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  1. I want to set up a squad public testing server so I can mess around/try/train with my friend with the new weapons, vehicles etc with my own custom settings and maps as well as admin powers to spawn things in. I know how to set up a server with steamcmd but I'm pretty sure it's hosting in main squad and not public testing, so is there any way to set it up and if so then how?
  2. Starting a local server on my machine for training

    what about hosting it on public testing
  3. I have just got the game and on start, the first part works, so starting EasyAntiCheats, but after I get an error saying `Unknown file version "squadgame.exe"` but starting the game from gamefiles, starting squadgame.exe without squad_launcher.exe, works and runs the game but then it doesn't enable EasyAntiCheats and so basically not allowing you to join any server and seems as if its not only me as I found a steam threat on this issue as well