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  1. Alpha 13 Released

    yeah but if you only want to "kill" some people after works you have hundreds of better games for this purpose you can play. There is no need to move our little unique gem Squad to this grey mass. I hate Run and Gun Games and i already see it increasing in many rounds. Please just go back to V12 Movement. Its so annoying with all the Usain Bolts.
  2. Alpha 13 Released

    Thank you + 1000
  3. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Hi, i have only 100 hrs in Squad at the moment but i think the movement in A13 feels to COD/Battlefield like. I think in A12 it was better because u have to think twice before u do something dumb like stand up if someone is aiming at you because you cant cancel your movement before the enemy kills you.