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  1. Feedback about anarchy players/servers

    Welcome to the internet Your experience may differ.
  2. MRAP Turret Upside Down Bug

    ive managed to bug the mrap so the sights are off by a long way. I did this while entering/exiting underneath a roof/structure. I wonder if it can't fit in the world space or something and gets bumped away?
  3. when mashing the keyboard in anger at being killed by someone more talented than you, avoid the enter key. When you have finished your uncontrolled flapping. press enter. don't "Give up" until you have an idea where you plan to spawn. This will help you to see where your finger flailing is causing problems. use your eyes to guide your hand holding the mouse in a smooth and controlled motion to the correct button. avoid the keyboard at this point as well. just use the mouse.
  4. Armor Penalty

    Just note vehicle loss/kill in the scoreboard. Simple, keeps all the abuse and blame to the end of the round
  5. Inbuilt Mortar Calculator

    I want a game mechanic which at least partially breaks the calculators. Some crude simulated wind which is applied to all projectiles and is slightly different every map load but consistent throughout that map. Just a basic modifier so a spotter is required at least to find the target then all the following shots can use the same correction. Single manning mortars and expecting a perfect hit based on a calculator disconnected from any world physics is no fun.
  6. Ammo bags

    i agree with this but I seem to recall it requires a more detailed system for ammo and inventory which they are working on. I think ideally you would select just what you need to avoid taking things which are better suited to others. eg you just need an RPG round but you have used other parts of your kit, the medic only needs bandages but has used all his smoke nades. Right now either of you rearming will prevent the other from gaining what they need because it is just points.
  7. ideally it has the same as when it was dropped. players picking stuff up off the ground are desperate they should take what they are given.
  8. Few thoughts

    <h1>WHY THE BIG TEXT?</h1> I think that if you read around a bit in here you might guess that most replies below mine will be negative.
  9. Why I dont want Helicopters

    all will balance in the end...somehow it is true in v12 that some maps end up with very low quality and low numbers of infantry squads. Watching the first few squads pop up and lock to take the vehicles, seeing the better players on the server taking these spots and the vehicles and then waiting a few mins before some new guy makes an infantry squad is pretty common and gives a pretty obvious indication of the way the round is going to play out. Luckily the same problem is probably always happening on the other team. Unfortunately this means playing as infantry (sometimes we all just want to be a grunt) is both frustrating and boring on certain larger maps. An extra 10 players on each team (100 player servers) will go some way to reduce the problem as will people realising how dull the vehicle combat is compared to infantry movements.
  10. persistent ammo changes a lot of this, very old, argument
  11. Above link= Reduced spawn time for spawning near your squad mates. Regrouping near the rally/fob/main brings the timer down. Equally, enemies close increases spawn time (as it was in V11). Go alone and feel the timer punishing your dedication to teamwork. So one guy gives up an waits 45 seconds to spawn, he waits near the spawn and so do the next few players, next guy waits 35 seconds, next guy only has to wait 25 seconds, next only 15 and so on. If the whole squad is spawning and all wait near the spawn then the last to go down is able to join with them almost immediately. They wander off together holding hands.
  12. Gun attachments

    do they use Sharpies in the army? assume yes Realism!
  13. Bring Back Ticket Bleed

    i like the current system in that you can decide to hold on any flag without a big penalty, this varies the gameplay on the same map layer VERY SIGNIFICANTLY (held shift not using capslock) variety is what every man wants and can only get in game because the wife doesnt allow it outside of this virtual space There is some frustration about stomping the enemy through a few flags but the advantage of rushing the enemies easrly flags is reduced without bleed. I really think the positives of no bleed outweigh the negatives. Main base should open up instead of last flag bleed. Kill them till they are dead
  14. APC VS IFV ticket count.

    I love that you are awesoming while the rest of us just assume is not the only solution, below is the best solution I think, should at least be tested.