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  1. My Christmas list for Squad

    You want it think so, but actually they are the same thing. There are different aimbots here and there, some of them can be configured different ways. Some of them need you to pick a player and you will headshot him. Others disable recoil, so you do not need to control spread, etc. The idea the same - any third-party software that gives you an advantage is a cheat. Third party sharpening/gamma/color filters (you know that you can change gamma in Nvidia Panel on the fly), recoil macros, mortar calculators, etc. That is why I ask devs to add mortar calc in game (or atleast give player a ruler on map) or add randomness to mortars. Since anyone can install sharpening/gamma filters with Nvidia Freestyle (probably AMD has the same software), why devs blocked gamma in game? You can freely install macros programs to reduce recoil, should we consider such software as a cheat?! I think we should. Can we prevent it's usage - no, but we can add mechanics that reduce advantage. If you want to discuss, lets continue that dialogue in private, since the thread is not about that at all.
  2. My Christmas list for Squad

    Classic aimbot cheat: - third-party software - gives advantage over other players, that do not use it - shoots with pinpoint accuracy to player head Mortar calc: - third-party software - gives advantage over other players, that do not use it - shoots with pinpoint accuracy to enemy FOB/HUB/etc. It is pretty obvious, isn't it?
  3. Script for ''View range of Grass''

    Obviously that is a language barrier, since you do not understand meaning of foreign words. False statement that you agree with, but still use in the next paragraph of the same post. Absense of logic. You are done.
  4. My Christmas list for Squad

    Freetrack/TrackIR support Better helicopter simulation Stronger suppression effects Fix mortar calcs cheating (add randomness to every angle table on each round or add calc in game) More events logging (with map coords) to server log Cheaper hosting
  5. Script for ''View range of Grass''

    Provide a link to this "script", please.
  6. Script for ''View range of Grass''

    False statement, since OWI added anticheat service - EAC. OWI cares about cheaters, there are several players in this thread that discuss issue and cares too. All is needed is an answer from OWI developer is such software counted as cheat. If it is a cheat, it should be counted as a cheat by EAC and/or patched in game to prevent it usage. Otherwise, such software is whitelisted to use. The silence from OWI may be caused by "low-priority" category. They should mark it as "high-priority", since they are unable to check if players use it, some/most of tournament players may already use it. I am sure that if you @[IN3]=4=ever post a video or clip from twitch streamer to show the difference with/without. That surely move it in "high priority" category for OWI. Since I expect it gives a huge advantage over other players.
  7. Weird Bugs

    Also ask them is it an exploit to put FOB inside rocks. Common feature on Gorodok map.
  8. Weird Bugs

    Funny enough, if you are SL and going to put FOB or HUB but gets killed. But since you are stuck in radial menu, you still able to to put. I had it once. Since you know how to get stuck, that is looks like an explot.
  9. That can be solved with rcon tool and a script, that will mix teams based on some metrics or without metrics at all. Simply mix teams randomly, taking in account clan tag. That can be done by any server admin with some programmer skills.
  10. Free look / TrackIR Support

    With Beta 17 I have tried to simulate head tracking in helicopters with Opentrack but with no luck. You can map head tracking to mouse movements via mouse emulation (in Opentrack) but there are limitations in game. The idea: Activate freelook in game (in helicopter) Mouse emulation in Opentrack (headtracking moves mouse -> moves camera) Pilot helicopter with joystick Since you can manipulate helicopter with keyboard buttons while freelook, I thought that it will work with joystick too. But looks like game can work with only one analog input at a time. You can freelook with headtracking but joystick input do not work in freelook mode, only keyboard works. Also there is an ugly camera clipping in freelook mode on Pilot seat, pilot head not moving, only camera moves (so you will see helmet, mouth, eyes from inside of "head"). I didn't messed up with joystick in game, maybe someone can repeat steps with success, write back then. Opentrack interface: Mouse emulation (Opentrack settings):
  11. Script for ''View range of Grass''

    May you give a link on such streamer, just to check how it really works.
  12. Free Squad Game Server

    Since there are no single player in Squad, then seems fine if developer provide free servers in countries that popular in Squad.
  13. Helicopter Joystick Support

    For now gaming with joystick is not enjoyable enough. It is not challenging, mouse + keyboard gives better results. Basicly you can do more with mouse, more aggresive, faster manuevers. There are no deadzone settings, no curves, no trackir support for joystick. Also helicopters speed is too low.
  14. New RCON Tool (share your logs)

    Close the thread, please.
  15. I plan to program a new RCON tool for Squad servers, but I do not have any servers to get logs from and to test it. Please, share your server logs. That will help me.