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  1. Turn off DOF

    For god sakes what kind of a psychopath loves this setting? Please disable this option as it is turned on on most RAAS maps.
  2. Will this ever be implemented?

    It's kinda sad that something so simple has not been implemented in a game like Squad. There are so many little things like this that aren't in the game when it should have been since day one.
  3. Does no one here hold their breath to counter the sway?
  4. Choppers are op(with video proof)

    I'm thinking that too. I have hit choppers with RPGs and rockets like a tandem multiple times where they would survive the blast. Sometimes the chopper will smoke and other times it will just get hit and keep flying like nothing happened. The only time I have taken out a chopper in one shot was with a tank round or TOW/koronet-like weapons. I wish that someone with actual knowledge of military choppers can pitch in and explain if a chopper can actually go down from a heat rpg round or not.
  5. FALLUJAH & The Vertical Slice

    This game needs at least tree/wall damage like in Arma. If they actually added structure damage, not only would that make me hard but, it would bring lot of hype and players to the game. The only reason I actually became interested in Squad is when they added tanks. The current damage system on a tank is pretty good, like how you cake take out the scope, turret or tracks. This alone is the only reason I play squad. If they added actually environmental damage then the game would be even more amazing and a true sandbox - as it should be.
  6. "Built from the ground up in the Unreal Engine 4" -Official Squad Wiki
  7. What's that Aerosmith song called again??
  8. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    a nicer fix would be insta-death. /closethread
  9. Mortars "have to go"

    Look, the fact is that in Squad mortars can be easily operated by one person, while also being at maximum efficiency. It takes one guy to do what requires anywhere from 2-5 ppl to operate. It is too easy to use a mortar in this game: You have a calculator that finds the range for you automatically, the mortars are loaded magically, it requires 1 person to fully operate. So now you have a guy that strokes himself after firing each round while all he does is left click from a safe position. maybe my previous ideas were not thought-out all the way, but there should surely be a better way to operate a mortar in this game. For example, maybe have at least a crew of 2 to operate one mortar. Also, maybe even increase the cost requirement to operate the weapon. These changes will allow mortars to be effective, but at a cost... Because in the meantime, if you have 1 guy with a mortar calculator that can constantly bomb you the whole game, and that should not be the case.
  10. Add walking

    You don't wanna run out of that precious stam in a bad situation. Might wanna lay off that shift sometimes, it'll save your life.
  11. Mortars "have to go"

    ok i read it. whats your point?
  12. Mortars "have to go"

    Bro, you gonna have to tell me what you're trying to say.
  13. Dragging Bodies-Casualty Collection

    This game will have both features in about 12 years, don't worry.
  14. Add walking

    It is mind-boggling that something like that has not been added at this stage of the game.
  15. Are flash bangs planned for this game?

    This guys speaks the truth... I mean, why use smoke grenades when you can just kill the enemy instead?