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  1. Reduction Construction cost for HESCO walls

    What is your opinion on reducing the cost of HESCO walls to a more reasonable construction cost? The 'major' nations (Russia, US, Britain, CAF) should also receive a Low HESCO wall, giving them an equivalent to the Militia and INS Wooden Trench wall and Dirt Filled Oil Drums. Its a small addition, but i think many SLs, including myself, and very much welcome this addition. I would think 300 cost for a high HESCO would be more fair, but obviously the exact cost isn't the primary talking point
  2. Armored Recovery Vehicles

    What would we all think about adding Armored Recovery Vehicles to Squad? I feel like it'd add a whole new dynamic to bigger games, especially matches with tank v tank combat, like Talil, Al Basrah, and Skorpo just to name a few. Add a towing mechanic with them to allow for unflipping rolled over vehicles and do away with the steady loss of vic HP once flipped. It would also be an interesting mechanic to allow them to either dismantle the wreck or to tow/drag vehicle wreckage back to their team's main base and refund the ticket cost of losing that vehicle and/or reduce the spawn cooldown for the next of that vehicle. It would also give incentive for Sapper and Engineer kits to fully demolish wreckages, to prevent said ticket refund. Here are a few possible vehicles that could be added to fulfill this role for each nation: US https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M88_Recovery_Vehicle Britain http://www.military-today.com/engineering/crarrv.htm Russia https://www.army-technology.com/projects/brem-1m-armoured-recovery-vehicle/ Militia and Insurgents could either do without and ARV or use a T-55 or T-62 variant such as the BTS-4 but im having a lot of trouble finding a viable vehicle for them besides that. For the major nations each vehicle also gets either a 12.7 (US & Russia) or a 7.62 (Britain) for self defense, mostly against infantry