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  1. Graphics settings -> compromise of fps and quality

    Use third party cheating software - Nvidia Freestyle to sharpen image, change gamma, brightness, etc And switch off any antialiasing, because AA of any type makes your image blurry. Also set upscaling as high as possible. You can bind a hotkey to switch on gamma when you are in vehicle to see further. Sharpening, no AA, upscaling will make you see enemies better. This game is not a milsim, but a competitive shooter, like CS. Lower graphic settings will really help you in that - less foliage, sharpening, gamma, brightness and contrast correction works well. P. S. There is no single player, but only multiplayer and with current game meta - if you spot better, shoot better, your team will be uphand. Mostly go lonewolving to destroy enemy supply trucks (on logi runs) and hubs with 1-2 lonewolvers gives you win situation. And if lonewolvers uses that tweaks that makes much easier to do the job. For better game performance you should go that way.
  2. Wait, why? Are they denied? I mean macroses... Cannot find anything about that.
  3. Both of you misses the point:
  4. Does somebody tried to use macroses for that game? Because there are a lot of streamers that have much less recoil than me. Please do not comment like they compensate that by their mouses. I do not need your assumptions. I am interetsed in answers from players that tried that stuff by themselves. Because if it is and devs ignores that in like 4 years now, I see no reasons not to use it because such kind of things are undetectable and most "competitive" squaddies may use that. Issue from 2016: Issue from 2019:
  5. I do not ask to mute all players. I want to mute 10 players out of 400 but persistently. Of course, sometimes muted players takes SL roles. Also I want to be protected against their game breaking behaviour - deliberate teamkilling and do not rely on server admins in that terms, because of how badly OWI licensing works.
  6. Squad community is low populated in my country and has like 3 servers. OWI, you increase game popularity and new players do not have sense of tact (basicly, shitbags). Server admins are passive and you are unable to make them better. You do not ban them, get license back or smth. I have to play on servers with that people, because there are no others. That situation will go worse. To keep playing that game I need: 1. Ability to mute all person's channels, including direct channel (it is not muted for now). 2. Insta mute person who is talking now. I do not want to open squad menu, look for that person and click speaker near his nickname. It takes too much time. Make it possible to mute faster with special menu (where all "talking" persons logged 30 second before opening) on hotkey. 3. Save mute setting in user settings files, so they were persistent between sessions and game starts and auto applied. 4. Disallow muted players to join squad, if I choose SL role. 5. If you have SL role and muted person kills you, autokick him from the server. I do not want to play game where other players or other SLs keeps shitting you and you can do nothing with that. I do not want hear them, I do not want answer them, because if I do, they come and kill me. Server admins ignores reports or asks for evidence. I do not want keep running ShadowPlay every session, cutting it and uploading it on discord channels where other people will see how someone keeps shitting you and you can do nothing on that. Because in best situation that person will be banned on 1 day only, in the worst other players on discord will start shitting you too (and admins /moderators will do nothing on that). There are no feeling of justice in this game and you are limited to 3 servers, because of language barrier and high server demands. At least I do not want to hear that persons, at best - make new system managung that - autokick them, so they wait the queue or get banned for 5-10 minutes so they switched to other server, right after they kills you.
  7. But you have artillery strike, too. Strike back as soon as they start capturing. Build second FOB close enough to spawn near the point, 200 meters away is enough.
  8. High End PC Low GPU and CPU Usage

    First time you encounter performance problems, you should install MSI Afterburner and check this graphs: - CPU Temperature - CPU Frequency - Per core CPU usage - GPU Temperature - GPU Frequency - GPU usage - RAM usage - Pagefile usage - Per drive (HDD/SSD) usage That will help to nail down the problem. Squad is very CPU and RAM intensive. Overclock CPU and RAM.
  9. Commander in charge of rally

    Rally point should be and they are good. Because there is no way to live in Squad without them. It is too easy to kill player and there are a lot of good players (pixel hunters), unbalanced teams and lone wolves. Changes to rally points should be made only with changes in team balancing, reduction of lone wolves and better survivability of newcomers.
  10. Textures popping up and z-figting

    Trees: Plants: Buildings:
  11. Am I the only one to get aggressive texture changes on buildings? Textures changes in 20-30 meters and very noticeble. P. S. Also there is very noticeble z-fighting on some buildings and roads even in close range.
  12. Another Proximity Chat

    Squad is not going to realism, but fun. The main issues here: - people talk the same language and you cannot distinguish who is talking to you since you play with random players mostly - people will stop talking through in-game chat and start using third-party sofyware (teamspeak, discord, etc).
  13. Allow to limit squad size without locking it. Make limits from 3 to 9 players. Sometimes it is needed to play in small group, but with random players. Locking forces you check for people who left and invite new. Limiting makes it possible for new players to join without invites.
  14. I do not want accurate mortars since the mentioned problem - HUB, FOB destruction. It is so easy to mark enemy position for SL and so easy to get structures down with mortars using calc, that on some maps it is really annoying. I am fine if devs add calc in game, but make mortars limit per map (not HUB), more spread and more costs per shot.
  15. Squad not responding

    Make your pagefile size atleast 20Gb.