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  1. Server Closed Connection Crash

    yeah im not sure why i wrote wifi when im plugged in with a cable lol I recently updated windows 10 to the latest edition and i use geforce experience to update gpu drivers. I believe i got squad after the v14 patch and this is only a recent problem. I will play now to see if it still happens again and i will let you know.
  2. Server Closed Connection Crash

    I always use a wired connection for my internet. I also forgot to mention that i always update my drivers aswell
  3. I recently purchased and downloaded squad from steam. I have recently been enjoying the game without issue. However, for the last two days a crashing bug has prevented me from enjoying the game. During online gameplay (and never in the offline practice range mode), the game will randomly kick me off the server. I never team kill or flame in squad, and the crashes have happened on multiple servers so i am positive that the server admins are not kicking me themselves. The crashes are unpredictable but inevitable, and happen in between 20 minutes and 30 seconds of game play. This is obviously extremely frustrating so if anyone can help me that would be very appreciated. The error message given is; "Squad Server Closed Connection". This vague error message does not aid in the diagnosis of the problem. Specs Intel i7 7700 Nvidea GTX 1070 8GB RAM 1TB SSD I have extremely fast wifi, with excellent download/upload speeds and sub 30ms ping times, which i know through the stat fps function in the console. I am sure this is not a connection issue on my side. I have attempted to delete the squad appdata and validate through steam. I have uninstalled and reinstalled squad to no avail. I have followed all the steps in another guide somewhere on this forum to maximise pc performance but to no avail. I have never used hacks or mods in any game (never mind any Unreal game) so Easy anticheat is unlikely to interfere with the game but who knows