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  1. FPS drops since V16 update

    I'm not sure what Scooby Doo here is referring too...
  2. FPS drops since V16 update

    I don't know what you people are talking about. I have ryzen 3600, GTX 1070 Ti, pretty good SSD, good cooling, 1080p, everything on high with SS on off and I'm averaging 70 fps during most games. I mean sure, when I start a match my FPS is like 120-150 in main base but once everyone start going for objectives and shit starts happening my FPS stays at around 60-80 for most of the match.
  3. Armored Warfare

    Lol u actually missed it. About 2/3 Mo. ago there was a server running Tallil 24/7 with like 6 tank spawns on each side and like 6 min re-spawn per tank. The game was never the same for me when that server shutdown. Why we can't have 24hr server running same maps is beyond me..
  4. Is recoil broken?

    dont some of the weapon -specially the no scoped ones - come with grips. Is that what might be going on? by the way, ppl saying scope plays a big roll in recoil are on special kind of crack.
  5. Graphic Updates

    FILTERS I actually think this game has very pretty graphics sometimes but some maps just look terrible. For example Fool's Road and Belaya are the 2 most ugliest maps for me because, and I think, those maps have some sort of filter which just gives it a gritty, and a green effect. Which is dumb, because the game actually looks much more natural and pretty without those cheap filters. LOD Another thing that they need to do is fix the LOD by removing this weird fog that sets in passed like 300-400M range and gets worse the further you look. I dont understand why every ****ing map has fog. It especially gets annoying when you are moving in a fast vehicle like a chopper and it seems like you're in a ****ing aquarium or something. Pixilated/Grainy You get grainy looking shadows/textures. This effect happens mostly on shadows when ambient occlusion is turned on and also on some textures too, like the main road on Tallil. AA/Anisotropic Last thing: Please add proper AA option. I don't like the current FXAA and TAA because they make the game look "muddy" even with sharpen turned to 100%. And and proper toggle for anisotropic filter so I change change it to 16x - although I do think this effect is tied in to the current graphic settings 'view distance'. If so, then separating the two would be a better option.
  6. Script for ''View range of Grass''

    It's kinda funny how people safeguard these sorta things as if it's some sort of a treasure. If you want a problem fixed quickly, you should spread it like wildfire to get everyone's attention.
  7. 8gb ddr3 ??

    I would def suggest at least 16gb of ram. If it's not too late, i would return the 1060 and get a RX 570 (used on Ebay for $80). You can use the rest of the money to get the new Ryzen 5 1600 + mobo from microcenter for around $110 for both (u get -$30 if u buy the Ryzen with any mobo from Microcenter). Black Friday and Cyber-Monday is prob your best times to do these things. With this setup u can play on high with 60+ FPS at 1080p.
  8. I would love for a tank to be able to knock down trees or blow up a building or part of it. Or a tank/rocket/arty/IED leaving a cluster of holes in the field after impact. Was this ever talked about or was there any mention of object damage from the devs? Would it be hard to properly implement without too much of a performance hit?
  9. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    I agree with the maps being boring and fixing your weapon on to an object for a more stable fire. I only really love one map; Tallil Outskirts. It's a clean map (in terms of design), and is one of this biggest maps in the game. It make vehicle battles seem so much more epic and because of its size makes tank battles fun. Only problem is, with the patch 1.6, they introduced a lot more fog now. It makes looking for targets passed 800m almost impossible whereas before u could spot targets of up to 1500m away (which gave a real sense of the size of the map). I used to enjoy playing on Tallil as a tank crew or inf unit but even that is gone now with reduced view distance.
  10. I'm giving up on this game.

    What a retarded comment
  11. One of the biggest issues I have with the game is how restricted you are to your gear. Instead of bringing a rifle with a scope you like, you are forced to play with a different one (depending on your class). Or instead of bringing 3 smokes grenades you are limited to 1-2. So, why not have a weight - or something like it - where you can pick one item over the other. For example, you can trade 1 grenade to the weight of 2x smokes grenades. Or an SKS for an extra RPG grenade or 2 (depending on type). So instead of a rifle you downgrade to a pistol with more RPG's - so there balance. Every item in your inventory would contribute to your weight, like extra mags for your rifle which can be replaced with extra smokes/grenades/bandages... w/e. Another idea is add an armor system. Quick example: Heavy, Med, Light, No Armor. This system would be pretty basic and straight forward where your armor will absorb some or all damage based on the caliber of the weapon you are hit. Heavier armor would slow you down, and would also tie in with the above mentioned weight system. The light armor or no armor would run you the risk of getting 1-shot to the chest. This is just a basic concept I had in mind. And i don't want to go in to more details. But I am curious if these ideas have been mentioned before and/or what do people think about them?
  12. Ye, it's pretty ****ing dumb whats going on with that. I was the first to claim a chopper on one of the servers and I got perma banned for it... And that's not even the first time I was banned from a server because admin wanted it "his way." This is becoming less interesting every day, and the "This server has rules" is the dumbest argument to use to perma ban people.
  13. Will the bullet damage system stay the same or are there plans to make it much more devastating? Cus at the current rate of double-tapping, i feel like i'm playing whack a moll when im shooting people.