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  1. i have run into an issue with the game when Squad will show "Steam is currently offline" when i Run my server from my PC then Open the game it's instantly offline. I can't figure out why. I have done the necessary steps to clear my dns and all that jazz but it doesn't seem to fix the issue. Should I be able to run my server from my PC and the game at the same time ?. PC Specs: Intel i5 7600K - OC 5.2GHZ Trydenz - 16GB DDR4 525GB EVO 860 SSD GTX 1070Ti 8GB GDDR5 thanks.
  2. Steam is Currently off issue

    Hello, I am getting the " Steam is currently offline" message at the bottom left of my game screen. How can i fix this ? because any of the guides i use don't seem to work. Someone have a permanent fix for this ?. Thanks, Mike