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  1. So you're looking for a group? Well, at LiQuid Gaming, we welcome you to join us as we are rapidly growing and expanding our borders. Currently, we have the 2nd ranked Squad server and another server that is surging through the ranks. Our community takes part in competitive tournaments, hosts multi-clan events, and organizes training events periodically. Furthermore, our community doesn't just play Squad; Escape from Tarkov, Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose, Call of Duty, and FiveM GTA are all other games that are played at LiQ. So, if you'd like to join one of the fastest growing Squad communities out there, join our discord and begin the process today! Sincerely, 『LiQ』Chase Discord: https://discord.gg/EqPJU9r Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/liquidgamingco
  2. We are a rapidly growing group of guys who love to have a great time and play Squad. At LiQ, our main objective is to provide a place for players to come together and enjoy gaming. We strive to be as learning-friendly as possible and will always try our best to do the right thing. Lately, we've ben expanding our horizons and have multiple squad servers, have hosted numerous multi-clan events, and participate in other competitive events/tournaments. If you would like to join us, you can do so with this discord link- https://discord.gg/E8JM7ab. Thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to see you on the battlefield, 『LiQ』
  3. [RC] Riley Company