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  1. Crash on launch

    No worries thanks. I submitted a ticket, working with the devs now.
  2. Crash on launch

    Done already, as described above, no joy.
  3. Crash on launch

    No, no OC at all. I am overall a pretty vanilla man
  4. Crash on launch

    That is indeed the manual user settings folder deletion instructions I had already tried. And no, no performance boost, no mods. Installed vanilla and that is it. Given that the game launches fine if i use the SquadGame.exe and not the squad_launcher.exe I suspect it may be launcher or EasyAntiCheat releated.
  5. Crash on launch

    Another new piece of info: Something I had not tried before, I run directly the "SquadGame.exe" file in the Steam folders (not the launcher) and I can get the game to load. While loading, an EasyAntiCheat related error appears but after I click that "ok" the game loads fine to main menu. I have not tried to join any servers after that though.
  6. Crash on launch

    By the way, I just finished a full re-install, the problem still persists. I am out of ideas.
  7. Crash on launch

    My steam library is on a HDD, my Windows drive is a SSD. Not sure what you mean by cache, can you please clarify? I have indeed deleted the Squad Appdata folder if that is what you mean.
  8. Crash on launch

    Hi there, New to the game, just bought it during the Steam sale. Around 9 times out of 10 when I launch the game I can see the two splash screens (one with the easy anti cheat logo and then the next one) and then a black framed window opens up for a few seconds. Then the window shuts down and... nothing. No crash report pop up window or no error message of any kind. Just shut down. My steam library shows the game is not active anymore and that is it. I have tried all of the suggestions in these links to no avail: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221442887-Easy-Anti-Cheat-Errors https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003976534-Possible-Causes-for-Crashes I have also tried running the launcher manually with the "as administrator" option. Same problem. I have also tried verifying the integrity via Steam, no joy. I am now re installing the game from scratch to see if that helps, but other than that I have run out of ideas. Any help appreciated. As mentioned this crash happens most of the time but from time to time the game manages to load and I was able to play a few games with no issues, quite puzzling. I have noticed though that some crash reports (.ini) are stored in the following folder: AppData/Local/SquadGame/Saved/Config/CrashReportClient I am running Windows 7 32G RAM GeForce 980 with latest drivers Any help appreciated. Any way for me to share those crash report files with devs so they can be looked at?