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  1. At backgroud soldiers training i can see that looks nice but ****s to loading time i dont need that 3d background. Any ways to make it faster loading ? i dont wanna install on ssd sorry i cant beacause squad takes 57 gb of space thats too much
  2. Favorite Servers Don't Stay Error

  3. infantry should be able to mark

    if you're in good server yes this is not the problem but if you in the bad servers this is a problem.
  4. you cant mark ur mine and sls dont care where you placing ur mine and frienly vehicles get destoryed
  5. in most servers you cant mark ur mine and sls dont care where you placing ur mine
  6. chat fonts are small
  7. sensitivity 4.0 and a lot mouse movements
  8. yeah and thats more dumber i waited 15 min in que and i dont wanna look squad screen i wanted browse in internet but squad using 3d menu and using a lot cpu background and ****ing my browser experince squad uses a lot cpu in menu thats dumb
  9. favorite server button not working ?
  10. pls remove 3d menu or at least give us 2d menu yes 3d menu looks nice but after 300+ hours this is started looking dumb edit:or fix the opening time i dont wanna wait 30 sec for menu
  11. i have 2 mics if i forgot before launching game to change my primary mic i have to restart game i hate that pls fix add hot plug
  12. anyways to fix cpu bottleneck ?

    3.4ghz : ( i didnt overclocked i dont like too much fan noise but if i overclock to 4.3 ghz can fix the bootlenecks ?
  13. i have gtx 1070 i5-3570K and 16 gb ddr3 ram but still not getting enough fps how to improve my fps ? i cant buy new processor right now. Can u guy add more graphics options for fix bootlenecks ?
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1812471359
  15. at least give me option for 2d menu.