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  1. While not afraid of being SL, I think I'm gonna try to make a smaller squad next time. I easily get overburdened and while I try my hardest to lead on, while I try my hardest to keep having fun (and I do), there are times when the amount of people spread out, the amount of requests coming in, the amount of call outs can just be too much. My last game I had two guys constantly spreading out doing their own Call of Duty TDM. I find it hard to kick people for some reason and I try to just give in and let my team do what they want to do for the sake of their own fun. So then I end up pinned down in a compound, I'm asking for at least two guys on three different points, and I'm only getting two guys on one point and the rest are either dead or across the map or extending too far. This spread only makes things harder for me and then the sapper that's literally 900m away from me is on radio while we're getting shot at telling me to mark an enemy logi 300m from his pos. I'm too passive and it sucks. Leading is fun though, hell ye.
  2. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Eizoe Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Eizoe/ Primary Language: English Age: 18+ Timezone or Region: EST/Canada Nature of Interest: Casual. I want a friend group to just chill and have fun with but still play Squad semi seriously. Not looking for strict schedules to play or deadlines of the sorts. Gaming Background: -117 hours in Squad as of June 4th -Confident in my Squad experience, may not be amazing however I have enough knowledge to feel confident taking lead on occasion and have been complimented on my lead skills. Still learning of course -No experience with clans -DMG rank in CS:GO during Bloodhound op -Too much time spent in TF2 -I enjoy single player games over multiplayer -Most of my pvp experience is in solo queuing. All of my tactical pvp experience is solo queuing Additional Skills: Obeys SL, gives advice and suggestions as to what moves to take (when confident in my advice), willing to play whichever class is asked of me and tries to use radio somewhat conservatively. Love sitting on mortars and I'm extremely interested in learning vehicular manslaughter as solo queuing has me playing infantry nearly 99% of the time. (I can drive a logi with ease, techie's are slightly troublesome for me due to their icy handling.) Status: Unsigned Active extremely often on Steam and Discord.