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  1. I quoted myself because quoting makes me feel like i am contributing something useful and not just arguing for the sake of it. I rarely miss in open ground within 300m. Longer shots may require a range estimate but I blow my load and still have a kit as good as the rifleman beside me. As I said, close range is perfect, where it really matters. Good enough for me. Certainly not "unusable", as some knumpty has stated...(the k is silent)
  2. New animations are in development, current ones are just there to make the game work. Everything will be altered, adjusted, reset, replaced, deleted or added too. Squad is a pre-release Alpha not a full release. As you know it is already excellent and has plenty more to come
  3. @StomAre you suggesting the OWI 3D artists can't adapt or have limited skill sets? I love the current variety of weapons and can see benefits in a few other options but I would never see a benefit in a big selection. I am suggesting that OWI should use their resources not provide fluff but to provide variety though gaming spaces which are different. ie more maps. I can run across a new map with the same gun as I have used every day for a year and not care, the gun balance only needs to be Rock Paper Scissors for me. New content should I cannot run across the same space over and over again just because my gun has sparkles or shoots 3.46 rounds per second faster and has a minor difference in handling to the garden rake which I used yesterday. Boredom is a game killer. Here are some statements for people to quote: Gameplay has little benefit from fluff such as extensive weapon variety, there is a threshold which has already been reached where the benefit of more falls off very quickly. Fun (gameplay) has lots of benefit from new and varied environments and layouts. Props and scenery are also fluff but they enable new environments and effect gameplay by providing variety and surprise. Limited resources. More map variety>More guns.
  4. Less rules, more variety. Any fob can fail, some are completely stupid but through some luck of the enemy never checking (or being able to check) an area they contribute to a win. Some fobs are so well defended that they never fail, the hab and radio are surrounded by defenders and well patrolled. That same fob can fall suddenly and be unrecoverable through another bit of luck of a single enemy getting into a position which nullifies the spawn or opens a gap in the defence perimeter. That special fob off the point has no defenders so is just relying on the enemy not checking the area. Knowing the enemy has found it is often too late. It all comes down to the flow of the battle, a perfect defensive line can place fobs and habs anywhere they want. If no enemy is behind the line the placement is not important, just a matter of walking time. If the enemy is not clever enough to break the line or go around it then those same ridiculous fobs can work just fine. A perfect position doesn't exist as there is no way of knowing what the enemy is doing. That "perfect" fob location becomes the most practised, the way to defeat is is known or the location is obvious. Yes experience will provide a better location and perhaps even a higher win % over time but variety, strategy and unexpected play will be way more fun and could give the edge when that % actually matter. Adapting and predicting is the best way to keep spawn points active and relevant. Bring supplies, move the fob or the hab around, keep supplies in reserve ready for the unexpected. Take risks and have fun, deal with the consequences and play to win.
  5. I'd like falling back sensibly to be encouraged by a reduced penalty for losing a central flag. Eg Milita hold middle flag nearly the whole game. Towards the end of the game they lose their middle flag fob and eventually the flag. Small points alteration is made to each team as the flag is part of a middle set. Rather than a mad militia rush to get the flag back they decide to hold what they have and expect to win on points anyway. Right now the flag loss penalty is quite high so even an experienced leader will through a lot of troops at a flag which has been overrun to try and protect or recover it. I don't think this will change much but a tactic which saves lives (ticket) should be encouraged.
  6. You will learn through experience it can be quite distressing
  7. less guns more maps please. Set those modelling folk onto buildings and props. Anything else is just fluff and this game is nice and cuddly already
  8. current sights are good, a bit of experience lets you range simply by feel but if you need to get something through a window across a street then the sight is bang on. Deviation at range is nicely balanced. Any buff to this weapon and we will all be fighting for the ultimate killing machine class.
  9. @MilosVI am not against modding, I've made maps for any game which I play and will support it (except squad so far). I still play COD4 because it is moddable and allows us to have fresh competitions via custom maps. I am against having my favorite server population reduced because some players don't like the settings. Right now I want (and have) a selection of busy servers, not a wide choice. Once the game is released and has a large player base, which I am confident it will, then there can be splintering and division of the community. The effect will still be there but the number of players will be enough to maintain it. If OWI and Steam can make it easy to find and join modded servers then the whole gaming world will benefit, if they are not careful then they end up with whole lot of low population communities which eventually die. You can continue to waste effort picking holes in my statements but I suggest you consider the bigger issue and make your judgement then.
  10. I didn't make a comparison, that would never be fair. i used arma3 as an example of what not to do. what % of those players are in an unmodified arma3 server? arma has a following from many years ago and a history of mods, some people don't mind spending time finding and installing mods and extra content to be able to join a server. many would never know that the mod and extra content existed. your example helps my argument. You take the average of about 1200 players and split them between servers which have varied settings and your default game looks far less popular. game over man.
  11. i like the variety that comes from new squad leaders. Right now i check the enemy team player names then walk to the fob that they almost always put in the same place. Or, knowing that they are serial flankers I just wander down the middle of the map and take the flags while leaving a spotter to warn us when they finally catch up. it can be frustrating when playing as SL and other SL are not capable or not talking but there is still enjoyment to be had from making the best of a bad situation. eg That fob which is so badly positioned that it cannot survive yet is managing to hold a flag for long enough for other squads to gain ground. Covering an open area to help the sheep cross it so they can make an impact on the game. Bringing more supplies in and turning the undefendable into a fortress. Clearing enemies off the outside of a poorly conceived superfob to save points and then removing said fob to allow a better one in a nearby location. I particularly like a new squad leader who makes some decisions but says "hey im new, what should we be doing now" occasionally. The worst squad leaders are those who cannot make decisions or who get angry at other players without explaining what they want or through their own failings.
  12. If it comes to a quick fix I'd like exit to always be at the rear of a APC and facing the APC. Entry could be the same but I can imagine a lot of shouting "go to the back!" "just leave him..."
  13. more options also leads to lower server populations as people decide to only play "hardcore" or only play servers which allow rally points etc. ARMA could have been good, one key reason for its low popularity which is often mentioned is the above. Battlefield and COD split its players between hardcore and softcore, BF changed back again. Competitive gaming suffered in both because of reduced player numbers. Mods in most games exclude players or are not even visible to the masses so eventually disappear into history. I like options, but i'd much rather have 30+ players to shoot at than some minor adjustment with a small effect. Better to allow devs to test various changes and force us all into well populated servers. Stock or nothing for now, once the community is big then Mods will allow more but you will see fragmentation and loss from many squad community pages and servers as soon as this happens.
  14. ive still never been killed by this weapon For a while i was going onto roof tops to try and get hit, never actually got hit, now i just ignore it. I did need to bandage once recently. it is fun to use tho and well done for making the tool.
  15. @DanielNL start a new company called "gaming internet service". in German i believe this is written as "gaminginternetservice". market your new company as an internet service provider which is not stupid. gaminginternetservice offers features such as: not being stupid high cost for nothing extra except reduced stupidity gaminginternetservice: run by gamers, for gamers paid for by people who dont like stupid things. if the disconnection is an enforced government regulation you could offer a preimum service which is a "reconnect button" "Wiederverbindungstaste" so users can manually choose the reset time. please dont be offended by any of the above, it is not intended as such, just jokes. Sounds stupid.