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  1. Low FPS

    The post was removed by Admin in way to punish me without reason as I didn't offend nobody or so. BTW, in this topic, I share a good experience that I got after disable SMT in BIOS. I suggest you to try it. Before, I play at low with lot of stutters and stuff like that. After, I'm playing at Ultra, "fine" (~75FPS without too much stutters). I mean, EPIC after run benchmark.
  2. 100 Player Servers

    I agree, I9+2080Ti is cheap, everyone can buy it easely! Lee and YOU are hyper right!!
  3. Low FPS

    @Crimewave Take a look here:
  4. 100 Player Servers

    Thank you! Even at LOW, small freezes occur; All amount of VRAM is consumed; The loading textures makes the game run at 5 FPS. I hope that "settings" work as expected. My best wishes!!
  5. Unplayable after few mins

    Many of us have problems running Squad. Take a look here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/58-hardware-tech-support/ Also in other foruns and communities, many guys talking about it.
  6. Unplayable after few mins

    They can't fix it cause they are whatching "Community Clan Fight Night".
  7. Cyber Monday is Coming... Time to Upgrade GPU

    Okay, you have a decent rig and I believe that some of 1660 series will add more power to your machine! Buy that can fit your wallet as said before.
  8. Cyber Monday is Coming... Time to Upgrade GPU

    Hey @Dufflespud, 1660 TI is slightly better than 1660 Super and cost 30US$ more. So, you could go with Super to better fit with your wallet. I would say that Squad is hungry for CPU performance. That said, what is your rig?
  9. v1.7 is worse than v1.6 (Hotfix solved) Thanks Devs :)

    I suggest all of us run hardware monitor such MSI Afterburner to try to figure out what is happening in you own system while running Squad. As I am insistently saying, no matter which graphic settings I set up, I'm getting VRAM struggling, frame drops like hell (even in a ~25ms server), stutters, etc.
  10. v1.7 is worse than v1.6 (Hotfix solved) Thanks Devs :)

    What about all amount of VRAM being consumed? This was happening also in V16 (I didn't play previous versions as a bought Squad recently). IMO, this could be "part of the opera".
  11. RX 5700XT

    @AskAbout BTW, what's your CPU and how many (GB) RAM do you have?
  12. RX 5700XT

    I suppose that you have other problem such bottleneck or thermal throttling. That's so trivial instead you determine that the problem is your gpu as 5700 is incomparable better against 480. Put your 480 back and try to figure out if it's you new GPU, without change driver as they use same or any Windows settings.
  13. RX 5700XT

    You buy a OS that require tons of updates, same for Office, games and you are thinking that firmware and other drivers will be different... Cmon, come back to real life! What about Nvidia? Doesn't it require drivers update? And what about Ray Tracing? Are you thinking that's running as good as should be? As I said before, Squad need ton of work in optimization and Navi gpu isn't the problem!
  14. RX 5700XT

    The problem isn't 5700 as it's a good mid range gpu but bad game optimization. BTW, we will get better drivers over time and Navi is a completely new gpu architecture as we a are AMD Beta Testers. I believe that we can get better em better results along the time.