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  1. Problem seeing servers

    Tried all, nothing works
  2. Problem seeing servers

    I tried everything, from putting filters on and off, and nothing. And after I refresh it 3 or 4 times no server shows up.
  3. Problem seeing servers

    I was trying to join my friends to play, they told me in which server they are and I'm trying to find in on the browser, with no luck. I can see other servers (even some from China, even though they are in the US and I'm in Argentina). I can see the server on the Steam Server list but cannot join, and when I'm trying to "join match" on my friend list, and if the server is full, it won't put me in a queue or something, It will just say "server in full". And truth be told, it's really annoying. So, just wanna know if there is a fix or something for this. (PS: I also tried to type in the server name with no results)