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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Bugs i have encountered over a couple of rounds. Logi trucks and main repair stations are not working properlly has a very specific fill unfill supplies area vic repair function seemed to work as before. some factions can have 2 habs while others only can have one? this is a huge change to make and i feel every faction should have multiple habs due to the ease of over running a single hab. on screen switch back to game screen screen goes blank for a second or 2 before returning normally this is new. creating a rally on a rally does not start rally timer u can buddy rally and immediately place another rally on spawn. Technical max speed off road is about 35 seems kinda slow even for being offroad. USA ACOG rifleman only get one smoke grenade idk if change or bug but 2 was fair. vic crewman can completely repair vic drivetrain track wheels etc? there seems to be a damage loss on range feature now or something was in a vic fight and btr 3mm took 0 damage from a striker well over 2k away but i was able to make him smoke and he was hitting me none stop literally took 0 damage. spawned at main one time and could not enter vics or use the ammo box a respawn fixed this. running way to fast or stam recovery is to fast overall movment speed is super human. russian rpg lat dosnt rearm rocket from the selection only from the rearm all option fools road destruction. this actually seems to not work right now it will appear to work and show u resupplying but when u leave the menu u dont get the mags or w/e vic kit switch available on btrs and such but not on logi trucks idk if intended or not solo spg driver seat switch to gun seat load spg back to driver seat move vic not to far back to gun seat loads it again. also one time it snapped my vision to the reload animation and another it did not and i did not see the reload animation. deffinitlly loads the militia spg techi every time u switch to the seat even if its been loaded animation played for all loads except for very first load after vic claim also that random loss of ability to drive a vic even though uv been driving still happens not quite as much though and you still have the ability to start a bandage and then sprint but cant start a bandage while sprinting damage seems off am consistentlly surviving 4 shots from assault rifles and surviving 2 shots from sniper rifles while machine gun roles seem to be one shot bleed outs The squad leader animations. they are cool but they are to much. i would like to see them all l reduced in time and movment like he circles his hand 4 times for a rally animation 1-2 would be perfect still a nice animation but not as much the fist pump thing for the attack mark is kind of alot to on destruction game mode not all defence points have logi spawns i feel this gives significant advantage to well organized attacking team as they can get there before your logi truck from main. a forward logi spawn at the first 2 destruction caches would be nice as rallys are fragile and you cannot spawn on the cache itself the ticket gain from destroying a cache is quite significant. lost a destruction steamroll game and the attacking team had over 800 tickets remaining not sure on the exact starting number but i think its like 200? or less Spag placable turret also does a reload every time you get on it. but these reloads if already loaded with an actual shot do not take any recources it just plays the loading animation so the loaded shot is not being lost when you leave the turret INS techi trucks take no engine damage from small arma only wheel and hull damage. there spg techi also nstantlly switches between frag and heat withoutt loading in the other round like if u have heat and go frag round no loading aniimation or anything but it shoots a frag round according to truck ammo stocks got into open top usa mrap displayed all squad members names on the vic occupation list kohat Ali abad obj cannot lean in that area
  2. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    ya the rally thing is terrible there are litterally entire squads waiting dead with the squad leader yelling at other sl's to put a rally so he can spawn there seriouslly please remove. also ad back some side to side recoil auto fire is to easy now