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  1. Audio only in one ear

    Sorry, I've been away for a bit. Thanks for the suggestion Scoobi, that should work as a temporary fix. I will also follow up with support since this issue doesn't seem to be affecting everyone else with usb headsets.
  2. Audio only in one ear

    I just bought Squad to try, but I can't get the audio to work properly. I have Hyper X Cloud II's and when they are plugged in through the USB port I get most of the game sound through the left ear only. The music and some of the general background noise come through the right ear, but all vehicle, player movement, and firefight sounds come through the left ear only and are not affected at all by rotating my character. If I plug in using the 3.5mm jack, the sound works properly, but I'm left with no mic. I've tried updating the audio drivers as well as updating all NVidia drivers. I checked the game files and also reinstalled to be sure. I've tried on both epic and low quality sound settings. Also, I've tried this with 7.1 surround turned on and off on the headphones, with no change. I've seen Suicidal Chair's fix for missing sound all together, but that's not what I'm experiencing. Any suggestions?