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  1. DISREGARD POST: the [EXO] Community has now become the [100%] United Gaming Community. New post uploaded 08/07/2019. Head there for all the details!
  2. COMMUNITY / CLAN : About us: - We are a structured, organised, EU based and primarily English speaking gaming community that has been created with the intent to establish a collective that is like minded and focused on most importantly teamplay, tactics, strategy and co-ordination. - Our habitat consists of mainly: military/tactical and realism shooters with and without combined warfare. Basically games that are aimed at a certain audience, who seek to play a certain way. - For SQUAD we have a casual and more competitive company planned, the establishment of these will be realised further down the road as we grow. The competitive company is for those who want to be more involved in events, training and competing against other clans. - [100%] United Gaming has been involved in competitive Squad play and are looking to expand to more clan-based events. NOTE: We don't care how well you can shoot, WE prefer to play with highly communicative players rather than selfish ones. It's about bounding together, remember: the final score is a team-based outcome. Enlistment conditions: - Must be 17+ - English speaking - Have a microphone - Former expierience in millitary/tactical shooters is a plus - Capable of teamwork - Willing to be active (life comes first of course) - Have a reasonably acceptable name for discord/steam - Maturity - Good sense of humour Other games or clans from [100%] that we have: - ARMA 3 Wasteland Malden server - SQUAD server = ☆☆☆[100%] United Gaming [EU/ENG] ☆☆☆ = Recruiting - SQUAD clan Sign up on discord: DISCORD: https://discord.gg/SDTyNsV
  3. Disregard thread: BravoSix is now part of [EXO] so head there if you still want to join. discord: https://discord.gg/SDTyNsV
  4. I've recently started a team called BravoSix. We're half a dozen members right now and are looking for more to join us preferably in the near future. No requirements needed only the will to play in the tournament and subsequently other tournaments after that. If interested please dm me and join the discord! discord server: https://discord.gg/Z9m2zpp my discord id: neil#6222 steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/neilalec/