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  1. Tips for a newbie

    *do not stand, kneel or lie close to walls, your feet and weapon clip through walls showing any enemy on the outside exactly where you are *crew serve weapons and cannon go right through wooden wall, HE rounds will cause fragmentation of wall material *do not attempt to scope sight someone in a cqb situations, learn to snap shot in any encounter less then 15 meters *reload in cover before proceeding when clearing rooms in a mout environment *for long range iron sight shooting adjust your elevation (x+mmb) to account for bullet drop *just because you can't see the enemy doesn't mean they can't see you, the biggest thing that makes you a target is movement, the human eye reacts to movement above all else *if you play as a medic come to terms you aren't always going to be able to save everyone, you need to remain pragmatic, if they rushed into a hail of gunfire without any caution mostlikely you will follow the same fate and the rest of the squad will be without a medic in the mean time *there is a time to play defense and a time to maneuver and fight with aggression, a static player is a static target *armor needs infantry support and infantry needs armor support, they go hand in hand, too many players forget this and fail to use the proven doctrine of combined arm tactics *marksmen is primarily a recon element, not a one man head shot killing machine, his primary jobs is to observe and pass on information to the sl and indirect fire support, spotting and reporting to adjust fire solutions and stay alive.
  2. Awesome community

    Yeah I 've noticed some of the experienced guys getting frustrated, but under the circumstances I understand, I haven't ran across any blatant brow beating......yet, and believe me I have giving them justifiable grounds to have gone off on me, I play too long sometimes to the point I become rummy, introvert, but it depends on the group- if the sl is active I will try to break my neck to follow his lead, I can see the drain potential of being a sl and trying to lead a bunch of nfg or people who just aren't on board. I have left a couple of games as a form of biting my tongue, I do not want to feed into a bad situation, one thing about me as I 've aged my tolerance for unnecessary vulgarity has waned, it is all good in certain situations but sometimes it is just adding fuel to the fire.
  3. Awesome community

    I have had nothing but a good experience when interacting with experience players, this is the most head out of the butt community I have ever experienced, helpful and patient especially when dealing with all of the new players.....like myself, it really sets this game apart for me, your efforts and investment of time will not be in vain. thatta boy!
  4. I'm playing on a window's 10 os system I7 9700k mpg z390 mobo 16gb corsair ddr4-3000mhz gtx 1080 ti Samsung SSD 960 EVO nvme 500gb Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1 tb onboard sound Realtek alc1220 which is as good as the dedicated SB card I was using before. Everything on max settings without eye adaptation, average between 80-140 fps with 2.0 super sampling enabled, this is at 1920x1080 on a Samsung c27fg70 monitor (curved) at 100mhz refresh rate, would be less fps on a 4k setup I'm sure.