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  1. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Also - no nametags at all cuz you said The max I would go for is maybe nametags within 5 meters (but it really shouldn't be hard to find your mates without them IMHO). Also insta death is a little sad when the medic insists on reviving you without clearing the area first (but maybe the mentality would change). I really would like HC mode, because crawling in the bushes, listening to all the shooting, explosions and tanks driving around makes me feel very HC. It all stops when I see a nametag or something like that.
  2. I might have selected a better title for the thread, because what I'm suggesting here is not a full stance adjustment system in fact, what I tried to accomplish with my post was to discourage from seeing this as an option for a full stance adjustment system (looking back, I might have made that more clear). What you suggest has been suggested numerous times on the forum, however it is not becoming a feature any time soon, I think, because your proposed stance adjustment system means basically starting over with everything character movement related. I do not want the developers to focus so much effort on a feature the game works without. All I want is a simple tweak, kind of a more user friendly and official way of achieving the state that you get when you very quickly alternate between pressing A and D while crouched minus the walking weapon sway (if that makes sense).
  3. TLDR: When pressing movement keys while crouched, the character gets a litle bit higher to walk. I sugest that when both left and right movement key is held, the character gets a little bit higher, just like when you crouch-walk, but doesn't actually move. FURTHER ELABORATION: EXPANDED METHOD: OK let me hear your thoughts.
  4. My thought exactly. While resting your hand on a wall might be a great idea in the real life, this sort of interaction in games is usually very unpredictable - how much am I going to peek up, what are my achievable angles going to be, is it actually possible to perform this action on this wall. I really like the possibilities of ARMA3 stance system and I highly dislike the user experience with the controls. I have spent so much time thinking about how to improve the control scheme and it seems (sadly) almost impossible.