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  1. I mean, I'm not exactly how wide widley is in your opinion but they just got out of a lawsuit with the military lol. "EOTech has supplied thousands of holographic weapons sights to infantry and special operations units that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as law enforcement agencies and civilian consumers."
  2. Can we have an Option to use the Holo scope instead of the red dot. Replace it with the non scoped (or create another weapon selection) for Squad leaders, sappers, etc. It's a widely used and enjoyed scope and I'd rather have it.
  3. suppressors

    Your K/d ratio doesn't matter in this game hence why they don't show your kills till the end of the round. LAT's wondering away from squads get booted from squad, they aren't where you need them, when you need them. Screw the rest of your team right? and id rather have you with armor as an engineer to get heavy rounds and support to help actually capture MISSION OBJECTIVES. If you want a high K/D rate go play a FPS like BF. That is literally the least important thing in this game.
  4. Trenching & Portable HMGs

    I was thinking a 3ft by 6ft patch of dirt that can be dug by any one anywhere as long as squad leader orders it. Riflemen can still place sand bags on top of them to further fortify and even stand up or crouch if needed. This way you can trench out a good 40ft if needed to move across a ridge edit: in fact it would be cool if riflemen dig up trenches, machinegunners dig up sand bags, engineer does mines, and razor wire. All free and off FOBs. Fortifying certain positions is tactical warfare especially under supply routes etc.
  5. Can squad leaders give the ability to construct trenches (similar to sand bags but a dirt hill that you can always dig out for cover) this doesn't need any building supplies supplies and is often used in combat. I'd also like to see a portable HMG + ammo loaded in each vehicle that can be unloaded by squad leader and broken down and reloaded into a vehicle (if destroyed you must go restock them from base) This also keeps mraps, and other non logistic weapon mounted vehicles to work with their squads. The use of portable HMG's and Trenching can add some very interesting fire fights and gives squads more of a tactical way to put pressure on certain choke points in maps and also gives squads more protection from armor, mortars, and other HMG locations, while effectively setting up fire bases on mortar locations etc. With artillery coming, that should wipe out trenches, hmgs, etc.
  6. I've seen quite a few people calling for knock downs (same as a kill but if non life threatening) you can get back up. No one takes a 762 to the chest in a firefight with out some sort of reprocission. That's why you take cover .. if your shot in the legs, you limp until a medic gets you. Arm, sway is bad, chest you're out if breath so you must walk (30 secs) . Only a knock down for chest shots because of the body armor. Not for leg or arms. Everything else is fine. It just adds on top penelties for being freaking shot. Not just wrap that up super man and Sprint back to saftey. This means getting shot in the legs will have a bigger impact on you getting to a medic as you're limping. If shot in the arm, suppression is you're only option to get to a medic. Or you can call for one. This means medics have to do what they should do and run to patients. We don't need crazy medics or anything just either death or bleeding (bandages) and the consequence by where you were shot. That simple.
  7. Firing effects

    I mean rifles do put out a massive amount of compressed air around the muzzle. It would only add to the already well done feel of firing the weapon.
  8. Firing effects

    I believe it was in very early release but I feel it will have a big effect on fire fights as it would in real life. But if prone, or by sand bags and heskos, dust needs to be coming up. Like this.. leaves if in Forest etc. Immersion is key that's why people feel so sucked in already. Also only flashes from inside buildings or at dawn/dusk
  9. I like to think of it as the squad leader as the blue force tracker and the rest of the squad has maps.. they can make their own makers etc but they are only visible on their own map. The blue force tracker the squad leader has (i think that fireteam leaders should get it too now that i think about it) maybe revamp sharable squad markers tools. Say squad 1 draws their movements, same with squad 2,3 etc. I think that will make battlefield awareness much better too. You know you wont have squads moving this way randomly, or this so any movement can almost be guaranteed to be enemy.
  10. I think to really get that feel of how important squad leader is the ability besides building fortifications is to have and create the plan. The rest of your squad shouldn't have any info on their map except the info the squad leader gives them. IE: next objective. All which is already markable. I don't know why my engineer has a map full of probable FOBs, tank sightings, possible contacts etc. That should be between the squad leaders and shared to the squad. It will keep the squad together as they wont just run off thinking they have all the information to go ahead and move on their own. Everything is already there so it's not necessarily a new feature, just restrictions and permissions.
  11. If we could get some containers (like arma) that could be sling loaded on the transport heli (one for building other for ammo and another for vehicle repair) each with 10,000 points to get your fob/hab built quick using logi to move ammo and building between HABS/FOB that would be amazing. Also the ability to sling load vehicles and armor. If you HAB has a repair container the heli can sling it back to HAB to be repaired. Which would be awesome to coordinate especially in dangerous areas. I'm also not sure if you're doing flares and any AA systems possibly just a build feature like the tow. with a short distance lock. (which would take large amounts of building and ammo so you'd need a container) etc. The better we can safe guard and build the better. It really makes the experience in this game worth playing more so than any other game. If you can build solid FOBS quickly with the heli support it will only make it the experience that much better. Any insight from the community on building with these features is welcome!
  12. That's why limping/bad aim if hit in arms, would be huge and an actual jolt from getting hit by a bullet.....
  13. I think we would get a much more authentic feel if a: you get shot in the head your instantly killed (no revive and must respawn) b: all bodies stay on ground for X amount of time regardless of respawn (lets say 10 mins) c: Bodies can be looted for small portions of bandages and ammo (assuming the ammo is friendly) d: You can use downed team mates bandages and ammo (they will need to accept this much like squad leader for trucks) Currently you just have to revive in order (get up this guy hes got 2 bandages so we can get up this guy who has one or none) It makes sense to use any basic medical supplies on the body of the victim and if you're low you can use the deceased hs wound team mate to his left (this could be done with one extra slot for ammo and bandages that can not be filled by ammo crates, because it would be carried not stocked. You also should not be able to pick up the ammo if you have a full load out. Only when out of ammo or down to 1 magazine. Both are pretty common I would think on the battlefield. This being said, when you're revived by a NON medic, you should have to limp and find cover till a medic finds you. This would make gameplay much more tactical in the sense that if a team is holding down a FOB and they don't have their medic, you can over power them instead of just insta revives and full strength, it also makes the medic roll MUCH more important. FOB's could technically put down a medical triage build in an fov they could limp over to and heal as well. Limping is a symptom of injury until a medic gets you. Before or after revive and bandage. You still need a medic or medivac to get your fully healed. This will slow down squads under heavy casualties too. They did this is rogue spear (rainbow six and the up coming ghost recon) it's really does make it that much better. You get shot in the leg, you're not rambowing around. Your ass is limping to the medic. Picking up bandages to stop the bleeding, and ammo near by to help you get to your medic if need be to resupply. LMK what you guys think. I think it may stop a lot of these staglers running out on their own too... to take over FOBS by them self.