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  1. tank focus maps are boring for 90% of the players, pretty much all the ones not in a tank. "oh we ran out of people to shoot at..." "transport is coming." "transport is on fire...." [aim toward remote flag, double tap forward, go raid fridge]
  2. digging can be the magical tool that solves all problems #I'd happily dig a wreck for a bit if needed. I'd also be happy to dig my upside down vehicle to get it back the right way up / unstuck as discussed before.
  3. What does this game do better than PR?

    no-one has mentioned the ability to move around as infantry with some possibility of cover. Too often PR was hide or die. Heroics was stupidity. In Squad the terrain and foliage give more options, options mean variety and that is the holy grail.
  4. commander?

    ------- Intel: "Squad 1 we can see that defence is going to be outnumbered and overrun in a few mins" SL1: "OK thanks" [makes own plan] Intel: "Squad 3 the north side of the flag appears empty of enemies" SL3: "OK thanks" [makes own plan] The diference is so minor but the effect on the game and the players is huge. Information is valuable, orders are annoying.
  5. commander?

    This is exactly the reason this capability should be NAMED "intel" rather than "command". Ranked lower than SL because they have no "command" power anyway. eg C: "Squad 1 fall back to defence" SL: "No" C: "Squad 3 flank north side of flag" SL: "That is a bad idea, no" SL: "commander can we please have supplies to the defence flag" C: "Ill ask the logi squad" Logi SL: "no"
  6. but then how will we make invincible roadblocks and radio cages?
  7. could be inconsistent. I couldnt kill one using an SPG in V12.1 We had a Warrior shooting our radio on a roof in Talil invasion and it couldnt get it below about 30%. It was disabled but never destroyed after a lot of rounds.
  8. Could use the radio damage limit as it is now. SL drops incendiary, takes fob down to 20-30% and needs to be dug the rest. In case you don't know; Currently when you shoot at a radio with a vehicle it can only be damaged a certain amount, some of it needs to be dug away. IED and HAT seem to get around this
  9. Jump over wall bug after using ammo pouch..

    I've had the same issue with vaulting/climbing. It is very inconsistent. Not sure about the ammo bag link. Last night I thought it was because I was holding a smoke grenade. A few times I think I've fixed it with the old "prone and crawl forward" trick. Again not consistent. Always frustrating....
  10. Redeploy From Main Base

    if your fob is overrun then you have failed and should be punished. loss of tickets and assets as well as the spawn is a good punishment. if you are defending well you will see it is about to happen and recover any assets in time. you can tell usually by pressing M and watching the little icons go transparent. "is the fob under attack?" Yes = drive logi away. HINT There are 2 kinds of FOBS: Hidden; don't build giveaways to fobs which are not being actively defended. Minimal if any additions to the HAB and ammo crate. Obscure the path back to the FOB by placing it in a location which forces the sheep to navigate around it in cover. Place the minimum and keep the logi full and safe. Active; defend it. but not from near it, if the enemy get near it you arent doing it right. Use the whole build radius as a minimum perimeter. if your rally is near any other spawn it is in the wrong place sort that out first.
  11. Redeploy From Main Base

    leave it as is please.
  12. We need more Skirmish

    We need more skirmish in all server rotations. Stupid tanks.... let me shoot people
  13. commander?

    for gameplay an intelligence division + vehicle/asset would be so much better than a powerless commander + vehicle/asset (powerless as in no authority rather than the asset capability which could be identical) A very simple but very important distinction which will effect the lives of those we love and hate.
  14. Horses for transport for insurgency

    Not just for Insurgents. armoured version?