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  1. Global Chat option: ON/OFF

    I don't mind it. Good for community and keeps the idiots in view of the admins. Chat should be persistent between rounds for GG conversations and general LOLS, perhaps even globally with tabs for favourite servers. This could be kept inside the console with limited visibility in the HUD for the chat haters.
  2. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    If you are tackling a horse you are stupid.... I hope that at some stage the maps are not completely empty at the start of a round but have some unpredictable spawn locations for teams and squads. Racing across empty maps every single round is getting very dull and is totally unrealistic. I've posted this idea many times...
  3. New mechanic for kits and team play

    Good thinking @Whisky.Actual nice to see some original ideas. Don't be disheartened by the negative comments, all the ideas could be mixed in the end to create something awesome or evolve into new gamemodes or mods. On first reading I though it seemed like a great idea but the extra management would be an issue. Perhaps it can be simplified back to a plus/minus score which shows your effectiveness with each kit/vehicle on the scoreboard and combined with loadout availability defined in a different system?
  4. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    Consider this: SL is busy A BTR is near you camping your HAB. You are beside an ammo crate but you have a LMG kit. You can't change kits because your SL has restricted it. Everyone dies. Micro management is easy with voice chat but is usually completely unnecessary. Bob, there is a problem, please resolve it. Next... In many cases the squad can manage it themselves. Jim to Bob, (Bob is dead...) "Bob can you deselect AT so I can spawn to take out this mrap?" I don't mind having a squad leader defined mission loadout for the squad, that sounds pretty realistic. When management is required it is very simple, Bob fall back for a rally please...2....1...kick....Jim fall back for a rally please...."OK boss calm down"...
  5. I think the problem is that it is an easy way to win. I certainly used it as that when i was feeling lazy. Squad was happy, I was being driven around in an armoured KD machine and we won a lot. Winning shouldnt be that easy.
  6. Before this crewman SL kit it was very easy for a SL to drive around an objective with a gunner dropping rallies for 7 other players to spawn in on and press from new angles. This change requires SL to be a passenger if they want to do this. All is well.
  7. I love searching my own posts to review my immense wisdom. I dont think ammo and logi runs will be a problem, more of a change to gameplay. Will be interesting to test.
  8. A similar bug where you get revived and then die again within the no-revive timer, you dont get a respawn countdown. It is still counting and lets you spawn when it runs down but there is no indicator.
  9. it is very simple to solve or at least move toward a solution through a simple test: If you slide various settings lower on a scale your pc is assumed to be low end, your view distance gets capped the lower you go (as less to render will be a benefit to low end anyway) the guy with the capability to have high settings can use this capped setting if he wants accept the penalty...simple and completely fair.
  10. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    i love the idea of an MRAP or similar taking multiple hits which take out wheels, engine, driver but the gun is still functioning and it becomes like a little base which the squad uses to hold an area. and mobile vehicles with damaged weapons being used as taxis. and way more unarmed vehicles in general
  11. please don't laugh at my penis...
  12. heh my low quality linked image penis (aka doodle) doodle was also censored
  13. why would that be bad though? just looking for solutions. we all agree there is an unfortunate issue
  14. @Zylfrax791 i had a situation recently, A11.0 i think, where a squad mate was driving a transport which i claimed then swapped seats. he drove the wrong way and was non responsive so i kicked him thinking i could take the seat but i just got the occupied message. playing basrah aas as us team. was start of round and we went to the wrong flag as we had no control of vehicle.
  15. I already considered that and suggested a solution in my post. what is the benefit of allowing the user of a high end system to use the low settings?