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  1. [RESOLVED] Font?

    Thank you!
  2. Graphics settings -> compromise of fps and quality

    @Gatzby, i would like to know about SQUAD API, can you help me with it?
  3. canadian primaries recoil is UNFAIR

    IMO, canadians is the stronger faction.

    Não cabe a mim entrar no mérito do ocorrido entre vocês, apesar de ser uma pena para ambas as partes pios gostaria que os brasileiros se entendessem melhor, afinal esse é um jogo de nicho e quanto menos, pior. Em relação à abertura de um novo server, gostaria de entender se ele está ou não "a caminho".

    Bom dia! Gostaria de me disponibilizar a ajudar no que for preciso e que esteja ao meu alcance! Caso seja de interesse, sinta-se à vontade para me contatar. Independente de qualquer coisa, muito obrigado e desejo sucesso!

    Hi all! I was looking for Sapphire Trixx Boost and it only works with DX9, D12 and Vulkan. So which is the API that SQUAD uses? Can I use STB on SQUAD? Thank you!
  7. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Incredible work! keep it up!
  8. HAT Question

    Guys, while playing SQUAD OPS, I got russians and Thermobaric RPG but there isn't description about it or how to use. So, what is the purpose of this missile, Infantry or Armor? Thank you!
  9. New UK Server available!

    What's your problem? You are, always, a negativist person. "It helps a lot who doesn't get in the way". @CWatson, thanks for your efford! My best wishes!
  10. AntiTank - By Erwin

    SQUAD - AntiTank #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyjHYkrL1xk SQUAD - AntiTank #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFD8O1xy_c0
  11. HAT Question

    Hey, guys! Does the order of the different types of missiles matter (high explosive, tandem, high penetration...)? Where, in the vehicle, each missile are more effective (in the track, tower, etc)? Thank you all!
  12. Do artillery and helicopters need nerfs?

    +1 Helicopters are too "biased".
  13. [Faction] Brazilian Forces (BRA)

    Thank you for update! I go for the green helmet.
  14. [Faction] Brazilian Forces (BRA)

    I would like to see the map of Rio de Janeiro. There are a lot of materials for the Devs and I hope they "accept" the "gift" and code it. Thanks Thy!
  15. [BB] Bella's Battleground

    Do not create a Squad if you will not be a SL. Wait 'til someone do it. It was your fault, not server's fault.