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  1. Running on low perfomance

    Some screenshots of my CPU-Z to give you all the information. https://imgur.com/a/bKwAxjf I build the pc by myself but like 7 years ago. I only bought the 1060 some months ago. Bevor the 1060 i had a Radeon R390 or something like that in it. Im already looking for new things and wanted to add extra 16gb to have 32gb with my old 8gb. My full spec is 7 years Old except my 700w Power adapter and my 1060. So im looking for a newer full system and a new Monitor but i think my 1060 cant handle a 2560x1440 144hz monitor
  2. Running on low perfomance

    jea i already did that. Its helping alot to improve fps but there are still to many problems for me to play squad smooth. Running the game around 30-40 fps with fps drops.
  3. Hello there first of all, my english is not the best. Sorry for that. just asking you guys why my current PC is running Squad so badly. GPU: 1060 6GB CPU: i7 4770k RAM: 8GB OS: w10 64bit Squad isnt running smoothly enough to be enjoyable for me. There are many micro lags and cant really see things (or enemys) clearly enough. Tested all graphic settings and tweaked alot arround to try to fix this. Im not blind or bad at shooters, i got the same issues in Arma 3 so i think my CPU isnt the best anymore. Can you guys give me some tips or do you think my rig is too bad for Squad? Im allready looking for newer components for my pc like the i9 9900k, more Ram and a new monitor with 144hz (currently 60hz). I think the Nvidia 1060 is still good enough. What do you guys think? Ty for the future help and again, sorry for my bad english. I understand writen english well but cant write it