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  1. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    I was a bit skeptic on the new run speed at first because it felt cartoonishly fast compared to the pre-V13 run speeds. Having said that, it has grown on me and I can appreciate it because it doesn't take half a year to traverse a map (handy when your team has vehicles scattered needlessly and isn't transporting anyone). The new run speeds certainly don't appear to have negatively impacted the flow of the game, at least in my opinion.
  2. Marksman Changes.

    You really just aren't getting it. At all. If you think the marksman can shoot faster, with the same accuracy without a bipod as with you're either just being disingenious or are extraordinarily naive. You can't seem to hop off of this notion of CQB effectiveness, what with your direct mention of it and referring to the ability to be more mobile without the bipod. That. Is. Not. What. Marksman. Is. For. Break. The marksman is there to provide CONSISTENT, HIGHLY ACCURATE FIRE at distances exceeding that of the traditional effective range of the average squad rifleman. A bipod is crucial to the CONSISTENT, HIGHLY ACCURATE FIRE because it provides weapon stability. It's not about reducing recoil, it's about weapon stabilization. If you can't keep the weapon stable enough to ensure your round is going where you want it to go (where you're currently aiming), you're not going to be able to provide CONSISTENT, HIGHLY ACCURATE FIRE. I'm all for leaving the current marksman scope as is, because the current magnification is sufficient enough to make out enemies to at least 700m. But they need a bipod to help provide CONSISTENT, HIGHLY ACCURATE FIRE. Granted I don't think anybody wants any particular role to be designed around wiping out an entire enemy squad single-handedly. I just don't want to have to be continually fighting breath control and ridiculous weapon sway (which is amplified by higher magnification scopes) to the point that I can't place two shots in the same spot with any level of consistency. I'm not chasing sub-MOA accuracy in this game, as much as I'd love to achieve that level of accuracy in a game (most shooting games aren't designed around that sort of accuracy). I just want to be able to hit within the same region as the last shot I placed without having to worry my soldier's about to have to breath again and throw the shot I had lined up.
  3. Marksman Changes.

    The bad SDM who don't truly understand the purpose of the role (sticking close to and supporting their squad) already do this, so your argument is rather moot. If it came to turning the marksman class in to a sniper with a bolt action just to get 10x and a bipod, so be it. Just limit the kit like has been done in PR. But they still have designated marksmen too and they get bipods. I'm still not sold on the 10x scope for marksman because it's fairly easy to make out a human target at 700m in this game with the current offering. All I want is the ability to stabilize the weapon system so I can put down accurate longer range fire, which is what the role is intended for: Hanging back from a vantage point to provide overwatch to your squad as they move and support them with precise fire against the enemy.
  4. Marksman Changes.

    Those complaining about the viability of marksman in CQB are missing the niche of the role: long-range precision shooting. Now, acknowledging that there are times you might get in to a fire fight in tight spaces at times, there's always hip firing which works just fine. Not to mention, you have a pistol which I've used with significant success in this game. I'd argue the pistol has been a bit too effective at times, downing an enemy within 2-3 shots in non-vital areas. I surmise at some point the devs will work on secondary sights like are being used in the military actively (RMRs on ACOGs for example). Also, freedom of movement doesn't matter as much because a marksman should generally set themselves up in such a way that their field of view allows them to cover a moderate area that they're responsible for. Plus it's not like it takes a whole lot of time in this game to get off a bipod and re-deploy it if you absolutely need to. I've been in numerous situations so far during my short stint in this game where as a marksman I had the opportunity to lay waste to an enemy squad, yet because of the lack of a bipod and excessive weapon sway I could only knock out 1-2 before getting killed or having to disengage. This, despite having particularly clear shots on almost the entire enemy element but an inability to keep the weapon steady enough for rapid follow-up shots. In its current implementation, the marksman offers very little over the standard line rifleman with a 4x optic. It needs to be brought up to the true versatility of the squad designated marksman.
  5. Marksman Changes.

