolled and reacted in a way that meant i had 1 less bullet. But I dug away the enemy radio and apologised in all chat so that is ok Teamwork? 2 tickets down 10 tickets up
  8. Bipod limitation

    it might create an annoying problem where you snap out of bipod without intending too. Needs a soft endpoint or something to warn the user.
  9. Towing vehicles. (Not the weapon)

    please just make it so you can dig a vic to recover it. simple and not entirely unrealistic. a punishment for crashing can be built into the time it takes to drop it. if you take too long it catches on fire anyway. Crewman repair kit could have same effect as shovel in this case.
  10. Marksman Changes.

    brit squads have 2 marksmen, 1 with and 1 without bipod. Try them and learn, as i have, that the one without is going to get you more kills.
  11. Ping or No Ping

    "100m North of rally, where the ditch intersects the road" No ping needed and people familiar with the area (lots of people) will know exactly the location without opening the map. "tank moving north from attack flag, looks like it is moving toward our defence. it just passed the tower." there is no place for a ping in this description
  12. Back from longer break - Thoughts

    This is the internet. Hold tab and click the mute button on anyone you want. I like to inform them before I mute them because I'm nice like that I often swap teams to work with other squad leaders I know. A team work game with a random selection of internet users is always going to be tough.
  13. Ping or No Ping

  14. Fob disable mechanic is too OP

    I agree that it could be tweaked for improvement. Reduced range sounds good. Make the players more at risk of discovery to make clearing the spawn easier.
  15. Marksman Changes.

    one of the brit marksman classes has a bipod. I prefer the one without because I don't mess about trying to deploy it. I can shoot from more concealed and sneaky areas. Marksman should be shooting and moving. Concealment is his tool. You can take on a squad by playing clever, not deploying. Keep harassing and play the long game. Use your teammates and guide them to ensure a squad wipe. Explore without firing, be the scout. A bipod is far from essential for this class. MG is all about area control. Hiding and moving is not the way to play it. Once people start shooting back accurately you have to win or move. You take on a squad by choosing the right moment to open up. You have to take them out fast, before shoot back. If they are far away you are playing for time to help your teammates.