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  1. Be part of a community, join the team! We offer you a tactical, teamwork oriented and mature group of gamers to be a part of. We are an international group, most members are from mostly Europe and are working on increasing our North American member base. We host a server that is active daily, Tacticool Teamwork (ENG), that we call home. We have members that play casually, competitively, and in-between and welcome new recruits from all skill levels. Our main focus is Squad, but we enjoy going off-duty and playing all kinds of other games. Interested in joining? Go ahead and complete these steps! 1. Come join us on Discord! Say hello in #Public-Gaming-Chat. Tag @Mentor if you have any questions. 2. Go to https://www.508thpir.com/ and hit the Enlist Now! 3. Fill out the registration form and stay active on our Discord. Friday nights are 508th| Campfire and game night, usually it turns into a party, and is a fun night to stop by our Discord. We welcome anyone that wants to play Squad as a team-player to our Discord, no membership required! Alternatively you can contact us through any of these platforms. Wait is this 508th| or [508th_PIR]? Our 508th tags originated almost NINE years ago as the [508th_PIR]. Due to limitations with the in-game prefix and how steam call-signs work we made a decision to change our tags over to a more modern 508th|. Yes we are the same old group from Project Reality, just with a tag makeover. In-game we go by 508|rank and in discord you can find us with our expanded tags, 508th|rank. The [508th_PIR] is still around some places, and will always be a part of our history. -508th|1LT-Gus One more question are you guys MILSIM? No, Although we do use a military name and rank structure to organize we are not a hardcore milsim clan. What we do comes down to a specific balance and way of tactics and communication, not role-playing.
  2. Server Rules If in doubt, don't do it. No camping main, use your own initiative depending on map. Passive clan recruiting is allowed. This means if someone asks to join you, then that is fine; spamming chat/comms is not. Names must be pronounceable and be comprised from the Latin Alphabet. No intentional team killing except for glitches upon request. Apologize to the person you killed please. No cheating, hacking, bug exploitation or ghosting. This server supports free speech. Banter is allowed, but unwanted harassment is not. Please respect other players and take your issues with each other elsewhere. Squad Leaders MUST have a mic and communicate in English. No half-full squads unless specified in squad description (EG Mortars, BTR). Half-full squads will be asked to merge with other half-full squads. No being an arsehole. Do not conduct yourself in a way that will harm others' game play. During seeding, please fight over the middle two flags and do not approach FOB's/HAB's, use any combat vehicles, or emplacements. Seeding is in place when server is below 40 players or admin says otherwise. Squad leaders must make a reasonable effort to play the objectives. Any squad leader playing in poor spirit will be removed. No idling on the server. AFK players outside of seeding time will be asked to pick a squad or be kicked. Squad Leaders must have the SL kit. Vehicles requiring the Crewman kit must be manned by 2 Crewmen minimum. If you need admin help please go to our Discord, tag @Server Admin [MPs] in the #server-help channel with the with [Player Name] and [What offense is committed] on which [Team and Squad], if possible use evidence so admin will respond faster. Ban appeals can be made here. Donations for the server are always appreciated and can be made here: To find out more about our little group you can check out our forum post. Alternatively you can contact us through any of these platforms.