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  1. What I want: PLA IDF DPRKA ROKA Polish Army Ukrainian Army and a Baltic Army
  2. Profile Background functionality

    I have noticed while looking at the profile page that there is a nice solid grey rectangle that reminds of the Facebook profile background function. Is there a reason we cannot upload an image for that area? I believe it'd add another degree of customization for our profiles. https://imgur.com/l6KJVuD
  3. Canadian Armed Forces Free DLC Released!

    I am hoping more vehicles are coming for Canada, like the Textron TAPV, the RG-31 Nyala, or the G-Wagon
  4. When are we going to get vertical stabilization?

    "I don't care so no one else should" I think if it's used in real life it should be used in game.
  5. Alpha 13 Released

  6. Alpha 13 Released

    Squad isn't an accurate representation of being a soldier lol
  7. Price Increase

    Thank you
  8. Alpha 13 Released

    I am personally for the movement changes I found that the movement and gunplay is simply too slow and tedious to enjoy, in PR it was something special and unique, but Squad isn't PR.
  9. Alpha 13 Released

    Hell Let Loose is one of the best games in the last two years. I've played the last two Alpha's and jesus christ. But that's not a topic for this thread.
  10. Price Increase

    when I first bought it in 2015 it was 46.99, now it's 50.70 A small increase, but enough that I can't convince the only person I'd enjoy playing this with to buy it.
  11. Price Increase

    I am just wondering, when did the price increase and why did it?