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  1. Server Rules SL's must have mics, SL or SL Crewmen kit, and be active in the command channel and Squad channel. English server SL's may kick for any reason. Intentional Teamkilling is subject to a ban, even for retaliation. Apologize for accidental teamkills in [All Chat]. Do not share ticket count to opposing team. Do not create a Squad unless you plan to lead it. No "One-man locked squads" except logis and admincam. If you are a logi squad, you are communicating with other SLs Any vehicle asset requiring the crewman kit must be two manned at all times (I.E. BTRs, Strikers, Warriors, MBTs, etc.) If there is no vehicle squad, infantry squad are not allowed to claim said vehicles, therefore they will be sitting in main. First appropriately named vehicle squad has priority over claimed vehicles. Name the squad appropriately (Tank, BTR, Stryker, etc.) SL’s are allowed to ask a vehicle squad to take over a specific vehicle, if this request is denied, the previous rule applies. No abandoning vehicle assets. Do not rush the first enemy cap Wasting assets are subject to a kick, recidivism is subject to a ban. Admin discretion applies. SLs must play the objectives and play as a team. Do NOT camp main, cutting off logi runs are allowed but you must remain away from main base No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, Glitching, Trolling, or Abuse of Features, subject to a PERMANENT BAN. Admin discretion applies. No mic spamming or griefing of any kind, both verbal and text. No racism, or malicious comments (Text or Verbal) Impersonation of a server admin or misuse of the PF| tag will result in a PERMANENT BAN. Admin discretion applies. No advertising of other server or clan unless approved by the PF Commander. Listen to all directions given by server admins Unassigned players will be hailed for response, if no response is given you will be kicked If caught in a glitch or stuck call an admin for force respawn, do not engage enemy.