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  1. Beta 17 Public Testing

    No, they're not.
  2. Beta 17 Public Testing

    Worse, there seems to exist an admin console command to demote commanders, but not one to promote them.
  3. car bomb question

    I think this topic can go RIP, as sticking IEDs onto vehicles only doesn't work over LAN (so also on local games like going to Jensen's solo). It works just fine online.
  4. car bomb question

    With the addition of helicopters, this must be re-implemented for the following perfectly valid and logical reason.
  5. Shooting from vehicles

    If it were still possible to stick explosives to vehicles (something I was going to post about in the context of helicopters) it would also give kamikaze bikes somewhat better performance. Triggering detonation as you jump off, and all.
  6. Helicopters are too blulletproof

    Aerodynamic and structural instability. You really don't want to fly an aircraft past its never-exceed speed, unless you want to risk watching the thing disintegrate right under you.
  7. INS/MIL VS HELI factions

    Make INS and MIL git gud, remember that they have AA guns, and that MANPADS are already planned. And that Commander abilities are down the line, and I smell SAM batteries in there.
  8. Before writing anything here, let me note two things: firstly, that all my prior experience with helos has been with Rising Storm 2's choppers (with advanced flight model on, so I'm familiar with mechanics such as collective control); secondly, that I'll be separating this post into three parts. Without further ado, then: Control configuration and binding Being used to the chopper experience that another game provides inevitably leads to cases of what a certain timesink site calls "Damn you, Muscle Memory!": that certain buttons don't do what I expect them to do. Configuration, of course, should help with that - if everything were configurable. As it stands, however, it appears not to be possible to modify collective sensitivity, rebind pitch and roll to keyboard, or bind the "look at instruments" button away from Shift. In-vehicle display and extra readouts While unquestionably useful, the current set of indicators (AGL, orientation, velocity, etc) strikes me as insufficient. To elaborate: controls can be thought of as feeding back into both direct and indirect readouts: direct means the actual status of the relevant control surface: pitch and roll angle, as well as the collective and rudder gauges; indirect means the resulting changes in situation as seen on the map, compass, artificial horizon, altitude, and airspeed indicators. Now while the primary indicators are very useful, most of the time I've found myself relying on the secondaries - and there is the catch: the secondary indicators provide only an incomplete picture. Where the compass and artificial horizon display orientation very well, and the map and altitude indicators do the same for position, what is woefully absent is a detailed breakdown of directional velocity. In Rising Storm 2, this information is provided by the vertical speed and horizontal momentum indicators, as seen here. Adding a similar system to Squad will almost certainly aid precise, not to mention level flying. Outstanding questions With all this in mind, there remain some mysteries of the flight model I've yet to fully figure out, such as how to achieve the helicopters' cruise speed of 140-150 knots or whether the ground effect (and, for lack of multiplayer experience, autorotation with dead engines) is currently taken into account. More of these will come up eventually, but right now finding answers to those is of the most immediate interest to me.
  9. Collective sensitivity

    Very much this. I'm very much used to Rising Storm 2's helis and how it's possible to adjust them to rise or descend just so. Squad's helis seem a bit twitchy by comparison, and customisation options may well fix that.
  10. Countersuggestion: reduction slider. Because as far as I'm concerned I'd like to mute squad comms entirely in those situations.
  11. car bomb question

    Didn't Rising Storm do just that by not costing Japanese suiciders tickets so long as their grenades also blew up enemies?
  12. car bomb question

    Oh, that's a lotta boogeymanning here. Let's hear it from the devs why it was removed, no?
  13. car bomb question

    Tested this on Jensen's, any IED slapped on a Minsk doesn't want to move with that Minsk. For that matter, neither do demo charges plopped down on tanks (which IMO should definitely do more damage than they're doing right now, but that's for another thread).