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  1. Dont show full servers feature
  2. and why vehicles has low torque ? btw dont make trucks more slower already hard to find logy drivers but make empty ones faster at least
  3. No Spawn confirmation is fine

    i didnt liked too doubleclick works but still didnt liked making game harder to play isnt means makes more realistic
  4. İ have 27' 4k' screen and fonts too small hard to see PLEASE UPDATE and chat texts small too i dont wanna get close to screen to read ****ing chat.
  5. and why disappearing too fast ? sometimes one squad member or others says there is mine dont go there in chat i didnt see that shit beause chat text too SMALL. And without mic u cant communicate with anybody okey squad mic required game i get it but without proper text communication for non mic users cannot communicate with team or with their squads anybody can tell me why the chat text that small and why no one trying fix this issue ? i buyed this game 2 year ago and has same problems and company starting develop another game. btw i like squad
  6. bradley weight is 33.000 kg cant destroy the tree why ? in arma u can destory buildigns too with vehicles or firing. i know arma is diffrent from arma and squad has diffrent taste but i just wanted ask
  7. İs that number correct ? realy squad sold 1 million copy ? if squad sold every copy from all-times lowest price than earned 5.2 million dolars ? (Steam cuts %35 )
  8. i am using gtx 1070 i tryed vsync on and off didnt changed
  9. Now Testing Alpha 15

    yes but still chat chachters too small and disappers too fast you can't communucate with your team if fob overrun you have to say this is team chat but chat dissapears too quick and too small at least open pools ask this a lot people will not like this chat
  10. Squad sold 1 million copy ?

    yes steam takes %30 but unreal engine cuts another 5%
  11. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Nice can u guys chat texts bigger pls ? or bring new system with chat in arma has diffrent channels for communicate. Chat realy painfull right now we cant talk properly in text chat. Or just make bigger and let it stay there more and show more comments but add system like battlefield player can close text chat in battlefield
  12. i buyed this game 2 years ago i realy wanna use air vehicles like helicopters and helicopters will change squad a lot no one wants do the logy runs thats too boring and some maps has a lot hills makes more harder to do that we realy need helicopters there is a mod but not too good why this is taking soo long ? i think helicopters more important than new tank models or new maps. idk man 2 years a lot time i think i waited a lot and some people thinking like that developed their own air vehicles mod thats realy ****ed up thing and some bugs still exist after 2 years edit: btw i just want helicopters i dont care other things too much game nice that why i played 300+ hours but this makes me realy unconformatable sorry for bad english
  13. in close combat some scopes zoom too much i want remove them there is a way to do this ?
  14. There is a auto walk but we need auto run too i think most times i pressing 2 times w fast and and holding shift to move after 1-2 hours your hand started hurting. and i think we need this in for vehicles too some maps realy big and your hand hurts after 1 hours drive like this pls add auto-run
  15. why i cant pick up guns or rockets from ground ? i have same rifle as my teammate but i cant pick up their ammo. arma has this system u can take everything bullet helmet armor binocular gps and other stuff why squad not has this system ?
  16. Auto-run and logy runs

    i know how to use map but i use computer a lot when i have time to play squad most times this is happens. Sadly i live 3rd world country and i have to work more then 10 hours maybe the real problem but yes pressing one key hurting my hand. Do you have suggestions to solve this problem ? i should buy better keyboard ?
  17. u right squad has diffrent taste i like squad but your example isnt the right example i am not sayying open enemy vehicles or placements to other team use i am just saying let us pick up bandages ammo and other stuffs from ground they laying on ground and i think arma system isnt bad because in real life if someone capture enemy placements or guns,...etc they can use for their advantage. But at least give servers option if server owner not want this feature they can disable.