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  1. After reading some of the negative yet vague opinions in the A13 Survey review thread, I decided I wanted to know what specific problems people have with the direction this game is going in. There's been several people decrying that the devs are deviating from the original premise of the game, of which I'm not sure since I have not been here from the beginning. However, coming from Project Reality, I see this game as a suitable continuation of what made that BF2 modification so successful. I will admit to being dissatisfied with the endless revive system brought about in V13. As it stands it allows for too much continuation of battle when the enemy should be penalized for the mistakes that lead to their repeated incapacitation. If a group is holed up in one area and has enough bandages they can hold out for quite some time in spite of the opposing force continually inflicting casualties that should diminish their ability to hold an area. That's my biggest current criticism of the game, but this topic is for those with a more experienced view on matters. I only ask that feedback be as specific as possible in articulating what problems you see in the current game and the direction things are going. Simply spouting off with statements like "This just isn't fun anymore since V13" does nothing to help address what your specific grievances are.
  2. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Glad to see spawn confirmation return, no more accidentally spawning at main! Just wishing for some changes to rally-points and hoping to see the return of character death if incapacitated within 1 (possibly 2) minutes of resuscitation.
  3. how to remove scope from guns ?

    Pick the variant of the role you're filling that has a CQB optic like the red dot sight or iron sights.
  4. Stat tracking

    That is basically the summation of my thoughts on stats in this game. Personally I've never cared too much for people who bragged about stats when it had no impact on their life overall. Unless you're getting paid to be a competitive gamer, who really gives an att's rass about your KDR or whatever other stat you feel is worth bragging about? If all you get is a sense of pride from an otherwise meaningless accomplishment, it may be time to take stock of your priorities if you're letting a particular task with no payout become such a focal point/time sink. I say this as someone who has spent a considerable amount of time gaming in years past when I could've/should've focused on making meaningful life improvements. This is a team-oriented game and overall there's not much to it other than the enjoyment of a moderate level of emulation of real-life warfare. Just because a person has a great KDR doesn't necessarily make them a benefit if they're lone-wolfing and not contributing to the overall objective. I've been frustrated plenty by persons/squads in game modes like Invasion, where they're off fighting on an old objective that's already lost and can't be reclaimed and the rest of the team is focused on maintaining the currently active objective. Sure you might rack up kills on an unsuspecting squad out in the middle of nowhere, but if we're losing the objective anyway is that really something to brag about?
  5. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    If you open up the main spawn to base-raping you'd see people start leaving the game in droves. "All is fair in love and war" but at the end of the day this is a GAME meant to be played for some level of enjoyment. If you join in on a team getting utterly demolished to the point when you spawn in you're instantly picked off, how likely are you to hang around in a game that endorses that practice? At least with the protection of the main base you're given at least a small chance to get out, maneuver out of the kill zone and maybe even break the enemy's stranglehold on your team. Small chance sure but a chance nonetheless.
  6. Tips for a newbie

    Bullets will go through certain barriers like wooden fences, pallets, etc. They don't tend to go through solid walls in this game. It's a good idea to keep in mind what truly counts as cover and position yourself accordingly. More than a few times I've shot people through wood slats in this game because most people tend to think if they're behind an object they're covered and you'll have to move to them. It helps to be smarter than your enemy
  7. Mute Button

    A radio mute button would be beneficial because sometimes your squadmates simply will not shut their suck-holes and the SL is apathetic and won't handle the situation. Radio discipline is a thing in the military, hard to introduce and enforce on public servers. When you've got a point man or scout whose job it is to look and listen for enemies, it's measurably harder to do that job when some guy who accidently spawned back at base won't stay off the radio about some inane nonsense as he tries to figure out how to get back to the rest of the group. Or say you're taking contact and most of the squad gets wiped out and you're the only one left trying to listen for enemies coming in to your building. Hard to do when your teammates who are effectively dead won't stop talking. I get the teamplay argument for why it a mute button doesn't need to exist, but when you approach it from the standpoint of practicality or how things actually unfold in the game it makes sense to implement it. It's one of those "on-paper" vs "in practice" arguments.
  8. Dragging incapacitated allies into Safety

