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  1. The a14 Stutter Problem

    Tried it, no difference. Other things I've done.... Cleared game cache, in-game and manually Verified game files Re-installed game files Updated video driver DDUed video driver then re-installed video driver Different video card settings: no OC/low power, slight OC/high power I should mention that the game stutters in the menu, too, because it's rendering the tank scene in the background. The mouse bounces around and it's difficult to make selections. Again, not initially upon launch, but eventually.
  2. The a14 Stutter Problem

    I built a rig in February primarily to play Squad, after watching some Karmakut videos. It worked fine, even with only 8GB single-channel when one of my two sticks arrived DOA. Version a13 got a little performance bump and looked better. But since version a14 it is unplayable, stuttering with huge frame rate drops. It works fine for a few minutes after joining Shooting Range or a server, then performance degrades. When it stutters, CPU usage and GPU usage both drop. My PC specs are: Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 i7 8700K, not OC, mild temps 16GB RX 590, mild temps, latest driver Squad launched from SSD 1920x1080 fullscreen with mostly Epic settings for 1080p 60hz monitor 2560x1440 fullscreen with Medium to Epic settings for 1440p 144hz monitor Here are a couple recordings of it behaving normally then things going south.
  3. Low FPS on High-end PC

    Which is terrible considering I have a more powerful CPU, a more powerful GPU, and twice the RAM.
  4. Low FPS on High-end PC

    I have the same problem, starting with a14, on a higher end desktop. Version a13 worked fine. It's not a map issue, as it occurs in the Shooting Range. It occurs in 1080p with known good settings from a13 and in 1440p with lesser settings. It's not 100%, but is is eventually 100%. I can't play Squad due to this problem. This video shows it working fine for a while, then I disconnected from the Shooting Range, and re-joined as a different faction and it was slow: Edit to add: Cleared cache in game and deleted files. Same problem with old AMD driver and new driver. Win10 and Squad on M.2 SATA Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 i7 8700K, stock 16GB (2x8) RX 590, latest driver 1080p 60hz monitor via HDMI, 1440p 144hz monitor via DP