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  1. Shooting from vehicles

    it should be added to the game
  2. car bomb question

    wrong video sorry remove message
  3. at night maps no flashes on the gun ?

    "it depends on muzzle device" yes but i am not sayying send massive fireball from all guns but no lighting effects at night from weapons they should add lighting effects for night
  4. if you fire gun at night u cant see any lighting effects can u guys add that effects and maps should be more darker
  5. When radio destoyed why all emplcaments and barricades going ?
  6. u re in military ? i think you're not in the miltiary and i never said make this game like cod or btf but removing scope is possible i am not sayying do this at battleground but when we spawning we should able to select like insurgency and his system was awsome go check that out.
  7. Why devs not adding customization ? i dont wanna use acog in cqb
  8. i know there is auto-walk but i dont wanna walk to objectives sometimes run and holding button for 5 minutes i dont like doing it.
  9. Chat text are small

    Chat text are small how to change size ?
  10. fall damage not realistic

    i dont wanna argue realy dumb topic man u jumped to soil with army boots from 3 metres ? i did that i know how to jump but if you jump to though ground it can hurt. İ know this is early development i buyed this game 2 years ago and still has same bugs and still needs some features but everybody in this topic not trying undestand man i said nevermind in my before message because i dont wanna argue i cant change your ideas than this conservation should end and we talking aggresive (İ am not native english talker but if i undestand correctly we talking aggresive maybe unrealistic has bad realy bad meaning idk)
  11. fall damage not realistic

    in squad most things are not realistic why u bothering this that much u're getting healed with medic box but in real life getting shot means end off the war for you. İf you get shot to the leg you cant run but in squad you can run with bandaged wounds(+Without painkiller). And in real life usa army will get air support in squad you're getting 0 air support. nevermind devs not going to change