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  1. 14th Infantry Regiment - Recruiting!

  2. 14th Infantry Regiment - Recruiting!

  3. 10th Mountain Division 2nd Brigade Combat Team 14th Infantry Regiment 2nd Battalion Charlie Co. “Regulators” Headquarters About Us The 2-14th Infantry Regiment is a Military-Simulation unit, simulated by like-minded individuals that prides ourselves in professionalism, historical accuracy, and overall mission readiness. The 14th IR is a newly founded unit within the Squad community, and we aim to bring our experiences from past simulations to life on this well-balanced structure of a game. We are looking for dedicated, potential candidates that meet our criteria of ethical performance and the like of minds to enlist in our team! While we strive to be realistic in game, we are still a laid back community looking to have fun and and bring new experiences to those seeking. What We Offer Teamwork-oriented style of gameplay US Army Rank System and Chain of Command structure Multiple schools and occupations for those willing to earn them Leadership capabilities and staff jobs Active membership Active duty / prior-service veteran experience How To Enlist We are currently recruiting for our first recruit platoon! To join the 14th Infantry Regiment, every new member must go through our 5 day One Station Unit Training course. Though it may seem like a process, we are looking to ensure we intake quality soldiers to place within our unit. Our training cadre will work with you to complete your training, even to involve make-up days that are more fitting to your schedule if needed. Our Initial Entry Training will instruct you on how the unit operates and allows us to learn a little about you. We accept members of all experience levels and have times that are flexible for all people. If you are interested in enlisting in our unit, please join our discord to start your recruiting process: https://discord.gg/fvGYebH If you have any questions, feel free to leave a reply. Signed, First Lieutenant, William Ryker First Platoon “Spartans” Platoon Leader