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  1. I've got "msi z390-a pro" motherboard and asus xg-c100c network adapter, the problem is that when I use wi-fi connection It's working fine. I see plenty of servers, but if I start using my ethernet connection through asus xg-c100c network adapter, it's only 3-4 servers, no more. What you would suggest in my case. I've tried change settings in steam for server search, flushing dns, switching off ipv6, reinstalling drivers, cleaning steam cache and this "Killer Network Manager" I can't delete what I just don't have. Well, this is really funny, now i'm just using my wi-fi adapter to update server list with servers, then I disable my wi-fi, and switch on my ethernet connection. So I have no problem playing on server through my ethernet network. JUST GREAT, if I wish to play squad using ethernet network, I have to do that fiddly things. One more addition, seems like there is a problem with "asus xg-c100c network adapter", if I use the integrated network adapter it's work fine, and with wi-fi adapter is fine too. Is any suggestions what to do with it?