    I want to give this topic a bit of a bump because it's something I feel strongly about. While a respectable case has been made for better optics and suppressors, my primary interest is to continue pushing for marksman rifles to have bipods. This is something that has been suggested numerous times, yet seems to fall on deaf ears due to fears it will somehow make marksman overpowered or will lead to an increase in lone-wolf sniper play. In addressing the former, squad designated marksmen are meant to be a formidable asset on the battlefield. A well-placed and squared away marksman can be critical to the success or failure of helping their squad (or team) in neutralizing enemy infantry. While the automatic riflemen/machine gunners are revered for providing moderately accurate and consistent sustained fire, a marksman's purpose is simply to provide extraordinarily accurate fire on demand. The marksman can provide either a lower level of sustained fire or simply be used to precisely eliminate particular enemy combatants. As for the latter argument of increasing lone-wolf sniper play, the marksman class tends to already suffer from this problem so whatever increase there might be won't be significant. The marksman class simply needs a bipod in order to be able to provide on-demand precision fire, especially given the fact that zoom optics are becoming more prevalent in the game. Given that, there currently isn't much that separates the marksman class from other classes minus a small advantage given by their enhanced zoom from their scopes and the ability to change zero to more accurately engage targets at distance. Since they are expected to help enhance the effective combat range of their squad and team, a bipod becomes necessary to provide stability in order to provide the precision fire expected from the role. While it is currently possible to make precise shots with the marksman rifle at distance, it can become difficult if you don't get everything lined up within the brief window of breath control afforded to you. A bipod would eliminate this variable and allow the marksman to more successfully fulfill its role in the squad. Otherwise, why even have the class?
  6. Marksman Changes.

    The bipod becomes necessary when you’re engaging more than one active enemy at a time. See my example I talked about. I had an enemy squad of at least 5 come through an area I was trying to lock down, and they were at about 280m. I popped the first guy, go to engage the rest and can’t do it effectively because my guy can’t keep the damn gun steady. While trying to keep the enemy locked down so my squad mates could step in, I get picked off because I couldn’t effectively engage the enemy. A bipod would’ve turned that situation around and I could’ve taken at least 3-4 out and diminished their ability to fight and likely have kept them in place or driven them off. An effective, competent marksman should be absolutely lethal and feared by the enemy. Right now, a soldier with an ACOG is about as effective so most SDMs in this game aren’t a viable option compared to grenadier, AT, etc.
  7. Marksman Changes.

    From my browsing, my understanding of why the marksman class overall doesn't have bipods is due to "balance", which I think is a ridiculous cop-out. As the OP has stated, the intended role of the Squad Designated Marksman is to be able to provide on-demand accurate shot placements against enemy positions. While the Automatic Rifleman and Machine Gunner roles can provide some level of accurate fire, their overall use on the battlefield is intended to be suppression. If they get a few kills because the target of suppression stuck his head out or wandered into a bullet, that's just gravy on top. The marksman is supposed to be able to place a shot accurately on a target to effectively eliminate that target. It's sniper-lite if you will. The difference being a SDM operates in a squad environment to provide a level of accurate target engagement over distances the average rifleman might not be as effective, and a sniper usually operates with a spotter in a lower-profile capacity. Right now the only advantage a marksman offers over a rifleman with a zoomed optic like an ACOG is that they have a slightly higher magnification on their weapon. There ain't much I can do with a marksman that I can't already accomplish using an ACOG in this game. That should not be the case, and as has been stated virtually eliminates the utility of SDM in this game. A bipod to help ensure consistency of accurate fire is necessary. Example: Last night I had a good position to watch over a particular area of a compound that was being fought over by my team and the enemy team. I happened to catch an entire squad pushing up my area of responsibility who were as of yet oblivious to my position. I took notice of the medic, knocked him out. From there, the squad scrambles to cover but given my position choice they were not covered from my angle and I had the opportunity to continue engaging the squad. Due to the scope sway from not having a bipod, I could not continue to accurately engage their squad element and reduce their combat efficiency before they regrouped, figured my position and had me eliminated. That should not have happened in the manner it did. I should have had the tools necessary (in this case something as simple as a bipod or the ability to rest my weapon on a surface) to more effectively engage the enemy element to reduce their threat potential to my teammates. For what it's worth I'm sort of apathetic on changing the scopes for the marksmen kits , except maybe the British "lite" marksman that actually has a bipod. Giving more magnification than current could turn the marksman into more of a lone-wolf long-range sniper that is simply pecking at targets across the map rather than the intended purpose of sticking with a squad to enhance lethality.