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  1. Hey folks, Major bug with the T-62 with the latest patch, if you get shot out of the DSHK turret and give up, your player will stay stuck in that turret seat on the tank. If you get back into the tank after respawning, you'll find that you'll see your name twice in the seat list of the T-62 and that you cant take that seat (DSHK turret). If you attempt to then get out of the tank again, your camera view will stay stuck on the seat and your soldier will hop out without you controlling him. If you try to respawn, you'll die, but be unable to spawn back (you're view will still be stuck to that seat) and will have to disconnect. Already sent in a critical bug report for it and i'm going to make a video to reproduce the problem, but just sending a heads up to everyone on the current V15 version to not use the DSHK.
  2. Needs to happen, big league. I think i'd be great PR to bring to the game.
  3. Make Al Basrah a Night Map

    Yes I've heard of it. I think it can be engineered to be playable for everyone still. Idk push it to the CTE and see if it sticks is what i'm saying. I bet it will because the Squad community isn't Arcade, they appreciate realism and cool types of stuff like this. Plus every player will get NVG's in this game mode and level out the playing field with realistic alteration of depth perception.
  4. Been thinking it would be cool to AB test how a night map would go with this engine and game. Create extra FOB deploy-ables in the game mode such as commercial lights, etc. Give insurgent/British tanks NVG's as well as the troops. Just thinking it would be cool, I know night maps fluctuate in their popularity and I've seen that from the Battlefield 3/4 series, but with the Unreal Engine 4 i'd be interested in seeing if the Dev's can pull off a spectacular map. Of course that would need a lot of new lighting techniques for things like muzzle flash, etc. Like when scoped into NVG you'd need to trace the trajectory of every round fired, etc and illuminate it. Idk, just a cool idea I thought and the best implementation for this test would probably be on Invasion doing British v. Insurgents. Its a pretty light weight and open map. I know there are several performance optimizations that need to be worked through and by all means if they come first let it be lol.