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  1. DocGiggles I have to say thank you for bringing this up. Any one familiar with ACE mod for Arma. A mod like that in this game would put the role of the medic in a much better light, and maybe even an entire medical system. Critical wound care. transport serious wounded back to base. Only the DEV getting to tools up to date will bring this game into the future. If they would empower the community and grace them with the tools WOW this game would be the NEW BEST THING!
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    OK i have a question for you about my Dedicated server. I found this map in the Steam workshop. I have uploaded it to my server. I read in the squad wiki that I have to create a folder within the Plugins fold named "Mods" . It explain in short to paste the mod in this folder. Now I have a map fold that contains several things. The wiki explains that the path shall look like this <root>\squad\plugins\Mods. After looking at the game folder this to me is not what i see. I see "<root>\Squad\SquadGame\plugins\Mods. So I would be grateful I f you or someone would clarify the proper placement of a workshop map in a server. When Steam down loads the workshop content it is located in the normal <root steam folder>/steamapps/workshop/content/<393380> Then anther folder <1413954878>that contains all the info and folders for the map. i am confused at which part of this content needs to be put in the "Mods" folder. When i open this folder there is as follows: Content folder Hilantagaan.uplugin File modinfo.smi file Inside the Content folder there is a folder named Paks and in side that there are two folders WindowsNoEditor and WindowsServer. So If you can help me unravel this i would be Thankful