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  1. Thank you CHG for Invasion servers

    Al Basrah is probably my fav map overall. Running the Warriors the entire game pushing across the open terrain carrying the squishy infantry to glory....Or conversly setting up a massive super FOB at VCP with multilple layers of mines, HMGs, razor wire etc as Insurgents....all ending in a bloody city fight. Co Talil is also up there...just played one tonight on EasyCompany serve, we super fobbed west khadur and WON!
  2. Classic movie, gotta love those AFVS!
  3. Thank you CHG for Invasion servers

    Indeed! Invasion is my fav mode!
  4. The Military Media Thread

    For all you Logi drivers
  5. 29th Infantry Division - [NA/EU]

    cool added yah on Steam.
  6. 29th Infantry Division - [NA/EU]

    Got ya'll on my short list of prospective groups to check out. What servers do ya'll play on usually?
  7. [BWC] Black Widow Company

    Hi from Tybo Old Planetside vet
  8. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Tybo Steam Profile: http://www.steampowerd.com/id/76561197973703815 Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 36 Timezone or Region: PST(Portland, OR) Nature of Interest: Casual to Milsim, interested in things like SquadOps(Karmakut got me to buy the game finally), playing on servers with a regular crew to add value to everyone's quality of experience....being in some squads with a lack of unit cohesion from the SL on down is rough. Even being in a squad that uses fireteams is rare! -Role: Medic, Logistics, squad assistant/right hand man/fireteam lead Gaming Background: Hardcore gamer going back to heavy usage days of WW2online(Axis, 3rdPanzer !S), Planetside(Sturmgrenadier, KAAOS, 1CMM,Exxon-1 , Operation Flashpoint(Shadow Warriors, played on Stoners server a lot), BF series etc etc. Much experience operating in large scale and small scale operations in all games; platoon leader, SL etc. Additional Skills: Wholesome morale booster. <3 Status: "Unsigned"
  9. Right on. I tried to get into Planetside 2 but it wasn't the same...wish they just updated graphics of PS1/engine but kept all the core mechanics, game was amazi I wonder if Sturmgrenadier is active in Squad actually, I know its right up there alley.
  10. [NWG] Northwest Gamers - PORTLAND, OREGON!

    Just picked up Squad, I live in PDX. Been playing 6+hour days, these map sessions really suck you in, especially when you have a good SL going.
  11. Things we like about v13

  12. Finally picked up Squad this past Saturday, been tracking it for awhile via all the Karmakut vids. I used to play competitive Operation Flashpoint with Shadow Warriors(ha found the old kill chart...http://www.shadow-warriors.org/Warrior Kill Chart.htm) back in my college days(2001-2006), as well as WW2online(Axis, 3rdPanzer !S), and Planetside(Sturmgrenadier, KAAOS, 1CMM, EXXON-1) and really enjoy support roles, teamwork/camaraderie, so Squad is a breath of fresh air after dabbling more casually in games over the last decade or so. I did play PR and a copious amount of BF2 as well.... About 5 years ago I embarked on a path of living primarily without money in order to focus on service, so my gaming time took a bit of a backseat, though I did have my old desktop rig from when I used monies that I would play some stuff with. Recently, our communal gaming laptop that we used for Occulus Rift became available for my usage when a few of us who live in the house together all got Apex Legends going...but that spastic game is too twitchy for this greying gamer....not to mention it lacks in the support/non-frontline combat roles, so I began looking around again for other games to scratch that itch. Got Rainbow Six Siege which is pretty decent, and that sparked my interest to plunk down some money rather than only playing subpar F2P games/games on sale. Glad to support the community and development as well...even though I spend about $1k/year so $40 was a big chunk ha! I live in Portland, OR so I'll mainly be around the West Coast servers I suppose. Cheers.