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  1. Squadleading in v13 and other random feedback

    I bought the game when v13 was released and I have to say, I don’t have a problem with the game at all. I mean sure the sprinting is still sluggish and there are other things taking me out of the realism but none of the points OP raises make sense to me.
  2. Body scratching and idle movements

    I suppose there would have to be a transition animation.. my concern is how much processing it would take.. hm
  3. Body scratching and idle movements

    I’m not sure what the limitations with the engine are here, but I was watching a war doc and got the idea for random body scratching and idle movement (watch people on a bus). At the moment soldiers look pretty good but there is a certain stiffness when they run and are idling that takes me out of the game.. almost robotic. What if there was a way to loosen them up and take 10-20 “human movements” (scratching an itch, rubbing a neck, getting lost in thought then snapping out of it, etc..) and introduce them randomly into player models? More humanizing ideas: Moving the head and looking at different things regularly, tapping fingers, shifting weight both while standing and prone, random bending of knees, different holds of gun when idling, shifting of gun when idiling, including models that are duck footed or pigeon-toed, including models that slightly smile or slightly frown, etc feel free to add more ideas.
  4. Things we like about v13

    Vehicles are for long range commutes. I’m preposing a solution for medium range problems.
  5. Things we like about v13

    I like that the sprint speed is super short lived and generally a drag to experience. I like sprinting until it seems like god himself has loaded your boots down with cement and you must stop to recharge only to repeat the cycle 10 more times until you reach the objective.
  6. Exhaustion boost sprint

    Hello all, I like the sprint mechanic but I was thinking about how there are really only two speeds. The initial speed (which is the fastest) and then the end of stamina speed (which is more akin to a jog) What if there was a reserve sprint that came after your stamina was fully depleted that acted as a “second wind” where it would offer the same speed as the initial sprint (the fastest) only now it would start to smear the players vision and accuracy. Much as in real life, anyone who has ever sprinted before knows that they are able to sprint jog sprint jog without having to stop with the understanding that if they push themselves too hard, they’ll see spots and eventually pass out! At the moment, the cycle I find myself running into (pun) is sprint-jog-prone-regain stamina-sprint-jog-prone-regain stamina etc.... It’s a bit repetitive. I imagine a scenero where you are jogging to the objective and suddenly you take fire. With nowhere to go, your fight or flight response kicks in and you find yourself sprinting to the safety of the wall, only when you get there, your hands are a bit shaky and vision pumping (much like the bleeding out effect). The player would be safe, but they would now have to fight with reduced accuracy and visual clarity.. now when they sprint, they will have to decide if the temporary loss of motor function is worth it or not. Anyway just an idea to spice things up. This is my first post here so let me say THANK YOU DEVS for creating a game that truly is the successor to the beloved Battlefield series (pre EA) :)). You have reignited my love for team games. Rock on.