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  1. Grappling hook

    Batman is not real.
  2. dedicated key for each inventory item

    In all kits you would end up with keys that had nothing assigned to them. Eg assigning key 4 to RPG would mean key 4 had no purpose for anyone without RPG I wouldn't mind if each inventory slot could be called individually for customisation of the controls but as a default I would be against more keys.
  3. Add ability to put weapon on safe.

    The menu is interrupted when someone blocks your access to the crate. A solution would be to remove this blocking. OR Just stand closer to the crate.
  4. Award for "Longest distance travelled without touching the ground or a vehicle" could be shortened to Parkour I guess.
  5. Weird Bugs

    9. Pressing crouch or prone and nothing happens immediately, press it again and find that I have crouched then stood up or gone prone then stood up. Usually causes death from the enemy fire I am trying to avoid. Poor server connection might cause this ( i get variable ping 40-60 or 60-100) but maybe someone can confirm.
  6. Please tell me Arty isn't final.

    it can't be realistic, it will always need to balance within the game environment because fun is more important than anything else...obviously. i'd be quite happy to have some larger radius damage models but would also like these to be shaped rather than just circles. eg a star like shape which can kill but might not. Create fear without changing balance significantly. Charging through artillery should be stupid but not impossible.
  7. Types of Squads?

    I think the typical squad lineup is more like: Tank Heli Noobs without a SL Dubious Endeavours 1 Dubious Endeavours 2 Dubious Endeavours 3 But I put myself in or create Dubious Endeavours 4 because that is where I win matches.
  8. can anyone confirm if a cleared cache or deleted folder can reduce this? I really struggled last night but had not yet reset things. <- Low end...but always at 60fps before b17. With smoke I can easily drop to 20 now.
  9. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    Please reset the timer on any use of the vic, eg taking ammo from it or even activating the radial menu of that vic. Also add some indication of the inactive timer being reached or close to the point where damage may occur. I park sensibly and always intend to reuse a vic. This is particularly important on large maps. I would like to be able to reset the timer from the spam screen as well, perhaps limit this to vics you have a claim on to prevent trolls resetting all the timers.
  10. Weird Bugs

    @LaughingJack You may have broken it for everyone. ... and now the pandas are dying.
  11. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    Phh forget google, lets go try it
  12. Weird Bugs

    3rd person model - Yes easy to replicate I think some weapon elements from inf always get left as you enter a vic. In the BDRM if i get in and drive backards the ammo racks on each side stay in place. Not had this audio bug I can turn to see inside model from first person but it is not unexpected. Stuck menu, i have had this for SL and vic enter. Fixed each time with death or using an ammo crate. Perhaps needs to reset after every use even when it does not successfully appear. not had this arrow bug I dont use this feature Adding 8. Stuck in ragdoll aftering being run over by enemy or friendly vic. They are not parked on top. Example was being behind a BDRM and it reversed over me. It tried to kill me after but could not hit my ragdoll
  13. FOB tickets loss from command assets

    i expect digging down prevents loss but any explosive would count as ticket loss.
  14. Display ticket loss on scoreboard vs cost to enemy. It will have the same psychological effect as KD. For the bonus idea, I appreciate the idea but it would reward an afk player more than a player who is working hard for the win. Eg I try to rescue assets like logi trucks a lot, this smashes my KD but it helps the team far more than the loss of a few lives if successful.