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  1. Mortar calculator == cheat?

    I didn't say everyone, I said a lot of players. There is enough functionality in game to place accurate shots - there is a table for altitude, marker for distance and squaddies to correct fire. Sounds like an excuse, really. You definitely get advantage over other players using third party software that way. Because it is cannot be banned like Reshade, doesn't mean you must abuse it. I have match recently, where two guys on Main used UB-32 that way with such calculators. They spammed rockets with pin point accuracy in 10 sec after marker placed. Both of them got 70+ kills and next round 2/3 just leaved the server.
  2. I found a lot of players using different mortar calculators on the Internet. I am just curios about that. There is a table for mortar usage in game. Using third party software that calculates all needed parameters, that gives player an advantage in game... Looks like a cheat definition, isn't it? The advantage is extremly noticeble on UB-32, because of rockets number. You can wipe out several squads in seconds just because of third party calc accuracy, rockets number and dispersion. I understand that there is no possibility to reveal that group of cheaters, so I want to suggest change the ingame UB-32 calculator to show only integres: Also I want to suggest to deny usage of UB-32 from Main base. P. S. Also I want to ask to increase the dispersion of mortars mines except UB-32.
  3. Temporal AA sharpening

    Actually, that is not a fix. Just better implementation, since there is still ghosting and blurriness.
  4. Make it possible to choose left/right channels for SL comms and Squad comms in settings tab. The same feature is in Task Force Radio for Arma 3 mod. You are able to change ears for comms, like - SLs communicate in right channel (right ear) and squad communicate on left channel (left ear). That will make less mess with communication SL to SL and inside squad, because you will know who talks to you.
  5. Suppression

    New Squad meta = more counter-strike players and make Squad like CS.
  6. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    hardcoded medium-high settings: - effects - shadows and fix that finally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqbV0Xte1fk
  7. Suppression

    true... I also would like enemies to glow like in BF, sometimes it is hard to notice them in bushes.
  8. Low FPS on High-end PC

    AMD FX has bad IPC, it has weak cores. The problem may also be not in CPU, but probably is. Install MSI afterburner and check CPU and GPU load.
  9. Low FPS on High-end PC

    This is bad.
  10. Suppression

    Suppression rewards your skill to overcome suppression and shoot back. Any proofs on that? I mean - increasing sway, recoil, etc.
  11. Suppression

    Yes but if I miss you will be unable to jump into the air, make 180 degree turn and headshot with one bullet. Well actually, I have already saw such players. May be you are not skilled enough for that. Train hard and suppression will not be an issue for you.
  12. Suppression

    Why not to do that? Rembolike playstyle when enemy miss and you jump into the air, make 180 degree turn and headshot with one bullet is what you want probably. Well there are a lot of games for this - CS, BF, COD. Squad is a game with a little more realism. If you didn't saw enemy first, that is your fault. If you miss (anybody misses), you will get bonus like any other.
  13. Suppression

    There is no fear in game, suppression is one of the mechanics to replicate it. Well, we can remove suppression but x4 the recoil and sway. Then you will be unable to shhot back and MG with bipods will be a real MG.
  14. What FOV are you using

    FOV depends on aspect ration. Since you go from 16:9 to 16:9, FOV remains the same.
  15. There is possibility to change sensitivity: 4x zoom sensitivity applies to M150 only, not to 1p78, SUSAT or ACOG. Easy to check.