    Personally I believe it would be even more of a problem to get people to voluntarily take the medic role if the system was made too complex. This game is first and foremost a first-person shooter, and I don't think most folks are going to want to spend several minutes performing triage. I could be wrong though, as I'm only speaking from my own perspective. I've taken medic when it's been needed, but I certainly wouldn't want to be bogged down for the majority of the game having to perform extensive work to stabilize teammates from gunshot wounds.
  9. Under water gameplay

    I'd love to see the devs implement swimming and perhaps a small level of diving in the game (similar to being able to shallow-dive in BF4 for momentary concealment). Nothing was quite as fun as going all special-ops on some unsuspecting guy in a boat where you strapped c4 to the hull, swam off and detonated it. As for the current tendency to "exploit" (for lack of a better term) placement of radios in water, I can agree the system could use a re-visit.
  10. Kicked for swearing?

    That annoyance isn't strictly limited to profanity. Too often I've had squad members talking incessantly about nothing and then when I need to relay a contact or intel I can't get a word in. Also doesn't help when they're chattering and I'm listening for enemy activity. Sometimes I wish there was a radio kill-switch.
  11. 10 second Rally spawn window

    I can actually get behind this proposal. There's been more than a few occasions where I've just barely missed the spawn window and then had to wait another 60 seconds. At that point I just pick the closest HAB and can run to where I was going to be usually before the next spawn cycle.
  12. Remote revives possible

    I've noticed this issue myself since A14. Had a squad leader that was down on a hill, nobody but me was near him. All of a sudden he's up and I'm sitting there puzzled. Turns out the squad medic saw his body in a completely different spot about 100m away inside a building.
  13. Kicked for swearing?

    Server admins can run their ships however they see fit. That being said, I do think it quite laughable that anyone playing a game such as this should get bent out of shape about profanity. In a game where we're emulating war and some of the associated unpleasantries, you want to get your panties in a wad over a few bad words? Get out of here with that nonsense...
  14. Instant death/Looting/limping

    I agree with headshots being an instant kill Leaving bodies laying around? No thanks, that's extra stress on the game engine to keep rendering the bodies and will lead to some bad lag. I would like to see some level of being able to scavenge bodies, in a fashion similar to PR. It can also be helpful when in a firefight if the machine gunner gets popped you could grab it and lay down a barrage of fire.
  15. High VRAM usage crash

    To start off, here are my specs: CPU: i7-8700 GPU: NVIDIA 1050ti with 4gb VRAM RAM: 16gb Ballistix DDR4-2666mhz (running in dual channel) Hard Drive: 7200RPM SATA HDD I've noticed that I'm usually running at least 96% vram usage in my 1050 ti. I have had the game crash once or twice when I've seen it approach 4000mb usage. Usually in the 3990mb usage range the game freezes and I CTD without a notification. Would getting an SSD (namely the Samsung 970 EVO Plus) and transferring my OS and Squad to it help with the VRAM usage ? I'm not terribly tech-savvy but perusing another topic caused me to reflect on this and I didn't want to hi-jack that thread.
  16. Marksman Changes.

    I've noticed most marksman players fall in to one of two camps: 1. Lone-wolfing out in the middle of nowhere trying to rack up mostly meaningless kills while not communicating enemy positions/movement to the team. 2. Sticking too close to the main assault element of the squad and not taking a viable overwatch position when it's prudent to do so. Sometimes I wish it were possible to require players to go through some kind of role-specific training before being allowed to take a kit so they at least have some idea of how to best utilize it.
  17. Suppression

    The goal of suppression is to keep the enemy's head down and keep them from trying to Rambo through a hail of gunfire. It ties in to the idea of forcing players to value their life/ticket rather than the current run/gun/respawn meta. While this is a game, keep in mind it's also meant to mimic real life to a degree and as such suppresive fire is a valid tactic to keep the enemy's head down while other elements of your squad execute flanking maneuvers or bound from cover to cover to advance and eliminate enemy combatants. You could always play COD...
  18. High VRAM usage crash

    Even setting everything to low still seems to eat up VRAM. I’ve considered a better GPU but reading that others still max out VRAM isn’t terribly comforting.
  19. What do you think i should do ?

    The i5 will work just fine. And for your second question, definitely go for 16gb of ram. I started off with 8 GB and after upgrading to 16gb things run far better.
  20. Struggling with target acquisition.

