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  1. Animations for Entering and Exiting Vehicles

    Those are great ideas that would help a lot in the realism department. They should definitely implement it if they won't consider animations. It's not just eye candy, some basic realism with animations and physics would greatly change a lot of tactics around how players interact with vehicles.
  2. Pilot Qualifications, Flight Hours, Management

    I think the current system works. Strykers and the BTR are monsters and you would think they are mobbed whenever they spawn but most games I see them sitting in base while players would rather just spawn in with their squad's rally and continue the fight on foot. I saw this in PR too BTW with tanks and aircraft. Also most times there is even trouble from your own squad leader giving approval of a vehicle for his squad member. What if the other squad leaders decide to troll that day and decide to not cooperate? Again it's the squad leader and commander's role to manage those vehicles. If you're dicking around with the vehicles, the squad leader tells you to stop or get kicked and that would kick you out of the vehicle. And command can start a demote against a squad leader by a vote among the command and that would kick him out of the vehicle.
  3. There should be at least basic vehicle enter, exit and seat switching animations. If Grand Theft Auto 3 back in 2001 could do it it should be easy for Squad. We don't need Uncharted 4 levels of cinematic motion captured animation. Just basic animations, even ugly Bioware level animations are better than nothing. When you sit in the right side of a truck you go out and in the right door. When you switch seats to the roof gun you crawl from your seat to the gun. When you're in armor and you switch from driver's seat to gunner's seat you crawl to it instead of magically teleporting to it. That would solve the problem of rambos 1 manning armor meant to be manned by 3 crew members. (Also why are most armor missing the commander's seat like there is in the scout car?) Of course this would probably mean there needs to be interiors for every vehicle too but again the interiors don't need to be realistic to every little knob and gauge, just basic plain interiors works.
  4. Pilot Qualifications, Flight Hours, Management

    I don't agree that players should be locked out of vehicles unless they go through hoops or if they have poor performance. That would make the fun of the game so much less accessible to the player base. You can't use content you paid for unless you pass checks? That's too harsh. That's more of the squad leader or commander's job to kick absolutely horrible drivers out of vehicles. If you're a great driver, good for you you will probably win the match but there's no need to hardcode punishments in for noobs.
  5. Disable team switch or hide map

    This to the MAX. There needs to be a system to prevent team sniping which is a real problem that I've personally seen happen and happens way too much from reading the forums. Here's a few suggestions for OWI: 1. Disable recording of microphone for all tasks except for Squad when Squad exe is running. I'm not sure if this is possible. 2. Make a lobby and matchmaking system Call of Duty style were you can make a lobby with your friends and join the server as a group. When players start dying, the server automatically switches lobby group members to the same team with dead players on the opposite team. 3. More Steam integration. The game should know if friends on Steam are on the same server and switch dead players until all friends are on the same team. This also applies to players with the same IP address. 4. Prevent Steam friends and lobby group members and players with the same IP address from switching teams manually after they have been team switched by the server bot or once manually themselves. 5. Auto kick afk players with no input after a certain time period. Each time they try to rejoin the server, they are blocked for longer and longer with a global cooldown timer. 6. And this is probably the most important and simplest fix. Only have the squad leaders' icon and no squad member's icons be visible on the map to teammates not in that Squad. The squad leader's icon should only update position every couple of minutes or so. For a game where tactics and teamplay is so important, allowing cheaters to team snipe absolutely kills the point of the game.
  6. Helicopters.

    LugNut knows exactly what I'm talking about. I played Squad from day one without vehicles and IMO it worked just fine, don't you remember? And I'm not talking about 20 guys with Stingers. Even if you have only a single Stinger and a single helo on the map they would have to be nerfed to hell in the current map sizes. Either that or you add heavy fog that sets in at 300m like in PR and that was ugly as hell. As for the helis in Quake maps, I don't know what they're like, but a Viper, let alone a jet, (IRL) will cruise across Kohat in less than a minute and Sumari in 15 seconds, unless you nerf their speed to hell too.
  7. Helicopters.

    The maps are just too small for aircraft. You would need a huge map for aircraft to make sense, something along the size of Arma maps. Unless they nerf all anti-air systems to hell, in that case they would have to nerf aircraft to hell and what you end up with is basically the Battlefield series. Also ground vehicles are almost pointless as transports because they drive across the map in less than 30 seconds. At that point why not just walk. I would love to see aircraft in Squad, but only on a map big enough to support them with realism and I'm keeping my fingers crossed OWI will try this. After all, Bohemia sells whole games on a single map.
  8. Helicopters.

    Helos are excellent and should definitely make their way into the game. However having helos in the current maps' sizes is just useless. Even wheeled vehicles right now are borderline pointless except for the guns on them. A map should be at least 10x10 km to really see vehicles' full potential.
  9. Bring Back the Old Smaller Gorodok Map

    Please don't make small maps, big maps are the #1 reason this game is great. If I wanted constant non stop action I would just play Call of Duty.
  10. SVD too weak

    I don't see any problems at all with the SVD in its current state, it works just fine. IMO it's the best gun in the game right now. It's dumb that they added the 110 and put an acog scope on it, why not just wait until high magnification scopes are added. One shot kills should be reserved for .50 cal bullets and above, which in this current version I don't think even happens (for balance or something).
  11. Character Sliding In Map I Created

    Title says it all. When testing my map in the SDK with the "Play" tool, my character will slide around, especially near the edges on the map. A search on this issue doesn't bring up any helpful threads. What is going on here and how can I fix this?
  12. Share of magazines and reload system

    There could be a system where you can share ammo by pressing a number key to "equip" in your hand whatever magazine your weapon uses and you can go next to a player and if he has a weapon that accepts the same magazines you can click on him (like with a medic bag) and give him a magazine.
  13. cheaters

    Not hacking related but I'm 99% sure that admins can abuse admin powers. I've had multiple instances where I'm laying in the middle of nowhere very far from teammates and enemies, cover all around me, haven't fired a single shot, turn around and see some guy point blank right behind me and headshots me. I know for a fact that there is a free observer camera in this game where you can fly a camera around the map and see players highlighted in green and red and I think admins can do this with a command.
  14. Weapon aim is WAY off

    Don't know if this is the right board, but when you aim at an elevation either up or down, the shots land very high and/or are very off target. It's especially apparent at high pitch angles. This wasn't an issue in the previous versions.
  15. Is it possible?

    No I wouldn't mind duplicates at all, there are many duplicates in the Al-Basrah remake. I think if they have a pool of say 100 unique buildings it might be enough to populate a map of this scale.