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  1. Beta 17 Public Testing

    Only one arti strike per game? Oh wow. Based on the cool down figures in the videos (a few minutes) I thought they would be much more prevalent.
  2. Beta 17 Public Testing

    This update looks a lot of fun indeed. Quick question though: With all these artillery and air strikes call ins, aren’t buildable regular mortars sort of becoming obsolete?
  3. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    Cant seem to find the test version download in steam, does anyone have an actual link?
  4. I appreciate the offer for help but this is not the thread for that. This one was. Following that exchange I submitted a ticket with both OWI and EAC mid July (with no happy results so far, sadly, but we have not given up). The goal of this thread was clearly to make a suggestion and not a request for help. The suggestion is obviously based on my own perception of how EAC is impacting this game and other games (and not just my personal case). But it can be hardly surprising that it comes from a player having issues with it. Either way, the suggestion seems to be now quite moot seen that EAC is now owned by Epic/UR4 and it is here probably to stay anyways.
  5. Could very well be my system indeed, but logic should not rule out an EAC or integration issues. Also I am hardly the only one with similar issues. Either way I much rather have OWI or EAC tell me about it. I have been in touch with both of them about these issues for over a month and they have my details, logs etc although they have not been able to find the root cause yet.
  6. Well, it could very well be EAC integration issues in Squad itself, as pointed out above. But the fact that running manually the squadgame.exe gives me no loading issues at all (I can obviously not join any servers after that) suggests that the issue is either with EAC itself, or with the game EAC integration elements. Fully agree that the game needs an anti-cheat system. I am just saying EAC seems to be more problematic than your average anti-cheat. I may be obviously wrong, just my personal perception.
  7. Tried already a clean boot, no joy.
  8. Ah, fair enough, thanks. Darn then.Hope OWI / EAC /EPIC manage to fix these issues sooner rather than later.
  9. Not an emotional suggestion at all. Simply reflecting factually traceable posts in the support forum and Reddit. Only OWI know the exact figures and context but if you do a cursory search you will find out EAC seems to be problematic for many other games not just Squad and including similar issues, black screens, crashes to desktop etc.
  10. For those of you whose issues are EAC related please consider supporting this petition:
  11. Maybe it is just a few of us but EAC seems to be the top culprit of a large number of issues found in the support forum (black screens of death, crashes to desktop, crashes when changing maps or connecting in middle of map change etc). In many of those cases the issue can be isolated to EAC because running the game exe manually (ie not the usual EAC game launcher) loads the game without issues. I really think OWI should consider an alternative anti cheat system.
  12. Crash on launch

    No worries thanks. I submitted a ticket, working with the devs now.
  13. Crash on launch

    Done already, as described above, no joy.
  14. Crash on launch

    No, no OC at all. I am overall a pretty vanilla man
  15. Crash on launch

    That is indeed the manual user settings folder deletion instructions I had already tried. And no, no performance boost, no mods. Installed vanilla and that is it. Given that the game launches fine if i use the SquadGame.exe and not the squad_launcher.exe I suspect it may be launcher or EasyAntiCheat releated.