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  1. seems to occur randomly. might be linked to death in a vic then being revived.

    heli in game is cheap right now. ppl should be encouraged to try it and share it so more skills develop and people know the challenges and counters better. let ppl crash them but automatically demote them to another class and block pilot if their chopper is destroyed or abandoned without transporting either players or supplies. could soften to 2 lives or something.
  3. soldier salute

    also ball scratching. There has never been and never will be a 2 hour period where 80 men are in a 16km area and not one has scratched or adjusted their package.
  4. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    eu has some servers giving whitelist privilege to non clan players who lead decent squads his doesn't stop rushing being the best way to win. but this does. throw a AA vic into the middle of a map at the start of a round and you immediately have an unpredictable game. a small squad in a random place on the map at the start -SURPRISE! new gameplay emerges.
  5. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    BDRM incendiary rounds kill a fresh logi in one clip, less with some precision. Same rounds against heli seem to kill the occasional passenger but rarely, if ever, a pilot and seem to do very little damage to vic or crew. I'm sure it will change...
  6. Shooting from vehicles

    The pinnacle of shooting from vics will be a little van with a driver and 5 people firing out the windows. Mounting your bipod on the rail around a techie and of course the classic AT from a chopper
  7. No Shadow has to go quick

    i suggested ages ago that any reduction is settings was also linked to view distance. So no matter what hardware you have if you reduce any setting under a threshold it starts to cap your view distance. Simple and fair.
  8. Speed leaning spam as a problem

    What do infantry get trained to do when suddenly fired on while crossing a space? Clearly it is not the always effective, bunny hop. Perhaps there is some merit in unpredictable zig zag combined with running like an idiot and spraying the general area of attack. This is a question btw. Specifically about how to avoid fire rather than the tactic of a group. Obviously you getting caught out in the open without support is because you are doing it wrong but equally... sh!t happens, so what is the training to deal with it?
  9. Improving Fireteams

    other ideas... what if the SL channel was fireteam only for anyone who wasnt a squad leader? OR Make local voice volume radius larger for anyone in your fireteam.
  10. Servers. (Rules/Tags)

    I am the best teammate you ever had...but sometimes trying to jump the logi over a gap is more important
  11. Improving Fireteams

    Fireteam with purple text on grey is unreadable on my system. 1920x1080 27" Fireteam coms has been suggested....i think it would need a switch instead of a new button though. Instead of fireteams I would implement the whole thing as sub squads which can be linked to any radio channel. Eg Squad 1 is 4 players INF + SL Squad 1a is 3 players INF Squad 1b is 2 players VIC All these count toward the same squad setup and limitations. Separating them into a new squad makes them become Squad 2 and resets kit restrictions. The menu shows a click and drag link, imagine patching a radio. Drag 1a and 1b onto main squad and they become linked by radio to all coms on main squad channel. Drag a link to break it, they are in the squad still and they are separate from other sub squads other but can still hear the SL. Another example: Using this method you can connect other vic squads/fireteams into groups so your squad can keep the apc but allow it to be in direct coms with other vics.
  12. Rally Point

    Rush is still the meta. Slightly more challenging but totally worth the risk. In fact if your team don't rush then you are far more likely to lose. This is interesting. I would go further and only allow a rally near a vic but make it disappear once the vic moves out of a generous radius instead of the expiry timer (as a regular SL, retreating to place a rally every x period was a big downside) In a compromise to the buddy rally this could even replace it. Allowing a SL to spawn in on a stationary vic which had another SL in the area (or inside) and use it as it if was his squadmate. The rally would be next to the vic so the magical wave issue is reduced. Vics become linked to rally points so are far more valuable, we would almost certainly need more available but good management of your squad vic would show who was the better squad. Destroying a vic would prevent a rally in the area so there would be less abandoned disabled left laying around except where an enemy was actively holding it.
  13. Dev support for a local server surely could not prevent attacks. I expect this would be the responsibility of the hosting service. If there are enough players willing to support a server just go to a big hosting company and get some guarantees on service.
  14. I had an issue with the SL menu. next map load fixed it. I could open it but clicks on the rose were not registered. I think it was mixed with one of the map screens because I could get a marker menu with the spotting and squad marks but on the SL rose. I could fire and other things worked as normal. I didnt die that round so couldnt tell if a death reset it. i expect the conditions to make it happen involved loading a logi from a radio in the field. Opening one or all of the maps, perhaps while loading...I open maps a lot. Around the same time I was using various coms to get a squad mate to join me in the logi.