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  1. Kicked for swearing?

    The question here is: Have you learned anything?
  2. Turret Sounds

    the squeaky 50 cal mount has been oiled a little in v14. I agree that any looped sound should be muffled after 3-4 loops. it can then reset on next period of silence and reduce again following this pattern.
  3. you are right jorgee it is a bit clunky. If the squad who own the vic is inside it then you can always rearm without approval. the whole thing can prevent ammo robbery but that is a bit weak really. Making it fully accessible would be fine.
  4. biggest problem is that it is played so rarely that 80% of players have no idea what to do.
  5. so you are against teamwork? Inf often cant do anything about enemy vics, surely they would help secure the asset that is effective. repair station simulates a larger operation and keeps the game flowing, making it a place where numbers improved efficiency is a perfect outcome.
  6. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    using COD4 as an example; hardcore mode just made a kill easier. instead of 2-4 hits to kill it was 1-2. The problem with this was that the softcore standard mode "pro" players absolutely destroyed the hardcore "pro" players because they needed better aim and gun control to win in a 1 on 1. This happened in match conditions in hardcore and softcore modes when teams tried to play each other. better to call your new mod "slow mode for old people" if you are kidding yourself you can call it "tactical mod"
  7. because it promotes teamwork. yes the crewman with repair tool should be faster but if things are bad you help, RL and in game. the 2 crewmen can stay in the vic to be able to respond to the nearby and known threat. the guys standing around can help out because there is a repair station in range with all the imaginary tools and parts needed. Use your imagination. The world is better that way, including in games.
  8. good suggestion. Could make it so anyone can repair a vic while near repair station without needing to swap kits, just make the shovel appear as a wrench and give them the same capability. this would help promote teamwork.
  9. or just keep the radio at full height for longer into the damage bar. The point between full height and middle stage could be linked to the point where the HAB is disabled.
  10. MRAP vs Kornet

    as people get more familiar with the spandrel it has become harder to get kills but it is a very powerful asset. I think that people realise this and report location a lot more. Against infantry the spandrel is totally useless and because people can jump from most vics before they explode the kills tend to be low. Vic kills are hard to see in the scoreboard so it is hard to tell how effective a player is with it. As a one man asset it can turn the whole game around just by preventing assets from being moved into important areas. I think a longer respawn time would be good, slightly less than the big vics it targets but longer than crows mrap and the scout car. Rather than changes to armour perhaps make it easier or more likely to damage the weapon system? This forces them to repair or RTB.
  11. Is there a message for admins when an important friendly asset is destroyed? I don't think there is.... There needs to be some sort of message as there is no way to tell who did it unless there are teamkills at the same time. eg troll: suds destroyed friendly radio -10 tickets. teamplayer preventing enemy from taking radio: suds removed friendly radio no ticket loss. + similar for HAB. These messages could be public or admin only.
  12. im not that bothered, and other team can hear it btw which is the only reason I havent been so upset by it. currently i only revive people who can tell me approximately where their killer is. unless I am drunk, then everyone gets a cuddle.
  13. Anti-cheat Timed Out

    pretty sure this happens 100% of the time if you join a server while map is loading. I usually reconnect if I notice the round hasn't started when I join.
  14. removing the button would be easier and have a better outcome or replace it with a sponsored "Buy a Mic" button