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  1. yeah the serverbrowser ping shows 245 for me but ingame i have about 30ms
  2. i guess it would be too complicated to use (not to code as that would mostlikely be possible) but having different numbers on the vehicles on the minimap + squadnumbers of the squads inside would make have each vehicle at least 2 or even more numbers on it.
  3. Music!

    no links to abba or other oldies ?
  4. nice to read some names of people you remember from PR. if been playing pr for ages now and im in the PR team since 2010. I'm pretty sure NewEraWarfare will host a server for squad and will be the base for a big german community in squad.
  5. I'm personally hoping to gather a team to work on a German Faction
  6. Signatures

    yeah 350 x 150 is a decent size doesnt need more to display a unique picture
  7. Festung Europa

    i had an eye on this one on the crynet forums. i always missed a Large scale WWII game.
  8. Secret!

    as its not confirmed that there will be vehicles in the alpha that will come out with kickstarter i guess there wont be fastropes