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  1. Helicopters.

    LugNut knows exactly what I'm talking about. I played Squad from day one without vehicles and IMO it worked just fine, don't you remember? And I'm not talking about 20 guys with Stingers. Even if you have only a single Stinger and a single helo on the map they would have to be nerfed to hell in the current map sizes. Either that or you add heavy fog that sets in at 300m like in PR and that was ugly as hell. As for the helis in Quake maps, I don't know what they're like, but a Viper, let alone a jet, (IRL) will cruise across Kohat in less than a minute and Sumari in 15 seconds, unless you nerf their speed to hell too.
  2. Helicopters.

    The maps are just too small for aircraft. You would need a huge map for aircraft to make sense, something along the size of Arma maps. Unless they nerf all anti-air systems to hell, in that case they would have to nerf aircraft to hell and what you end up with is basically the Battlefield series. Also ground vehicles are almost pointless as transports because they drive across the map in less than 30 seconds. At that point why not just walk. I would love to see aircraft in Squad, but only on a map big enough to support them with realism and I'm keeping my fingers crossed OWI will try this. After all, Bohemia sells whole games on a single map.
  3. Helicopters.

    Helos are excellent and should definitely make their way into the game. However having helos in the current maps' sizes is just useless. Even wheeled vehicles right now are borderline pointless except for the guns on them. A map should be at least 10x10 km to really see vehicles' full potential.
  4. Bring Back the Old Smaller Gorodok Map

    Please don't make small maps, big maps are the #1 reason this game is great. If I wanted constant non stop action I would just play Call of Duty.
  5. SVD too weak

    I don't see any problems at all with the SVD in its current state, it works just fine. IMO it's the best gun in the game right now. It's dumb that they added the 110 and put an acog scope on it, why not just wait until high magnification scopes are added. One shot kills should be reserved for .50 cal bullets and above, which in this current version I don't think even happens (for balance or something).
  6. Character Sliding In Map I Created

    Title says it all. When testing my map in the SDK with the "Play" tool, my character will slide around, especially near the edges on the map. A search on this issue doesn't bring up any helpful threads. What is going on here and how can I fix this?
  7. Share of magazines and reload system

    There could be a system where you can share ammo by pressing a number key to "equip" in your hand whatever magazine your weapon uses and you can go next to a player and if he has a weapon that accepts the same magazines you can click on him (like with a medic bag) and give him a magazine.
  8. cheaters

    Not hacking related but I'm 99% sure that admins can abuse admin powers. I've had multiple instances where I'm laying in the middle of nowhere very far from teammates and enemies, cover all around me, haven't fired a single shot, turn around and see some guy point blank right behind me and headshots me. I know for a fact that there is a free observer camera in this game where you can fly a camera around the map and see players highlighted in green and red and I think admins can do this with a command.
  9. Weapon aim is WAY off

    Don't know if this is the right board, but when you aim at an elevation either up or down, the shots land very high and/or are very off target. It's especially apparent at high pitch angles. This wasn't an issue in the previous versions.
  10. Is it possible?

    No I wouldn't mind duplicates at all, there are many duplicates in the Al-Basrah remake. I think if they have a pool of say 100 unique buildings it might be enough to populate a map of this scale.
  11. Is it possible?

    One of my favorite maps in PR was Fallujah and it would be great to see a remake like Al-Basrah got. The fact that Squad's version of Al-Basrah had every building with interiors made this map infinitely better. One thing that bothers me though about urban maps in Squad like Sumari is that the city area is so small, it's almost Battlefield series size and it feels like an arena deathmatch. Fallujah's "urban" area alone IRL is about 5x5 km. Would it be likely or possible that Fallujah (or any urban map) gets remade to those IRL dimensions with every building interior enterable? That would make for an epic urban battle map. It would probably be the best game map ever made to date.
  12. Knockdown, Body Armor, Killing

    Tripping when walking might be totally random but getting knocked down by a bullet is not random. Someone had to intentionally concentrate and use their skill to put that bullet in you in the first place. I see getting randomly knocked down from that bullet as just another penalty for letting yourself get shot. Adding armor shouldn't decrease the skill level of the game. After all, Counter-Strike, the FPS that is considered the top skill based competitive multiplayer e-sports game in the world has armor as a feature. As for the dev saying no killing incapacitated soldiers because "gameplay and personal ethical reasons", how is having to babysit a downed body until it despawns good for gameplay? If a player uses his skill to kill a player he should get that kill because he earned it. Instead the current system leaves it up to chance that an enemy medic will revive and nullify his kill, now that's randomness not skill. "Personal ethical reasons". Really? So it's not ethical to shoot a soldier a couple more times to finish him but it IS ethical to saw him in half with bullets and explosives to incapacitate him? It IS ethical to go to war and murder other soldiers because your government needs more crude oil? This isn't a Geneva conventions simulator.
  13. It would be cool if there was sometimes a random knockdown effect when you get hit with a full power rifle cartridge bullet or higher, similar to how you get knocked down (but not die) when a vehicle hits you. I've seen videos where soldiers get hit by probably a Russian full power rifle cartridge bullet (7.62x54mmR) and the bullet doesn't penetrate their armor but they collapse to the ground from the impact. Also it would be cool if body armor was factored into this where you have a RNG system where sometimes the bullet doesn't penetrate if it hits the armor plating and does a random amount of minimal damage. Another suggestion is to be able to kill incapacitated soldiers. When you get hit enough you go in to an incapacitated mode where you have to wait for a medic but you are otherwise invincible to death, which is totally unrealistic. It would be cool if in that mode you have an animation where you squirm around on the ground a little to show that you are still alive and can be killed for good. This eliminates the need to have to babysit the body of a soldier every time you down someone.
  14. Bullet sound design

    Cool, thanks for the reply.
  15. Bullet sound design

    I noticed in the tracer effects video that bullets passing right by the observer had no "bullet snap". IRL when a rifle bullet passes right by you you hear a snap. They had bullet snap in project reality, which has the best sound design in any game I ever played.