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  1. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    interesting point. for a revived person with no medic around, will the stamina regain be slower or totally stopped? player frustration will kill any game. I certainly wont spend 4-10 mins limping back to the base to find a medic. 100 second penalty for a respawn is far more appealing...but a disconnect and join the same or another server might be even quicker. if that becomes the norm then I might join the crowd in a migration. I currently only play Squad, over 2700 hours. I don't know what will happen and I haven't played this new system. Just that question above. I am not a patient gamer.
  2. Is there a memory leak in V11?

    i was in my loft the other day and spotted a stack of WD raptor drives I used to have in RAID to get better hdd performance. 10000rpm used to be important SSD should be a requirement. It is the most noticeable upgrade you could make to your pc, just do it, 500gb is plenty, the other junk can go on your old slow drives.
  3. Chatroom while waiting in queue

    OMG look V12 is release, close your game and it will install!!!! *me at front of queue* I've said before that I think chat should be persistent even while server is loading new maps. Good for community.
  4. Extra damage state

    in my head the stamina is going to be effected by these things. not sure how this go there.... Need a new inventory slot for right click - "have a little cry" left click "kiss it better"
  5. Where all the other players have a ping of 30-100 mine will display as about 80 in game when server is running smoothly. I am very aware of server load because I see all the pings float up and down, I watch my ping a lot...during server load mine will double or triple while others only double. My ping is always floating up and down while others remain pretty stable. Unless updates to my own ping are displayed to the me differently to other players pings I am pretty sure it is not related to the server. I would expect 40-60 ping on the servers I play on in the EU region. My ping can reach as low as 60 at times but is always 40 when pinged from the command prompt. I have just started messing with graphics settings to try and reduce CPU load, mine sits pretty high at 80-90%. Any tips to reduce CPU load would be good, nothing seems to make any noticeable difference.
  6. YES! This is the same for me. I get more than double the ping in squad than I do in any other game and the ping and response of the game is very unstable. This wont fix it but building a case might get us some help. Try this: Find the server ip of your best performing server, you can get an IP from the Steam Server browser. Open a command prompt in Windows, Press Windows Key then type "cmd" and hit enter. Type ping -t then the server IP without the port, eg "ping -t", this will constantly send pings and display responses to the server. You will see: Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=21ms TTL=117 ....etc Leave it running (you would press CTRL C to stop it) and join that server and play for a little while, watch your ping a bit. ALT tab and compare to ping at CMD prompt I can maintain a stable 40ms to all other games and to the game server, but in game my ping shows as over 130 most of the time and jumps in range by over 60ms almost constantly. This makes gameplay very hard for me. The strange part, the ping stays relatively stable in the CMD prompt even while jumping wildly in game. I play on Win 64, i5, 970/980ti cant remember and lots of ram. have tried: A brand spanking new laptop, my work one is i9 with a 1080ti. Reinstalling. Repeated flushing of caches and profiles. Messing with the steam max pings in browser stuff Wired, wireless, short cables, long cables, total lockdown so only squad is able to access the router. Glaring at the ISP employees (they visit my area a lot) I think this might be related to my ISP and ports. I wonder if BT (UK's worst ISP) is routing the traffic differently for Squad than it does for other games? I am changing ISP as soon as they build some new lines. (I am 5 mins drive from the centre of a large city but am considered "Rural" in the UK. ) I am willing to pay for a solution.... @DanteZeroDo you have similar setups we could narrow this down too?
  7. betterer* to allow the designers more freedom to shape the zones. *betterer is like better but better(er)
  8. Piracy gamemode

    this was a great game https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Sid+Meier's+Pirates+1987&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X ....back in my day gameplay was all we had
  9. I like chatting with the ghostly admin.
  10. there is a bug where everytime you load into a server while a map is changing you will get the EAC timeout kick after about 30 seconds in game.
  11. promoting teamplay

    New mission created, your vehicle is tagged. ACCEPT/DECLINE Transport infantry from area 1 to area 2 Accepted... Vehicle destroyed... MISSION FAILED Missions Accepted 5 Missions Failed 1 Missions Completed 4 I'm going to call this "Doing a Tarantula"
  12. The picket fence is part of the British Airforce standard defensive lineup https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6496188/raf-jets-protected-by-5ft-picket-fence/ Perhaps the impressive ballistics protection is a little known fact protected by the many millions of homeowners who erect (gigiddy) them? These guys are doing it wrong https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slat_armor
  13. missing keymapping slots ??

    In my English version (never changed from default) the movement keys are not labelled. They show "??" i think on both vehicle and infantry tabs, I had to look at the other ones to see which was left and right etc by looking for WASD. i transfer my keys to TFGH.
  14. LOL it is so easy that you have probably already done it! it has been 10 hours since you posted! are you already on V2 of your mod?
  15. Weapons precision nerf

    1 hit kills on vehicles is boring gameplay for the vehicle and for the guy holding the rockets. The rest is fine.