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  1. Camping Main

    I think there should be no hard stop (magical barrier) just increasing visibility of enemy as they get closer to main up to a point where simulated systems start shooting at intruders. Could simulate infrequent UAV, simulated guard posts, guard dogs. All this should be removed or reduced when the final flag is down for a full base assault. Camping supply routes is part of the game.
  2. good first post. well described problems and thoughtful solutions! if only the typical "forum guy" was so capable problem: i agree, i use the current a15.4 rally as a magical detection device your solution: thought provoking. i have another suggestion: instead of wiping or blocking a rally make it's presence more obvious by ramping up squad radio interference the closer a player gets to an enemy rally. Remove all the rally wipe stuff completely and also make it possible to place the rally at any time when a SL has the correct number of mates nearby. Remove the radio sound from ambient and put it into the enemy squad players radio channel as a distorted noise. Increase the volume as they get closer. In this way the enemy who is 5m away when the rally is placed hears a sudden and constant noise which they can track using a louder/quieter methods. They say to their squad "A rally near me, i think it is south" and they proceed to hunt it. Meanwhile the squad who placed the rally has no idea that an enemy is nearby, they have an activation timer which they have to wait out before the rally becomes active. They could defend a choke point to wait for magical backup. The enemy gets out a shovel/knife and smashes the rally it in one hit. Could also make it so you can shoot / explode rally points... There have been previous suggestions about rally cost and rearming as a carried asset. I think this adds to that and makes them more exciting through risk. Another suggestion (by me) has a spawn timer linked to the number of teammates nearby to benefit squads who stick together. I really hope this thread can stay on topic. there are plenty of threads about the existence of rally points and the various current ways of deploying of them, this is not about that. Please contribute.
  3. No Servers Listed

    note this news and forum posts https://joinsquad.com/2019/08/07/servers-unavailable-august-6/ also search the forum for "clear cache" there are a few ways to do it. needed after some updates. if that wont work you can also change how steam finds servers in steam setting
  4. Vehicle Damage on environment

    wheel damage and minor armour damage would be ok. perhaps make it so ground vics cant blow up from self inflicted damage to avoid tks but leave heli as a flying bomb Heli could have armour/engine/rotor damage Ground vic gets armour/engine/wheel damage slower driving at the start added to the current 5 -8 min wasted time at the start of every map will be painful.
  5. Rocket Technical OP

    ive been killed by it once in 3k hours
  6. i think ammo balance is nice as at a15.1

    likely a local or network problem, could be your end or the server. setup a "ping -t" to the server ip via your cmd prompt, leave it running while you play. note press ctrl+c to stop it. it is easiest to find the server IP via the steam server browser rather than in game
  8. Feedback on current development.

    true test everything. or make the next patch more "hardcore" and put up a poll and gather some [length of game session /player number/ server filled] stats to get feedback.
  9. Losing my access

    try to log in using private browser mode. if that works clean your cache for this site in the browser settings.
  10. More C4 or increase the damage

    I deal with it as follows: *** swaps teams: "I know where the enemy radio is" Kicked from squad. I say on SL channel "I just kicked *** from my squad as he is giving enemy intel, please also kick him" In ChatToAll: Admin, *** is sharing enemy intel. Typically this results in a kick/ban. Name and shame.
  11. Invasion layer has a game breaker bug for attackers. Can place a radio but cannot place any kind of asset with the radio.
  12. More realistic post-soviet

    I agree, the built up areas of Talil are great fun to play.
  13. Shipping orders to Europe?

    If the shop folk think stocking products in EU region is required I can help. My company offers a storage and shipping service based in UK with several very small clients.
  14. Modding suggestion

    A tropical jungle map using a technique similar to the new canada jungle map seems pretty doable. the terrain in that canada map is really great...as long as you arent driving what are the names of those new maps?