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  1. Mortars "have to go"

    Guys my English is just too bad or he wrote too badly? I didn't understand what he wants?
  2. at least give me option for 2d menu.
  3. Grappling hook

    İs this possible to add grappling hook to the squad? İn pr I loved using grappling hook
  4. Thank you devs

    we got commander we got helicopters buddy rally removed u guys added insta-death fixed leftover vehicles problem that's awesome thanks devs <3
  5. İn real-life mortar crew get training for mortars but in squad you can't do that using calculators isn't wrong maybe devs should add the calculator in the game U guys want realistic game or harder than real-life experience in squad? Making squad more hardcore isn't makes more realistic.
  6. FPS drops since V16 update

    i7 7700hq isn't my CPU I was talking about topic owner pc specs I have i5 2500k 4.7 GHz overclocked my CPU equivalent to i7 7700hq(Actually in some situations i5 2500k with overclock perform better processors didn't advanced same speed as graphics cards) My fps isn't stable I can't give exact numbers sometimes I am getting 75 fps at the full server without the problem at medium settings 1080p sometimes I am getting 30-45 fps and getting a lot of fps drops. in every map, I am getting different fps.
  7. FPS drops since V16 update

    my english not too good but i am trying to say game need optimization and after v16 update my i started get fps drops and gtx 1060 should be enough to run without problem but in squad i7 7700hq still not enough and needs more cpu power and they should work on that too
  8. FPS drops since V16 update

    Gtx 1060 isnt bad gpu but processor isnt good for squad squad wants a lot cpu power i have gtx 1050 most cases i dont have problem at medium. There is a lot trick to make this game looks better and performs better we are living in 2019 there is a plenty documents about how to optimize
  9. Graphic Updates

    İf u using 940m that's really potato GPU but optimization important I agree to that I have this system but I have fps problems too sadly @ZXD_Leeu guys should improve more. Or is this potato too? i5 2500k(4.7 GHZ ALL CORES) 12 GB DRR3 1600MHZ MSI GTX 1050 2GB
  10. Auto-sprint

    İ asked this feature at feedbacks section but devs didnt added there is program can do this ? i dont wanna hold w and shift when i am going to walk big distances and if i use that program will i be banned ?
  11. Auto-sprint

    I played 500 hours if u have brain u re not easy target auto-sprint does not make this game like battlefield nobody wants that but u guys keep saying this shit btw someone made guide for toggle sprinting https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1910471070
  12. Penalize Lone Wolfing

    İf lone wolfing is prohibited in server admins should ban or kick penalize will not solve a problem. And in good servers lone wolfing isn't a problem
  13. Stop making vehicles useless.

    Actually coding thermals isn't too hard and there is plenty of documents about that my friend released article how to code thermals for unity but there are articles for udk too
  14. Auto-sprint

    in good servers problems i told u mostly isnt a problem but in badly managent,noob sls and noob players in bad servers this is realy big problem and my hand hurts thats why i wanted this feature but it devs decision they can add or they not there is no point on continue this argument and i like ur facts but still problem for me
  15. Auto-sprint

    İf you want do radio hunting you have to walk too much sadly. And in some servers they simply dont care assests and no vehicle will left at main this happend me a lot times and when we capture flag there is no transportation to the next flag and all team have to walk i said a lot but still newbies and some trolls doing this. Sometimes you have to recover some vehicle droped far far away and if you wanna recover that vehicle you cant risk another vehicle to retrieve than you have to walk.Btw if you have vehicles to transport most sls dont like being transported with vehicles they wanna move on foot and if i play in that server 3-4 hours may hands started hurts
  16. No Shadow has to go quick

    i have msi gtx 1050 2gb(overclocked btw i wanna upgrade but this is not my main pc) and i5 2500k 4.8 ghz overclocked all cores 16 gb (4x4) 2133 mhz ram and at 1080p in every map i get diffrent fps some maps specialy talil outskirts i am getting realy bad performance at that map sometimes i see 35 fps thats why i am playing everything on low and shadows closed
  17. i dont wanna see disconected and connected messages
  18. in some servers this is realy big problem newbie players and newbie squad leaders left their vehicles at realy far away specialy invasion game mode most times 2 logy will be left at airport to end of to the round and defenders cant use these vehicles i think u guys should add something to fix this problem idk maybe punish sls or squads for doing this my solution is if no one uses that car for 10 min should destoyed automaticly if not near friendly flag or if near enemy flag and this is realy reasonable sorry for bad english
  19. leftover vehicles (my solution)

    yes you're right about search button sorry : ( yeah it can be a feature you're right 3 days ago i am at [ENG+ARABIC] Special Arab Militia [SAM] server this was a big problem thats why i defended this idea that much i played 4 hours at that server thats why i am defending idea today i am at diffrent servers with my friends this is isnt a big problem at there : ( i overreacted i think admin can punish these players but admins not punished thats the problem i think
  20. leftover vehicles (my solution)

    Btw i like squad thats why i played 500 hours but let me the tell the problems when i come here points something or say something what ever thing everybody came to that subject defending game like i am the enemy of the game and you guys the defenders thats wrong i am not coming here to that but looks like this is the going to be last i realy bored this u guys doing this to everybody in this forum
  21. leftover vehicles (my solution)

    i am saying my solution isnt that makes me stupid this is a problem if u have solution say it i know squad is diffrent i started with arma to army games and i played 1k hours on arma 2. and i am not saying make this game more easy but it there is a lot dumbass doing this shit everybody hates it but after 3 years people still doing same shit and i am talking about this problem you're talking about whole game if u have solution for fix say it but you're talking about squad is only game has this features in world okey i am not talking disrespectful about squad i am pointing ****ing problem but i am agree with make this game harder idea but i dont understand people like you in this community why u guys hate project reality that much ? and pls talk more polite i am not your enemy if this idea has something wrong we can discuss but you're cutting chat talking like this if i wanted squad to go bad why am i coming here to discuss problems ?
  22. leftover vehicles (my solution)

    yeah you can do it but still isnt right if you're doing this you're wasting ur time some newbie or careless dumb left these vehicles and u have to retrive ? at al basrah map if insurgent team rushes to airport and leaves vehicles at there thats hard to retrive if attacker team know how to play you cannot pass with these vehicles from bridges and maps are large if you wanna retrive some vehicles u have to walk a lot or u can use bikes but still when you do that you going to lose that bike and thats the not solution in project reality cars automaticly destoyed in time if no one uses it thats simple i am not asking for a lot things this is realy simple thing to add or they can open pool and ask this feature in the game i am seeing a lot angry players for lefting vehicles at flags and using logys as transport or they should add training for that too still a lot people not playing these trainings and jump to multiplayer but it can help maybe idk. In real life there is a hostile architecture desing i am not supporting it but works