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  1. CO abilities should have been and should always remain as a vehicle or FOB structure. Enter it as a SL, get the target from another SL, click boomstick. Commander should be a service called Intel and Operations. Never an implied rank. And so it shall be- Forever written in stone and used to promote questionable religion
  2. Varied tickets per kit is interesting and nicely flexible. Would need a full pass over for all other tickets for balance though. Crew tickets should remain in line with others. Sometimes all hope is lost and running away is the correct choice. Balance the vic value with this.
  3. Helicopter / Armor issue

    I planted C4 on a chopper which was loading with troops. I was very pleased with myself. When it took off the C4 stayed on the ground
  4. i forgot you can switch that. I have mine set to arrows to help understand the direction enemies have been seen. I have to hover over each to get the kit. A combined icon would be ideal. If there is a deliberate effort to limit information (the map is very powerful already). Then a big button or keybind to swap would be great.

    @LaughingJack I havent opened the mod tools...long story. Is the insta-death linked to damage? if you can test by increasing damage value of another weapon it might lead somewhere
  6. Why do i lag when i see people?

    chat could just be delayed data getting to me the puddle is a reliable part of my connection. if it dries up the connection is worse it was created by British Telecom in 1966. They promise to update this year, and last year, and the one before that. oh and I live 5 mins from the centre of Bristol, the 7th largest city in the UK. But I am "Rural"...
  7. Why do i lag when i see people?

    I get freeze and teleport Or everyone else teleports Or free movement while nothing updates except chat Or blue screen but a significant part of my internet runs through a puddle.
  8. Jumping gives no aim deviation

    hacks After nearly 30 years of online FPS gaming I enjoy dropping from a roof ninja style to attack ppl. In Squad I can't fire until I hit the ground so it is less likely to succeed. I haven't tried while jumping recently.
  9. Jumping gives no aim deviation

    but you can't fire while in the air
  10. Why do i lag when i see people?

    is your ping over 60? is it stable or does it change a lot?
  11. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    re your requested feedback. Without observation It is not possible to tell if a vic has automatically burned or an enemy has destroyed it. I have not been negatively effected by loss of a vic since this feature was added but would still like a UI indicator of some sort to prevent wasted recovery journeys the same indicator could allow SL to mark a vic as damaged.
  12. I'd like to see a test where rally needs to be rearmed. Lots of flexibility in cost and also a timed recovery as well. It would be amazing to be able to drop a rally and then pick it up again for later use. Moving, drop>regroup>pick up and continue. Attacking/Defending, drop safely away from action and leave it
  13. new deployeble for FOB

    problem here is breaking through the terrain. Would be great tho so good luck.
  14. Disable balance

    the new system stops spamming the swap button. Might be to save a little server load. I would prefer to join a swap queue of some sort.
  15. Markers - Fix and Suggestions

    @Stanis I believe this was removed from the game as it was simply being used to range weapons such as AT and not as the intended fireteam communication tool. Removing it forces players to use the same tools as a real user would. You can still ask the squad leader to place a squad mark to get range.