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  1. i like playing with new players. then next time I play as SL i know that at least one more guy knows what is going on.
  2. Lan

    I read this as Smee IEDing a LAN of 200 players. But I'm sure he's not like that shouting at them in Cockney Rhyming Slang yes....blowing them up probably not.
  3. i'd love to watch ppl jump out of a moving humv and do a roll to come up shooting. Realism can take a break for the coolness factor. Perhaps throw in a random ragdoll just for lols. Even better, make it a keypress combination which you need to time just right. Sort out the pro's from the noobs Eg Exit - Prone - Crouch to a specific count and you roll out of the moving vehicle and land in a comfortable crouch. Fail to do this and you ragdoll. Should be limited to vehicles with side access, not from the rear of an APC. Also please add skidding to the brake/steering system with a nice effect
  4. i find it quite easy for Militia to win in most maps simply due to speed. Logar is an exception but really only due to the easy access to 2nd Militia flag from US main.
  5. ammo crate type system available on certain vehicles was confirmed by devs a while back. not necessarily dropped ammo but carried on vehicle. No need for a special vehicle for this.
  6. Wall here does not clip player, can walk through it. Busy area in south central. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1092248129
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1165910987 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1165910915 Wooden fence in AAS2 cap area at Stepne only has a texture on West side, East side has no texture but still blocks player. Location is significant as it appears to provide access to East side of cap area but does not. Players often stand in this area as there is a way to see over the wall, the enemy can see you but you cannot see them.
  8. I forced a balanced brightness setting in a cod4 map i made. Really bright lit areas and dark shadows. Lots of pics here. https://gamebanana.com/maps/173670 I thought it was good. If all the building interiors were lit in Narva then it might force players onto the darker streets.
  9. experienced squad leaders should take up the slack and do the work which evolves into a win. ie Cap the back flags and block the rush instead of being the rushers and then demanding answers when the inexperienced squads can't hold your early flags. build the fobs and control the herd. control the critical vehicles such as logistics. if needed make some marks to increase the effectiveness of vehicles. provide advice in a constructive and friendly way to build the team. it is very easy to direct a responsive SL no matter what their experience. The key is to not be a d!ck about it. it is very easy to open the map and watch to ensure squads have rally points and are moving in the right direction....without being a d!ck about it. If other SLs don't respond you might need to work harder or have them removed. in conclusion. Open your map more to guide the team. don't be a d!ck.
  10. Shift+N for a Map zoom out

    wont work because when M map is active you would change weapons.
  11. Squad's (two) subgroups

    search "fireteams"
  12. windows settings typically have your mic muted to yourself. It is like this because it sucks, you can try it and see.
  13. Capzone height limit.

    You can always cap with superior numbers. Also remember that the large calibres can penetrate those buildings. All the big buildings have adjacent buildings which can be used to help control numbers. I'd prefer a larger spawn delay radius on the HAB/FOB which reduced the number of defenders able to spawn in. If a few players can hold a building within a cap zone then I think they deserve the flag. It is fun to assault these, it sucks to spawn in them.