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  1. Noob Wants to Find the Right Server

    That's where I went. Very popular...never got out of the queue! I'll be back, though.
  2. Noob Wants to Find the Right Server

    Thanks, guys! I'm on my way right now. Hope to see ya soon! (That is. if you're online - any ideas when you're usually on, West? I'm in NE PA. Eastern zone)
  3. First off, I'm always launching Squad from Steam (if that matters). I'm not a total flop, but an older vet, and I'm blown away by the list of servers available. I need to find someplace that isn't geared to the "professionals," and I just want to get into the online experience and have fun. The few servers I've managed to get onto, I was totally lost in the group, most of whom seemed to have been playing together for awhile. Are there servers where I can get my feet wet, be accepted as a noob, and learn the ropes? I follow Karmakut and Drewski up on FB to kinda figure out what's going on, but don't seem to know where they play, either. I just want to get into this and have fun. Any suggestions would be humbly appreciated. -= Florida =-
  4. Jensen's Range Reset

    Trying to appear not so "Noob" when I jump on a server, so I'm trying to use Jensen's Range to get used to all the systems and the shooting style. There is a live-fire area where you have to run a clock-measured course inside a building, popping the targets as you go. There's a starting line that's supposed to start the timer, which is supposed to stop when you exit and re-cross the line. I ran the course once, and nothing seemed to work - think I hit all the targets, but timer still said Zero, although I crossed the line when I exited. I quit the game and came back a few days later, and decided to take more care in running the course. But when I crossed the line and entered the building, all of the targets were still down where I had shot them earlier. Just as I had left them. And no timer again. Question: is there any way to reset the course, so I can try to get better on my times? BTW, I'm running v.14. Started with v.12. -= Florida =-
  5. Free look / TrackIR Support

    I have both TrackIR and a Steam controller. And it's nice having both in ArmA III. With the Steam controller especially, you rarely have to even touch the keyboard or mouse. As HippoRider mentioned, Existential Egg has a great profile for Squad - check it out on YouTube to see how it works. I would like to see the TrackIR implemented for the freelook! Hopefully, it will get added.
  6. Well, just bought and installed the latest Squad after watching some interesting YouTube videos. Also use DCS World and ArmA III, but wanted something that didn't need all the extra baggage, if ya know what I mean. Looking forward to joining a server and dying immediately! I'm an older guy who just retired, so I'm looking for some simple action until I get my feet wet! Any recommendations would be highly appreciated. -= Florida =-
  7. Microphone not working

    Been following this thread, and I currently have a Razer Electra V2 headset, which works well everywhere else. Haven't tried with Squad yet, but is there a way to test my mic in Squad without joining a server and finding out I can't be heard? Or do I have to join a team first? TIA! -= Florida =-