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  1. BMP-1 Vs BMP-2

    The BMP-2 is far better. Not only does it have more elevation for the main gun(a lesson learned in Afghanistan), it's up armoured and more engine power, better sights and night vision, updated NBC system and has a more powerful and accurate ATGM. That's why it's called a BMP-"2" instead of BMP-"1+". The BMP-3 is even more crazier, if we get that in the game it might even be OP. That has a 100mm gun/missle launcher, a 30mm and a coax machine gun and is even more up armoured and better in everyway. It would really destroy the Bradley's out there and become even more of a threat to MBT's than the BMP-1 or 2.
  2. Any Scottish Clans out there?

    Well I'm in the Sinclair clan and our coat of arms has a rooster on it with the words "Commit thy works to God" if that helps any.
  3. Make Militia/Insurgents more common

    I'm the opposite I love playing the insurgents, after all....A little Jihad never hurt anyone... Get up close and personal and use ambush shoot and scoot tactics.
  4. You know when you go into a town or tight terrain you are in CQB correct? Even if it takes you miles to get there...
  5. Call the Bullyhunters?? :-) Jk. Don't worry about it, the real players won't care, and the dumb ones ignore.
  6. No Shadow has to go quick

    How shit do the computers and vid cards have to be to not have shadows on? I play on a 3rd generation i7 which is approaching 8 YEARS OLD and was playing on a R9-280x and had everything on high including shadows. Are you playing on an Atari 400 or something? Using dad's Commodore 64? Did your mom give you her used Apple II+ for Christmas? You could only afford the tape drive and not the floppy drive version? Are you using a 300 Baud acoustic coupler modem for internet? I recently bought a USED R9-580 for $200 CDN and have everything maxed out at 1920x1080 which is the max my monitor will do and have zero slowdowns, even with shitloads of explosions and tons of people etc, etc. While I understand the developer is trying to be kind and allowing guys who panhandled for their computer systems to play, it is effecting gameplay negatively. The easiest solution is to have the "low shadows" permanently turned on. I don't care if the shadows look like graphics from a Gorf cartridge for a Vic20. It can look like something out of minecraft for all I care. That way it's fair to both parties. Don't like the Atari 2600 shadows? Suck d!ck if you have to, to get a better graphics card. If you're willing to spend $50 on this game, why not save up $150 bucks and get a decent used card and be able to run not only this game properly, but other games as well. After you wipe your mouth off and grab yourself something decent, used from kajiji or Craiglist, all that time you spent on the corner, on your knees, will be well worth it. After seeing how nice looking and smooth Squad and other games play, you'll thank yourself.
  7. Iron Sights

    When we were getting switched over to the C7 from the FAL in the early 90's they all had iron sights. It was just the standard 2 position M16 standard sight with full auto capability and the carrying handle and straight stocks. Unfortunately for you they are all flat tops now with an ELCAN sight standard. If only you were born in the 70's you could have experienced the joys of not seeing shit past 200m with those old school 2 recticle iron sights. A tear comes to my eye as I remember fondly trying to hit shit past 200m while looking through the Vietnam era sights. At night, in my dreams, I can almost hear the Vietnamese girl call to me "Me love you long time G.I., 10 Dollah!!"
  8. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    While I agree that some of the elements of Squad has sort have gone backwards on some things, like removing the dead dead feature which is a mistake. I'm sorry you're not getting back up after getting a 30mm to the skull. I don't think it's fair to compare a game with 15 years of development to one with 5. PR has over 3 times the development time so yeah it's going to be a more complete game and have more maps etc. I'm sure the programming overhead for PR on that old engine is probably a lot less as the basic game mechanics and assets are already in game. This thing is still in active development, things will change. It's probably better to have polls which will help the developers tune the game to what the playerbase wants. Ie start a poll. "Who wants the return of the dead dead feature?" and 79% of people say yes, they will re-introduce it. Start polls, let the players vote. In fact their should be a whole " Feature Poll" section not just a suggestions section where people put their ideas and people vote on them.
  9. helicopter and health

    As a balance I would say bandage, but not heal. In order to heal you need a medic to be able to freely walk around the vehicle and heal people. From a programming perspective I feel this is an extreme amount of programming overhead for a minorly used feature. However being able to bandage yourself while sitting down would require almost no overhead, just the bandage animation that currently is in the game. The only programming overhead would be, being not able to steer, or use weapons while the bandaging animation is in effect, which may be bad if your a pilot. If there was a way to hit a key to allow a co-pilot to control the aircraft while your bandaging that would solve this unless you were straight and level for at least the 3 seconds or whatever it takes to bandage. However having a key to give controls to a co-pilot is again more programming overhead. Maybe limit it to people who are not actively driving or piloting the vehicle
  10. Don't use squad number as a callsign on radio

    Ahh why not? I've used it in the army, why can't I use it now? We used to use all kinds of crazy shit for call signs. If I know that squad 2 is Davis, then I know generally where he is and what he is doing. I don't want to take the time to call out. "Davis this is Sinclair, move your squad 100 m south and we can squeeze the objective from 2 sides". Why not say "1 this is 2 move 100 m south blah blah blah". Don't worry you'll get the hang of it eventually.
  11. Tower Deployable

    While I support having more options for building this thing looks like sniper bait to me. Possibly. I guess we can test it.
  12. Helicopter Joystick Support

    I agree, but only if you have to have the joystick at your feet and fly with your toes so you can still freelook around with the mouse.
  13. Muzzle flash

    The flash is mainly due to the powder and the barrel length that is being used. The combloc stuff is a lot dirtier than commercial or western ammo, hence the flash. My Mosin carbine with only a 20 inch barrel using surplus ammo looks like a dragon breathing fire. If I use commercial stuff there is none. In the game you can see smoke and a bit of flash already in the game. This is not Quake or Doom. I can see people fairly far away when they fire, just look harder. If you think firearms flashes are like hollywood you're fooling yourself. They are called "theatrical blanks" for a reason. Also the m16 series and Ak74 series have Muzzle brakes, not flash hiders. They direct gasses up or away from the bullet as it leaves the barrel to either act against the recoil force or to push waste gasses away from the exiting bullet to increase accuracy. Also flash hiders don't hide the flash from the target. It hides flash from the shooter so as not to kill his night vision when shooting at night or low light conditions. In general with a rifle length barrel and an intermediate cartridge there would be almost no flash at all, especially unoticable in the daytime. You may get a little smoke depending on how dirty the ammo or rifle is but not much. It's fine as it is. The rifle firing effects are fine, look harder.
  14. I would like to see some hipsters in skinny jeans. Everyone knows they are the toughest.
  15. Losing my access