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  1. Heavy sniper as in the game Project Reality

    For me nothing was more satisfying than playing a ghillie/heavy sniper in Arma KOTH. So an addition of such a class would be really cool in Squad. A heavy sniper kit would add a lot to the game. If you are able to penetrate light armor vehicles and take out the driver or be able to disable the vehicle then it would really be a useful and satisfying class to play. If this kit will allow people to accurately shoot over a large distance, then it will also serve as an intel gathering class which can be used for spotting and disrupting the enemy.
  2. What's next?

    I mean 100p server sounds nice and all... But 200p would be better
  3. Aiming sucks in this game

    Ye, sounds like there's something sketchy going on with your game then. If you're running good hardware then the gameplay should feel pretty smooth.
  4. I pray to the God of Squad to bless me with a good team every time I join a server.
  5. Aiming sucks in this game

    Doesn't feel like that to me, and I am very sensitive to stuff like that in games. But one thing I did notice that drives me insane is when I play this game on a work computer (which has lower specs than my home PC), there is def a delay when I gun a tank. Do you find the same effect when prone or when you deploy the bipod?
  6. Split the crewman roll in to 3 parts: Driver, Gunner and Commander. One roll will not be able to switch out to the other on the fly (only in main). And have the tank un-manable until all 3 crewman are assigned a position inside the vehicle. I say all 3 rolls must be filled is to insure your valuable asset, like the tank, has all the proper rolls to insure it's safety, i.e. driver drives, gunner kills, and the commander hunts.
  7. too many hackers ruining this game

    I think the mystery is solved thanks to Sherlock over here. U found my alt acct, which i made 5 years ago just in case I needed to backup my accusations. I'm such an idiot... I knew i should have used my 10-year old acct instead so that u wouldn't suspect me.
  8. too many hackers ruining this game

    why u gotta lie like dat?
  9. too many hackers ruining this game

    Since u never seen one that means they dont exist. ohh ok, im glad we cleared that up.
  10. too many hackers ruining this game

    It maybe hard for you to believe but some people spend money on their PC to play a game. There is a shit ton of cheaters in this game, im sure of it. Just got to Youtube and type "Squad hacks." There is def a problem and I have never seen any game that could actually stop ppl from cheating.
  11. I dunno about ppl lovin' smaller maps, man. I actually prefer larger maps with vehicles and shit. Although a CQB style map would be a cool edition sense every map we have is a battlefield.
  12. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    What kind of a pussy do u have to be to get triggered by that? Rally system does not make much sense in a sim-shooter. Vehicles do. With the magical spawn-in system, transport vehicles make no sense. I wouldn't mind if there was an option for a server to chose if they wanted to enable or disable rallies, or FOB spawns so that transport vehicles are more valuable and teamwork/coms is much more important when assaulting/defending as a team.
  13. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    Next best step is to obviously remove the rally system. No joke.
  14. can we just get earplugs like in ARMA KOTH?
  15. Rallies not working

    u gotta spam click it right before it reaches 0 sec to spawn sometimes. Rallies are kinda bugy like that.