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  1. Sumari loads fine but other maps don't, the map loading screen with keymappings appear but the loading never finishes, while loading on the top right corner it shows "loading *mapname*mapversion" and then after a long while the top right text changes to "Loading" and i'm sent back to the starting screen. Kamdesh used to work but now i can only get to the translucent loading screen with the rifleman running then the black "loading" screen with key mappings appear and sends me back to the starting screen with the error message "connection timed out" or "server closed connection". I've got 8GB RAM and an HDD, i did all the things normally recommended in this case (pinned messages in the support channel of the official discord) but the issue remains unresolved. it's a very frustrating issue (not being able to play the game i bought) kindly help me fix it.