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  1. I've taken a long break from Squad, and recently started playing again a little over a weak ago. Since the last time I played and then there have been a lot of updates. Yet, everything practically remains the same. I've noticed no major changes. Is it just me or has (besides the supposed bug fixes that don't actually fix anything), this game become stagnant in development? Weapon customization. Why are we stuck with the preset loadouts? Honestly, when I choose a role it is more based on what the loadout is vs what I'm actually good at. There needs to be some form of customization. Yes, I agree that certain classes should be restricted to certain categories of guns, like a machine gunner shouldn't be able to have a sniper rifle and so forth, but perhaps add a variety of guns of similar category and allow a player to select what gun they get and what optics go on it. Reloading needs to be faster, much faster. In the real world, there are two types, there's tactical, and then there is speed. Currently the game employs only tactical, but there needs to be speed reloading. When there isn't cover and the I need to reload, the wait is too long. A lot of my deaths happen during a wait for me to reload. Also, swapping weapons is way too slow, especially going from primary to secondary. They use slings for a reason, not just to shoulder weapons, but to drop them on the chest and draw secondary. The animation needs to be faster. Seriously, you should hire some vets and give them gun props and watch them go through the notions of swapping between weapons and gear. You shouldn't have to cock or take your weapon off safety every time you swap either. And with LAT and HATs, why do they have to go through the process of readying an AT4 launcher every time you switch weapons? if you ready it once you shouldn't have to do it again. And with RPG's, we shouldn't have to go through the process of unloading it when stowing it unused...just doesn't make any sense. Friendly name tags...well, IRL of course there would be no name tags that appear above your head (as of yet anyways) but this game has them and they aren't done very well. For one, if they're going to exist in the game they should be easier to read, and always be there, and not vanish when you look away. Sometimes at a distance a friendly looks like a hostile, and the name tags are way to slow at manifesting. Most of the time I get killed trying to IFF (because on some maps uniforms are too similar). Truth is I think a lot of players have come to rely on the name tags to IFF and results in too much friendly fire (don't say they should pay attention more to uniform, this crap is being enabled by the devs).
  2. Fireteams should also have a leader of its own, with the ability to deploy rally and ammo crates, possibly a limited type of defensive structures.