    Well my current set-up is fairly middle of the road, because I don't have $2-3k to blow on a computer like some folks. Wish they'd give me a loan. CPU: i7-8700 RAM: 16gb Ballistix 2666mhz GPU: NVIDIA 1050 ti and a 1TB HDD (no SSD yet) Truth be told my GPU is supposedly crap (I should've done more research but being out of the market for quite some time I simply went with what seemed alright enough). Nevertheless I can still pull 60+ FPS on medium settings and I believe around 40ish on high. I'll have to run it later but right now I think the point is kinda obvious that even a moderate GPU can make this game work to okay settings with reliability.
  21. Struggling with target acquisition.

    I certainly understand your perspective on the matter. I'm not made of money myself and have only recently purchased a new computer whereas my last purchase was 10 years ago. I certainly got my money's worth and truth be told it can still run plenty of today's games, at least acceptably. Were I to upgrade the RAM and the GPU it could likely still provide excellent performance. I understand upping the minimum requirements could lead to some decreased player count, but truth be told that's just the nature of progress at times. Crying foul about it would be the same as me stomping my feet that my old rig can't run newer games at 100+ FPS or trying to run today's high-end games on a computer built before the turn of the millennium. I could make similar analogies with numerous topics ranging from cars, cell phones of old, etc. As harsh as it may seem, if folks want to play game X they're going to have to plunk down some coin on a machine capable of meeting the required minimum specs.
  22. Marksman Changes.

    I can agree with your analysis Burningbeard. Truth be told, marksman is a very niche role with limited advantages over standard rifleman on most maps (given their layout). Marksman are meant to excel at accurate engagement over long distances, but the maps where a marksman can be utilized to their full potential tend to be few and far between. On maps where they can make use of their range advantage, they are quite formidable. Truth be told the marksman class suffers from over-utilization in this game because folks are trying to live out their Chris Kyle fantasies. Your utilization of the role is pretty on-key to how snipers are utilized, as intelligence gatherers and I have no problem with playing that way as necessary. As for your comparison to an automatic rifleman, I still contend that there are pros to the marksman over using an AR in their stead. An AR is more for high volume fire, and tends to draw attention very well. A marksman has the luxury of potentially being far more subtle. One could make an argument for the marksman class to get suppressors, after all most marksman rifles are being equipped with suppressors and the Mk 12 SPR in PR had the option for them. I'm indifferent on adding them to Squad though.
  23. Struggling with target acquisition.

    It sucks that this is still very much the case in today's version of Squad. I essentially have to choose between a visually stunning and immersive environment, or actually being able to see the enemy.
  24. Marksman Changes.

    I still see "lone-wolfing" with certain users of the marksman kit. They might be in a squad, but tend to move independent of that squad to do their own thing. Scouting is of course encouraged but I've seen guys in the middle of nowhere trying to be Mr Badass Sniperdude who aren't relaying info, and can't hit a barn from the inside using a shotgun loaded with birdshot. They miss enough to give away their position and get eliminated, then go back and do the same thing in almost the exact same location. Many people misunderstand the purpose and utilization of snipers and think they're meant to be lone-wolf body-slaying monsters versus their specific role in intelligence gathering with a secondary focus on eliminating high value targets or significant threats to their team. I'm reluctant to encourage the addition of snipers because what I saw rampant in PR was whoever was fastest to load in set up a squad, grabbed a sniper and wandered off to try and see how many kills they could rack up while not really benefiting the team.
  25. Marksman Changes.

    I'm quite happy with the bipods having been added to the US and British marksman rifles in A14. I did notice some increase in recoil, but I expect that's to help balance things out a bit. It's no huge bother as I am still noticing an increased ability to more efficiently engage targets with follow-up shots and multiple targets due to the stability provided by the bipods. So thank you very much developers! I would like to see the Russian marksman rifle's optic revisited. In it's current implementation, the display is too cluttered which can interfere with target acquisition and judging shot placement to change zeroing if necessary. I also would not be opposed to having the SVD being given a bipod. I'm also currently reconsidering my position on increased optic magnification due to the larger scale of newer maps. I think some testing of a higher magnification across the board would be of benefit to a standard of at least 8x and possibly up to 10x. Granted I'm not wanting marksman to completely devolve into a sniper stand-in where they're firing at each other all day at 800m-1km, but some increase in magnification would be of benefit to more effectively engage targets at distances that the marksman is intended to operate at where a rifleman with a 4x optic should be at a disadvantage.