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  1. this is not "something to show" this is near failure was surprising on such a big map tho
  2. Hab

    im not familiar with golf peerun...but what relevance does it have to this thread?
  3. pls can someone make a steam screenshot embed grabber thingy so i dont have to go upload my screenshots using 2-4 more clicks...
  4. be careful, he might sulk in the corner...OR ROLL HIS EYES!
  5. i think you should be able to crawl around really slowly and keep passing out. Would be funny watching what ppl did. Their weapons should stay where they got shot and they should have to go back to get them, same if they get dragged. Crawling, almost dead- "ive found a squad, they are all looking at they are jumping on, one is crouching over me, wait, NO! STOP!"
  6. how deep can it go? Would love to have more vertical fights, eg missile silos with lots of exposed stairs and walkways. "they have a fob down there" "let them keep it but dont let them out" I like the idea of keeping the map area small but adding more playable area within it
  7. Small victories. When it is clear that other parts of the team are not going to be able to help turn the game around I will usually choose an objective which is achievable by my squad and put everything into making sure that happens. Eg taking down a fob, capturing or defending a flag. I can win this way. Equally the team can sometimes win while the squad I am in does quite poorly. Fodder in some cases. There are occasions where no matter what you do someone is there to get you. Clearly we have distracted the enemy enough so that other squads have been free to advance but it still sucks to be stuck in that situation.
  8. Hab

    Next time i place a fob which will be obvious i want to try a radio up on a building in a really stupid place which is hard to remove without being shot at. I like that the radio can still be hard to find once a hab is taken down, i'd like the radio sound radius to be dropped a bit too so you need to look in each room for it rather than just walk near a bunch of buildings.
  9. if a big gun starts shooting your vehicle, start driving away but plan for a pee break 30mm russian vehicle seemed to kill our freshly repaired US APC in somewhere between 6 and 8 hits (booom noises). We were stationary shooting over our squads heads and it started firing from about 150m away, we were dead before we even spotted it even though it was around 45° off to our right. Scary. Although the push to take a fob on the flag succeeded with little other ticket loss. We took the flag once the fob was down.
  10. General knowledge seems to say that bullets now penetrate water so the glitch is less effective. There is still some advantage to hiding underwater which should not be available but will be used until we get drowning effects. Before V9 most servers and players considered this an offence. Server admins, please comment on this and rules for your servers. Any change to previous rules? Any comment from DEV?
  11. I saw a jump from average 40-50 to 60+ on the same servers I usually play.
  12. Did you mention you had rebound all your keys? we need more people like you to make us all look like Saints as History depicts them. What a lovely chap.
  13. A9 change to character step height? cant walk up lots of steps in game, this is just one example in Market cap All the steps like this need to be jumped up, found a similar one in Chora Radio tower market side. This is very distressing in a firefight
  14. I like the idea of a physical reaction to near misses to simulate some flinching fear but it should be predictable so as not to adversely effect gameplay, lots of detail in my post linked above.
  15. yeah lots might be relevant still but there are a few people with no servers since the a9 release, not sure if that is the same problem. people who played hte beta need to remove the NOEAC launch option if they want to stay in a server